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29 Mar 2016

Benefits of buying drugs at 4rx online store

Modern people are not new to the purchase of various goods online. It is very convenient as you don’t even need to leave your home, and it is also quite cheap. Products sold online do not necessary need to be inferior to the ones sold at the regular stores to be cheaper. You can buy the same things cheaper on the Internet because online stores are much cheaper to operate. Naturally, the most advertised and renowned brands try to maintain the same prices for their products online and at the regular boutiques. But if you want quality at an affordable price over an advertised name, probably, you are quite savvy about online shopping.

We offer you to think about buying not only clothes or spare parts for your car at the online shops but also greatly save purchasing essential medicines from online shops.

What you need to know if you are planning to buy medicines online

The first thing you need to know about buying drugs online is that not all prscription medicines in the USA are also prescription-only drugs in other countries. This means that you can buy the drug you need even without paying your doctor for a visit and getting a prescription if you opt for a foreign online pharmacy such as the 4rx online store.

Secondly, additionally to saving on a prescription you can save up to 90% of the treatment cost if you opt for generic medicines. Generic drugs are identical to the brand drugs but are made by other manufacturers who are not registered in the USA. Being relieved of enormous expenses for registering their medicines and promoting them in the United States, they sell their drugs much cheaper.

In order to find the right generic drug, you can either look for the brand drug name plus the word “generic”. However, it would be more effective and safe for you to know precisely the active substance of the drug you need. For example, in our database, we may use only one brand name of the drug, so you won’t get correct results if you look for another name of the medicine. But if you would look for the active substance, you will certainly find the drug you need. It is easy to find out its name, you have to look for a name indicated below the trade name of the medicine which analog you want to buy. Usually, the active ingredient name is written in the smaller font. If on the package or on the pictures you got during the online search you see only one name, for example, Tetracycline, it means that the brand name coincides with the active substance, so you can use it for your search.

Additional benefits from buying generic drugs from 4rx online store

We strive to offer our clients the best prices for generic medicines without compromising quality. Therefore, we offer average-to-lowest prices compared to other online pharmacies.
We respect our reputation and if you are unsatisfied with the medicine you received, we guarantee a full refund.
We offer our clients free shipping in case of big order.
You can benefit from special discounts on all drugs frequently.
We respect your privacy and do not write the name of the medicine on the parcel. Therefore, nobody will know what kind of drug you received unless you let them know.
At our pharmacy, you can buy not only medicines but also other health-related products.
We offer a comprehensive consultation of an English-speaking pharmacist who can advise you the best drug for your illness and the dosage you need to use absolutely free of charge.
We are able to provide you with any documents certifying the quality of the products sold as well as the certificates of origin, etc.
We are always at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find the drug you were looking for at our website.

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