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26 Feb 2016

Why 4rx store is better than a regular drugstore

People of the USA are not new to expensive medicines and overall high costs related to the health industry. However, lately, e-commerce developed so well, that they can buy even prescription medicines online and save significantly. Naturally, some people are still convinced that online pharmacies offer inferior drugs and if you value your health you must opt only for the brand drugs. Fortunately, they are completely wrong.

First of all, let’s be honest, in the United States, the healthcare system is far from perfect. High prices are barely justified by logical reasons. In other countries, people receive the same treatment but much cheaper. Naturally, they use the same drugs as no other drugs are invented to date. However, they are not forced to buy only expensive brand drugs. They have an option and this option is generic drugs.

What are generic drugs offered by 4rx store?

Generic drugs are not only approved but highly promoted by the World Health Organization. According to the WHO, they are much more preferable to be used as they are greatly cheaper than the brand drugs and, therefore, are more accessible to all segments of the population regardless of the country of residence. Generic drugs are manufactured only if an exclusive patent for the brand drug has already expired or if the manufacturer of the brand drug registered it under a compulsory license. In the second case, the drug can be manufactured by other pharmaceutical companies without the consent of the patent owner. It is important that the generic drugs are based on the same active substance as the brand drug.

According to this definition, generic drugs offered by 4rx store are absolutely identical by formula and main active substance to the brand drugs prescribed by the American doctors. The main advantage of these medicines is that they are greatly cheaper than the brand drugs because they are made with less research using already existing and tested formula. Additionally, the drugs are cheaper because they are made in the countries where the manufacturing of medicines is less expensive than in the USA. Add here the lack of advertising and bonuses to doctors for prescribing certain drugs and you will get the price ten times lower.

4rx store offers you to buy the drugs sold in your country only with a prescription without any. Do not worry, it is a legal practice since in the country the online pharmacy is situated in these medicines are sold over-the-counter. Buying the drug from 4rx store, you practically buy it in another country. However, you should be careful with the number of pills you order per parcel. Ordering too many medicines at once may cause certain issues with your customs service.

How to buy the drug you need online from 4rx store?

The online pharmacy always indicates the active substance of the medicine sold and sometimes the brand known in the United States in the brackets. In order to find precisely the drug you need and the correct dosage, you need to check the composition of the brand drug you are prescribed to use or advised to use and figure out its active substance. The active substance is commonly indicated below the trade name of the drug. Remember it and look for the drug using not the brand name but the active substance when looking for a drug on 4rx store. This will facilitate your search and save you from buying the wrong drug.

You should also remember that even if you can buy prescription drugs without a prescription, you should be careful using them and strictly follow the instruction for use appropriate for your condition.

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