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01 Mar 2017

The most interesting health news for your attention

Our online pharmacy not only sells you the most qualitative and effective medicines used all over the world today but also shares with you the most interesting health news that can help you live a longer and healthier life. We strive to find for you only the reliable and useful information and share it weekly.

From this video and the article, you are going to find out why genetically modified products are useless, how omega- 3 can prevent development of cardiovascular diseases in young adults, and what effect probiotics have on Alzheimer's disease.

Genetically modified crops are pointless

People have different opinions about the genetically modified crops - some think that they are inevitable; others believe that they are dangerous. But regardless of what you think about their safety, according to the latest research, one of the main reasons for their introduction is not working. The idea of GMO is that the crops would become resistant to pesticides and robust in order to have more crops that would not need pests to stay fitting for the food purpose. It was seen as a way to feed the world's growing population but the research done by the New York Times shows quite the opposite. According to the study, the USA and Canada do not have any significant growth of crops in comparison with the Western European countries that refused using GMO. Moreover, while the use of insecticides is reported to be lowered by about one-third in the U.S., at the same time the use of weedkillers which are used in much more significant volumes has increased by 21 percent.

Omega-3 can help preventing cardiovascular disorders onset

A recent study shows that the diets containing high amounts of Omega-3 can help in the prevention of hypertension development later in life in young adults. The data are based on the study comprising more than 2,000 young adults. Those who had diets rich in omega-3 showed a lower systolic and diastolic pressure compared to those whose diets are poor in the compound.

Probiotics can be used in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease

The latest study that focused on the effect of probiotics on the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease has found a promising link. Scientists report that a daily dose of common probiotic daily over a 12 week period showed a moderate but steady effect on the cognitive function of elderly Alzheimer's patients. Unfortunately, despite the increase of cognitive function, all of the patients remained severely cognitively impaired but the results are the first to link probiotics and improved human cognition and probiotics can be an amazing basis for further research and discoveries that in future may help us prevent and cure the disease. Meanwhile, we can safely use probiotics for the purposes they are created for and hope that their effect on the body will guard us from the development of generative disorders.

These are all news we prepared for you for this week. Make sure to check our news section weekly to get your new portion of health news and discoveries that can change your life.

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