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13 Feb 2017

Top natural health news of the week

Our pharmacy strives to provide you with the latest most important and interesting news related to health, treatment through a diet, and other innovational treatment methods available. We are strong believers that it is easier to prevent a disease or disorder that cure already existing one. Therefore, weekly we share with you the most interesting natural health news and tips that can be applied today to make you live a healthier and happier life.

In this article and the video above we are going to tell you why bacon is dangerous for people with asthma, why it is important to eat a lot of magnesium-rich food, and how can your grandchildren contribute to your longevity.

Surprising harm of bacon

All people know that bacon is not the healthiest food choice mainly because it increases the level of bad cholesterol. But a new study by French scientists found that large amounts of cured meat are linked to more severe symptoms of asthma in people who are predisposed to the condition or already have it. The study is based on the testing of 1000 adults from five French cities. The data was collected during four years. The results showed that people who ate four servings of cured meat per week were 76% more likely to develop worsening of asthma symptoms than those who ate moderate amounts of cured meat.

Do you have enough magnesium in your diet?

A recent study from China shows that diets rich in magnesium can substantially lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes development. The study was based on analysis of diets that comprise high amounts of magnesium from natural sources such as nuts, greens, fish, and whole grains. The data is based on 40 studies conducted during 17 years that involved over a million of people from nine different countries.

According to the results, people who got the most magnesium were 10 percent less likely to develop heart disease and almost 26 percent less likely to develop diabetes.

Caring for grandchildren can make you live longer

An amazing study conducted by the German scientists during the last 20 years showed surprising results: retired people who spend time occasionally caring for their grandchildren live longer. The study was started 20 years ago from now and involved 500 volunteers aged 70 or older at the time of the experiment beginning. After accounting for age and general health of the volunteers, the study showed that the risk of dying over a 20 year period was one-third lower for grandparents who occasionally cared for their grandchildren.  While about half of the participants who did not help others died within five years after the start of the study. Worth noting though that having full-time custody of grandchildren could also have a negative effect on health.

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