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04 Aug 2019

What is generic Allegra and who needs this drug?

What is generic Allegra and who needs this drug? What is generic Allegra and who needs this drug?

Allegra is the best-selling anti-allergy medication in 2019. The reason for that is the highest effectiveness of the medication and the lack of the major anti-allergy medications common side effects – sleepiness.

The active agent of Allegra is Fexofenadine. It is an antihistamine medication of the third generation which doesn’t cause drowsiness, lightheadedness, and doesn’t have any negative effects on the heart like its predecessors.

Allegra is a brand. It is owned by Sanofi Aventis. The price per pill of this formulation is around $16 but there are cheaper versions with the same compositions that are called generics of Allegra.

What are generics of Allegra? Do they have the same effect?

The generics of the branded drugs are literally the same formulations simply made and marketed by other pharmaceutical companies. Such practice is possible because sooner or later the exclusive patent of the inventor expires and other drug makers are legally able to make the same medicines although they have to market them under their own trademarks.

Sometimes even the newly-invented medicines are considered a breakthrough and if they are expensive, government obliges the inventor to share the formula with generic makers under certain conditions. This is made to make people around the world receive qualitative healthcare regardless of their income.

You should not worry about the quality of generics. You can buy generic Allegra much cheaper than the branded drug and be sure that it had been also tested for effectiveness and safety and only after the approval of healthcare authorities released onto the market.

We guarantee that when you purchase Fexofenadine from our med store, you get the same medication as Allegra paying only around $0.70 per pill. If you don’t have a prescription from your doctor, your insurance doesn’t cover allergy medications, or you don’t want to go and get a refill prescription – ordering generic version of Allegra online is the best option!

Who can use generic Allegra?

First of all, if you had been using Allegra, you can definitely switch to the generic drug without any doubts. But if you want to get an anti-allergy medication for the first time, you should check with your doctor that you have:

- Allergic rhinitis. It is a set of symptoms which usually occurs during blossoming season due to high level of pollen in the air. The symptoms include runny nose, sneezing, stuffy nose, itching in the nose, watery eyes, itching and swelling of the eyelids. Allergic rhinitis can also occur as a reaction to dust, animal hair and dandruff, mites, and so on.

- Allergic watering of the eyes with swelling of the eyelids.

- Chronic urticaria (allergic skin condition characterized by itchy skin rash). If you have some of the listed symptoms but have never been diagnosed with an allergy, we advise you to go to your doctor and undergo a checkup. It is needed so that you won’t use the wrong medication, for instance, if your symptoms are caused by a bacterial or viral infection. Besides, even if you do have allergy, your doctor can help you detect what you are sensitive too and advise on tips how to minimize the symptoms besides using tablets.

Who should not use generic Allegra?

There are certain contraindications for the this medication use even for those people who have the indications for its use in:

- Individual intolerance to Fexofenadine (if you have ever used any medications with this substance in their composition and suffered from severe adverse effects);

- Age under to 6 years (safety and efficacy in children are not defined);

- Pregnancy and lactation.

Possible adverse effects of generic Allegra

The medication is very popular because it rarely causes any adverse effects. But some still may occur and they include:

- Nausea

- Vomiting

- Weakness

- Flatulence

- Upset stomach

- Headache

- Aggression

- Fever

- Drowsiness.

How to buy generic Allegra cheap?

In many countries, the medication is sold over-the-counter. But still, it can be quite expensive. We have already mentioned that the cost of one pill in the United States is around $15-16.

In order to save on the pills and on the prescription, i.e. on the visits to your doctor, you should definitely opt for generic Allegra and buy it online.

We offer only the highest quality generics of the most popular medicines. The manufacturers represented at our pharmacy include Sun Pharma, Ranbaxy, Cipla, and many others.

We offer competitive yet adequate prices. We know that you want to get the pills as cheap as possible but please do not fall for the offers that seem too good to be true, for instance, if a pill costs less than $0.1. There are unscrupulous pharmacies that scam their customers. We believe that it’s our duty to warn you.

As an alternative to such unrealistic prices we offer you free international shipping on orders over $170. Besides, you can always get bonus pills if you leave your feedback about our products on our website or on other websites. We encourage our customers to share their opinions and help new ones make informed decisions.

Is it legal to buy Allegra abroad?

If you live in the country where this drug is sold with Rx, you may wonder whether is it legal to get it without a prescription or not. Do not worry, it is illegal to sell prescription medicines without Rx on the territory of such countries but it’s not illegal to receive them via mail for your personal use.

We guarantee that you will receive your parcel wherever you are. And if it happens to be lost or detained, we will refund you or reship the order free of charge.

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