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12 Mar 2016

Save smart on the treatment with 4rx store

Unlike some people from underdeveloped countries think, not everything is so amazing in the United States. For example, the health care system in the country is quite expensive and unaffordable for many citizens. Meanwhile, people in other countries receive the same treatments several times cheaper. There are a lot of reasons behind it. First of all, there are a large number of prescription-only drugs meaning that every time you need a medicine you have to go to a doctor and pay for a visit even if you know what namely you need because otherwise no pharmacy will sell you the medicine.

Secondly, it is quite expensive for the pharmaceutical companies to register their drugs in the USA, so those who do set higher prices for their drugs to recoup the expenses. Thirdly, those pharmaceutical companies face tough competition and spend billions on advertising and promotion of their medicines through rewarding to the doctors who prescribe namely their brand drugs.

Naturally, you are not interested in someone else’s expenses and business games. You need a result rather than an advertised name on the package of pills. Now that you know why you have to pay so much for your treatment, you should think about buying prescription medicines online to save your time and money.

Tips on buying effective and cheap drugs online

In order to find the best deals online, look for foreign online pharmacies. Those situated in the United States sell only the same drugs your regular drugstores offer and demand you to show a prescription upon purchase. Meanwhile, online pharmacies situated in other countries sell the same medicines manufactured by other pharmaceutical companies who market their products cheaper. Moreover, the majority of such drugstores are situated in the countries where controlled drugs in the USA can be sold without a prescription.

The products sold at foreign online pharmacies are called generic medicines or simply generics. They are made using the same technology and ingredients as the brand drugs but are priced several times cheaper. Their manufacturers didn’t invent the medicines, they simply bought a patent for their production and selling in certain countries or waited till the exclusive patent of the inventor expired and then started to manufacture their drugs without investing in the research. They also do not spend much on the advertising, therefore, again, are able to sell their products cheaper. All of the generics have their own registered names as obliged by the law. However, you can easily find the medicine you need looking for a generic version of a brand drug you need  or looking for a medicine with the same active substance. The name of the active ingredient is commonly indicated below the trade mark of any medicine, so you can easily compare the brand drug with a generic you are offered to buy.

Safety tips buying drugs online

4rx online pharmacy is a large online pharmacy offering you to buy over 500 different generic medicines. We value our customers and sell only high-quality generics at average to lowest prices on the market. We advise you not to buy any medicines from the online pharmacies that sell them greatly cheaper than reputable stores like ours as they can scam you and sell you inferior or expired drugs.

Though we sell many medicines that are prescription-only in America without a prescription from your doctor, we strongly recommend you to consult our pharmacists before buying any medicines. They are qualified to recommend you the right dosages and tell you off buying certain medicines if they think that they can be potentially harmful to you.

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