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29 Mar 2016

High-fiber diet can reduce risk of breast cancer

A recent study conducted in the USA showed an interesting cause-effect relation between what teenage girls and women in their twenties eat and how it can influence their potential chances of getting breast cancer later.

The study based on the 20 years of studying over 90, 000 women in the USA shows that women who ate high-fiber products as their main ration in their teenage years and till their thirties had 24% lower chance of developing breast cancer and 16% lower chance of developing breast cancer before menopause than those who ate minimum amounts of fiber. Worth noting, breast cancer attacking the body before menopause is harder to treat. Therefore, the results are quite serious and motivational to start eating more fiber and imposing stricter control over the ration of your teenage daughters.

The research started in 1991 included a survey of women aged from 27 to 44 who had to write down their average rations during their high school years. Years later, the researchers studied the medical histories of the respondents and found out that those who ate from 15 to 25 of fiber daily had significantly lower chances of getting breast cancer than those whose ration included less than 15 grams of fiber daily. Interestingly, according to the study, with each additional gram of fiber, the risk of the life-threatening illness development was reduced by 13%.

What products are the best for high-fiber diet?

High amounts of fiber can be obtained from beans, lentils, raspberry, elderberries, broccoli, brown rice, and whole-wheat spaghetti. Fewer amounts are contained in potato, banana, and oranges.

The researchers suggest that such effect can be attributed to the ability of fiber to lower estrogen hormone, which serves as a catalyst for many types of breast cancer. They also state that the breast tissue is extremely sensible to carcinogens and anticarcinogens during teenage-to-twenties years.

What medical professionals think about this research?

Though some medics and researchers think that there is no significant evidence that the high-fiber diet in adolescence has a direct impact on the lowered breast cancer risk, they still agree that such diet is quite favorable for the overall health. They also point out the necessity of other nutrients and vitamins that can be obtained from other products or purchased as nutritional additives and vitamins.

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