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12 Mar 2016

One third of U.S. citizens do not sleep enough

The latest surveys say that over a third of Americans think they are not sleeping enough while insufficient night sleep increases chances of obesity development, heart diseases development, nervous disorders, and other issues. Sufficient night sleep is considered to be 8 hours. However, the people from the research say that they sleep even less than seven hours per night.

The Federal Center for Disease Control also states that people should learn healthy habits to improve their night sleep such as going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, and turning off television and other devices with bright screens at least 30 minutes before early regular time established for going to bed. It is especially harmful to use the devices for work-related issues before sleep.

The Federal Center for Disease Control team examined health surveys of more than 400,000 Americans where one of the questions was how many hours of sleep they get each night. Only 65% of the respondents said they get more than 7 hours of sleep nightly.

Interestingly, the average numbers differ for different regions. For example, in Hawaii only 56% of Americans said that they sleep more than 7 hours per night, while in South Dakota the number reaches the mark of 72%.
On average, only 50% of African Americans say that they sleep enough while almost 67% whites and Hispanics say they get enough sleep regularly.

According to the study, insufficient sleep can be related to economic development of the region. For example, in the Southeast and Appalachian regions where the economic situation is worse than in other regions, people said that they have the least sleep. Interestingly, in these regions higher rates of obesity and related problems are observed.

Notably, unemployed people or those unable to work had lesser sleep duration – 60% and 51% of them said to sleep last than 7 hours per night. The major part of people who reported to have enough sleep also shared something common – all of them had college or higher degree.

Another reason behind insufficient sleep is considered to be artificial light on at night, such as computer, smartphone or TV screens. Other studies prove that the use of electronic devices at night is a legit reason for insomnia development.
To date, there is no other way to beat insomnia right away than sleeping pills. Surveys show that nowadays already nine million of Americans use sleeping pills daily. Worth noting that the numbers do not include the purchases of sleeping pills from online pharmacies while more and more people prefer them over regular drugstores because of lower prices.

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