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12 Nov 2019

What you should know about male hair loss

What you should know about male hair loss What you should know about male hair loss

According to the American health organization, male hair loss affects around 25% of men aged below 30. By the age of 60, the problem is found in 66% of men. There are a lot of means promising to return hair growth and stop alopecia but only some of them are effective.

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The thing is that in 80% of men pattern hair loss, balding crown, and receding hairline, is caused by the genetic factors inherited through the mother’s family tree. This type of baldness cannot be cured by simple shampoos or other “traditional” hair loss helpers. If you are sure that you suffer from this type of baldness called androgenic alopecia, the best thing you can do is buy Propecia or its analogs based on Finasteride. This medication solves the problem by inhibiting a certain enzyme in the body which transforms testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. When it is found in excess in the body, it makes hair fall off without restoration because it makes the hair follicles dormant. Previously, it had been considered that the follicles die under the hormone effect but it is not true, they are just inactive. And to “wake” them up, the lowering of this form of testosterone is needed.

What should you do if your hair is thinning?

hair thinning in men

If your answer is “yes”, then you ask yourself, whether it looks like pattern hair loss. If the answer is also “yes”, you should definitely go to an andrologist and get tested for the level of dihydrotestosterone. It is elevated, you should buy generic Propecia (Finasteride) and use it by one pill a day. Of course, you can take the pills only if you don’t have any contraindications for their use and if while using them you don’t develop any severe adverse reactions.

Basically, the steps you can undertake in case of any hair loss are:

1. Go to the physician and tell about your problems. A qualified doctor will visually identify with high precision what kind of hair loss you have – diffuse (hair loss from all over the head), pattern (hormonal), alopecia areata (randomly located bald spots) and appoint you corresponding tests.

2. Start taking measures based on the type of alopecia you suffer from.

- If you have androgenic alopecia, you need Finasteride for oral use and Minoxidil for topical application. Only these two substances are able to stop hair loss caused by dihydrotestosterone and no others.

- If you have diffuse alopecia, you should find the reason based on the tests. It could be a vitamin deficiency, stress, dandruff or other fungal infection of the scalp, and so on.

For the correct diagnosis, you should find a trichologist, a medical specialist in hair and scalp diseases. This type of hair loss can be eliminated with various means: hair loss shampoos, anti-dandruff shampoos, creams, lotions, etc., scalp scrubs, serums for follicles strengthening, vitamin complexes for hair loss, and so on.

- If you suffer from alopecia areata, it means that your body's immune system is working improperly. Unfortunately, to date, there are no medications with a stable effect for this problem. There are some treatment methods but they are not officially approved. The most common treatment for alopecia is the use of corticosteroids in various forms (in the form of creams, injections, oral drugs) or drugs that stimulate the release of an individual’s own corticosteroids.

Besides the particular measures for different types of hair loss, it is, in general, recommended to change your eating habits so that you would receive sufficient nutrients and vitamins from food and minimum sugar, saturated fats, and so on. Exercising, massage, meditation, and other physical and mental health practices can also help to reduce stress and improve blood flow which is also beneficial for all types of alopecia.

In case you are diagnosed with androgenic alopecia, keep in mind that the disorder progresses and it is better to start the treatment with the first signs of hair thinning at the hairline and crown. If the follicles are dormant for many years, the chance of their “awakening” and hair growth restoration is minimal. You can buy Finasteride and use it for many years if the drug doesn’t cause any adverse effects that bother you. The medication is safe, it doesn’t cause any irreversible changes but can induce certain unpleasant effects such as low sex drive and erectile dysfunction.

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