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29 Mar 2016

Make your life easier with 4rx store

If you are prone to diseases and easily develop complications even from such harmless ailments as common cold or flu, you definitely need to buy medicines cheaper. In the United States, all medicines are quite expensive. With the prescription medicines, the situation is even worse. You cannot simply go and buy the drug you need at the nearby drugstore, you need to go to your doctor, pay for a prescription and sometimes unnecessary checkups in order to get a prescription. Then, you are forced to buy brand drugs which usually are several times more expensive than generic medicines.

Some people treat generic medicines with suspicion. Partially, they are right. It may be tricky to find the right generic medicine and not buy an inferior drug if you’re new to the purchase medicines online but we will gladly help you to make the right choice.

How generic medicines are different from the brand drugs?

Generic medicines, according to the international law, are the medicines identical to the brand drugs with the same active ingredient. For example, if you want to buy Suprax, you can check if you are offered true generic Suprax looking at its active ingredient which must be Cefixime. Even though a majority of generic medicines are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the USA, the drugs are approved and promoted by the World Health Organization. The reason they are not directly available in the America is that their manufacturers choose not to enter the market as it is related to multiple expenses. The quality and effect of the medicines have nothing to do with it.

Generic medicines are manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies located all over the world. They gained the opportunity to make the medicines identical to the brand drugs when the exclusive patents of their inventors expired. There are thousands of names for generic medicines. Therefore, it is easier to look for a cheap and effective medicine using the brand name you know and adding the word generic or looking for the medicines with the same active substance.

How to choose the best generic medicine?

Ideally, all generics must be equally effective and safe. However, it is not always like that. First of all, not all manufacturers are trustworthy. Secondly, not all online pharmacies are trustworthy. You can opt for 4rx store in order to be sure that you will buy the best generic version of the brand drug from, a reliable seller.

Additional advantages of our online pharmacy:
-  In our range, you can find a variety of generics at different prices.
- We offer the lowest possible prices for the qualitative drugs.
- Orders over 190 Dollars are shipped for free.
- We offer a consultation of a qualified English-speaking pharmacist also absolutely for free. You can ask any questions via email, online chat or phone.
- We offer various discounts.
- Before you place an order, we can show you any documents you want to see certifying the quality of the medicines.
- We respect your privacy and leave shipment details blank on your parcel, i.e. nobody will know what kind of medicines you purchased unless you won’t show them the pills.

Safety tips

Before ordering any drugs, we advise you to check its contraindications and possible side effects list. If after doing so you are still not sure whether the drug is safe for you, contact our pharmacists. It is always better to find out early if the medicine can be potentially harmful to you especially if you hadn’t undergone any checkups related to your chronic illnesses or acute conditions actual at the moment.

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