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18 Jul 2019

What is Armodafinil and why you should definitely try it?

What is Armodafinil and why you should definitely try it? What is Armodafinil and why you should definitely try it?

Working people have been always seeking ways to improve their energy levels and productivity. And I mean not only for their job duties. When we spend 90% of our day at office, we come home exhausted and do not have any energy for our personal life. And what about a healthy lifestyle which theoretically can make us more energetic and happy? We need time and energy for it too, i.e. to cook, do sports, sleep for 8-9 hours.

What most people do to replenish their energy? That’s right, they drink a lot of coffee. But is it not the best option:

-Coffee is not the most potent stimulant.

- The effect of coffee is short and not even, i.e. you can have a boost of energy for 15 minutes and even develop anxiety and then fell sleepy in just another 15 minutes.

- This beverage significantly elevates the blood pressure which can be fatal for people with hypertension.

- Coffee irritates the stomach and not only makes you hungry but also can cause gastritis and even stomach ulcer if you drink a lot of coffee without proper eating.

- The beverage causes addiction. Overtime, you need more and more coffee to get the same effect you had initially from a single cup.

- If you stop drinking coffee, you start suffering from rebound sleepiness, anxiety, distracted attention, and so on.

So what’s a better alternative to coffee? It is Armodafinil!

What is Armodafinil?

Armodafinil is a medicinal substance created first of all to help people with narcolepsy to not fall asleep during the day. Their condition makes them unable to fight intense sleepiness attacks that occur randomly during the day even if they have had enough night sleep. However, nowadays Armodafinil is much more than that.

It had been clinically proven that the medication is also effective for people without any sleepiness conditions who simply don’t get enough night sleep, suffer from attention deficit, feel sluggish and unmotivated. The medication miraculously solves all of these problems by gently affecting the brain areas which naturally should be active when we are awake. It promotes the level of dopamine in the brain without enhancing its production but simply extending its active for phase.

When you buy Armodafinil you can enjoy:

- Boost of energy that won’t leave you the whole day with a help of a single pill. The effect is even so you won’t be suffering from anxiety, excessive agitation, inability to focus and so on.

- Improvement of your cognitive functions, i.e. functions of our brains that make us capable of learning and implementing difficult tasks.

- Improvement of memory which s crucial for students who study for their exams.

- Improved ability to focus. The medication is highly recommended for people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as it doesn’t promote distraction but on the contrary, helps to focus on a task and do it much more efficiently and quickly.

Is Armodafinil a harmless medication?

Yes, it absolutely is. Its positive effects are comparable to those of amphetamines but Armodafinil lacks the negative effects of those medicines such as addiction development, huge number of possible adverse reactions, agitation of the nervous system, and sometimes even irreversible damage to the brain. However, as all substances that we consume it can cause certain unpleasant effects such as:

- Headache;

- Insomnia;

- Mild digestive disorders including nausea;

- Dryness of the mouth;

- Agitation and anxiety (usually in high dosages use).

The majority of these adverse effects pass away within a couple of days or instantly if you take a lower dosage. For instance, if you don’t have narcolepsy, you can take a half of the regular dosage of 150 mg a day (i.e. 75 mg a day) and it will be enough to boost energy and enhance your brain capacity.

Are there any limitations – who should not use Armodafinil?

The medication is contraindicated to be used by:

- People who have previously tried using the drug but suffered from severe adverse effects.

- Pregnant and breastfeeding women; - People aged below 18;

- People with liver cirrhosis.

Besides the contraindications, people who have certain conditions or take some medications are advised to use Armodafinil cautiously and only if their doctor approves. These conditions include:

- Heart function disorders,

- Any adverse effects from the side of the heart related heart to the use of other stimulants;

- If you have chronically high blood pressure;

- Any liver diseases;

- History of drug abuse;

- Mental disorders associated with anxiety, agitation, mania, psychosis, and so on.

Can you take Armodafinil with other drugs?

You can take the medication with other substances including medicinal ones but you have to be cautious:

- Do not take it with other stimulants or you can develop adverse effects from the side of the nervous system. It is advised to even minimize the consumption of coffee as Armodafinil is more than enough for being energetic.

- The medication significantly affects the effectiveness of hormonal birth control methods. Thus, women who use Armodafinil should use additional methods of contraception (for instance, condoms or spermicidal gels) to avoid unplanned pregnancy.

Remember, if you are not sure whether you can combine certain drugs or not, it is always better to consult your doctor before you buy Armodafinil

Where can you get Armodafinil without a prescription?

To get the medication without Rx, you need to order Armodafinil online. It is possible to get it over-the-counter on the Internet because such pharmacies like ours work in the countries where such non-narcotics drugs are much less strictly regulated than, for instance, in the USA.

Besides, ordering the pills online you can save not only on the prescription but also on the drug itself. We offer you to get a generic version, i.e. the same drug made by a company who doesn’t promote and advertise the medication as intensely and sells it cheaper. For instance, instead of paying around $15 for branded Nuvigil you can get Armod at only $1.8 per pill and enjoy absolutely identical effect.

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