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26 Feb 2016

Why is it better to buy drugs online

If you are not new to buying any goods online, you already know that online shopping is much cheaper and you need to spend considerably less time to find what you need online. There are several reasons behind lower prices offered by online stores. Some of them are related to all categories of products, others are particular for certain goods. For example, buying online a brand pair of shoes you will more likely pay the same amount as you would need to spend at a regular boutique, but if opt for the medicines online purchase, the story is different.

How is the online purchase of drugs different from buying the medicines at your local drugstores?

First of all, as we have already mentioned, online you can buy the same products much cheaper. The reasons behind lower prices for the medicines are the following:
- Online pharmacies spend significantly less money than the regular drugstores on the business expenses. For example, they don’t need to find a crowded place in order to rent there an expensive commercial space for their store. Online sellers are able to offer lower prices for the same drugs as your local pharmacies do because they need only a warehouse and a small office to receive your orders. The location of the facilities doesn’t have to be fancy, so the rent is quite small.
- Most online sellers of medicines are located outside the United States. This explains why they are also saving on various taxes and other operational expenses as it is known that in the U.S. the conditions for the business are quite unfavorable.
- Being situated abroad, as we have said previously, online stores are able to sell you foreign versions of your local medicines which are no way inferior to them but are priced greatly cheaper.

Besides the lower price for the medicines, online purchase of drugs from online pharmacies has another advantage – you can buy prescription drugs if you don’t have a prescription. It is not an illegal practice or fraud. The reason behind it is that not all countries classify, for example, antibiotics as prescription drugs. If you buy the drug from an online pharmacy situated in one of such countries, you can benefit easy over-the-counter purchase absolutely legally.

Where to buy drugs online?

We recommend checking the reputation of an online drugstore before completing an order. We advise you to check out 4rx online store, the online pharmacy suitable in all respects we have stated above. There you can find the best generic versions of the most popular and widely prescribed drugs in the USA and buy them considerably cheaper than the brand drugs or generics from other drugstores.

Additional advantages of the 4rx online store are that they work directly with the drug manufacturers and offer competent online support in English. Therefore, you can contact them via email, chat, or phone and if you cannot find a certain drug or information about the drug you plan to buy you can always contact the customer support managers and receive a qualified consultation of pharmacists fluent in English.

At the online pharmacy’s website, you can also find useful information on generics and special news from the pharmaceutical industry that may concern you. When ordering tablets or capsules of a certain drug or several drugs in one order for the amount exceeding $190, you can benefit from free shipping regardless of your place of residence.

Do not neglect the benefits of buying essential medicines up to ten times cheaper ordering them online. Buying drugs locally you pay more money for the brand than for the quality. Change the situation today.

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