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21 Feb 2017

Why should you buy antibacterial drugs online

Why should you buy antibacterial drugs online Why should you buy antibacterial drugs online

Bacterial infections can attack any part of the body. Though, not all bacteria are bad. There are bacteria that are vital for our bodies to work properly, for example, our intestinal flora and the ability of our guts to absorb nutrients properly highly depends on the amount of good bacteria in the body. Bacteria are also needed to create various food products such as dairy products, alcoholic beverages, some type of coffee, and so on. But pathogenic bacteria can be deadly for our bodies.


Only around 100 years ago were developed first drugs able to cope with bacterial infections called antibiotics. Before the 20th century, traditional, often herbal mixtures were used to treat infections. The first found documents containing data about antibacterial mixtures are dated 2000 of our era. Ancient cultures used specially selected mold and herbal extracts to treat infections. In some cases, if the infection wasn’t complicated, they could reduce the inflammation and save the life of a patient. But serious infections, such as syphilis, gonorrhea, infections of upper respiratory tract such as pneumonia and tuberculosis, and infected wounds were fatal.

First research that led to the discovery of the first antibiotic, penicillin was conducted by the physician Sir William Roberts who in 1874 discovered that specific mold used for the cheese aren’t affected by pathogenic bacteria. Further research lead to the first use of antibacterial medications based on Penicillin in 30s of 20 century.

Nowadays, there are dozens of antibacterial medications based on various substances used to treat a variety of infections. Some of them are more potent are used to treat complicated infectious diseases, others are aimed at treating a new infection or a recurring one.

How to choose the right antibacterial drug?

The best way to find out what drug you actually need is to get a precise diagnosis from your doctor. In some cases, doctors can decide on antibiotic based on a patient survey and examination only. In cases when a certain antibiotic was used but no sufficient treatment result obtained, a susceptibility study is made. It is a costly procedure but it can be very beneficial for people with severe infections or frequent recurring chronic infections.

Where should you buy antibacterial medications?

The most common solution is to buy antibiotics at your local drugstores because you can get them as soon as you obtained a prescription from your doctor. But for some people online purchase is more preferable. For example, if you suffer from sinusitis that exacerbates two times a year and you know exactly what antibiotics you can use to suppress the infection, you can buy the drug from an online drugstore without going to your doctor for a prescription. Online purchase of antibiotics is also very beneficial for the budget. You can save a lot of money opting for a generic medication instead of the brand name drug. Generics are identical to the brand antibiotics but are sold much cheaper because of the less known names and limited number of countries they are marketed in.

How to buy the right antibiotic if a generic has a different name?

It is natural that generic medications are sold under different trade names that the brand name drugs. But it is quite easy to find the drug you need. All you need to do is to look for the name of the medication you need and adding the word “Generic” before it. This is used to facilitate the search for the drugs.

Alternatively, you can check what is the name of the active substance of the drug you need on the package of pills, on the label or on Wikipedia. Then, you can find the identical generic using the name of the active substance and adding the word “Generic” before it.

And the easiest way is to contact our customer support managers via online chat or phone and ask them what drug you should buy if you need, for example, Zithromax.

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