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21 Feb 2017

The most interesting health news of the week

Our online pharmacy doesn’t only sells you high-quality medications but also strives to offer you the most interesting reliable natural health news that can help you maintain your health naturally. Besides that, at our range you can find a variety of supplements and vitamins as well as herbal medications to improve your immune system.

In this article we are going to tell you: how can omega-3 save you from a fatal heart attack, what new non-surgical method of prostate cancer treatment is available, and how intestinal flora can contribute to the development of autoimmune disorders.

You can either watch the video or read the summary below.

Omega 3 can lower your risk of a fatal heart attack

Everyone knows that Omega-3 is a highly beneficial supplement for all body systems. But the recent study also show that there is a substantial decrease in the risk of a fatal heart attack for people who consume large amounts of Omega-3 from plants and seafood. The study is based on the 19 studies from 16 countries in which 45,000 people participated in total. The obtained data indicates that Omega-3 consumption is linked to about 10% lower risk of fatal heart attacks. However, the research didn’t prove that the supplement can contribute to the lower risk of heart attacks in general but further research is planned to be conducted. But for now, you can look for the medications that can help your heart stay healthy and functional at our section with cardiovascular medications.

New prostate cancer treatment is proven to be more efficient than the previous ones

A recent study conducted by the University College in London proves that in some cases of prostate cancer a non-surgical treatment can be more effective than the conventional one. The research was made only in patients with low-risk prostate cancer, i.e. those with small tumors and without metastases.

The new treatment method is called vascular-targeted photodynamic therapy and is based on the injection of the light-sensitive drug into the tumor and then activated with a certain frequency laser that attacks only malignant tissues and leaves the healthy tissues untouched.
Almost a half of patients treated with this method went into complete remission compared to just 13 percent in the control group who were treated using conventional methods.

Research proves the relationship between gut bacteria and autoimmune conditions

Researchers at the university of Texas Health Science Center found that the defects in cells that regulate the immune system cause inflammation and autoimmune disease by altering the type of bacteria in the intestines. Regulatory t- cells prevent the immune system from attacking the body’s own tissues but researchers found that adding a certain  lactobacillus bacteria could ‘reset’ the gut and reduce levels of inflammation.

It is important to remember also that your diet plays an important role for your intestinal flora: fat and sugary products, lack of fiber from vegetables and whole grains result in dysbiosis and constipations that prevent toxins excretion from the body.

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