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07 Mar 2017

Natural health news of the week for you

Researchers daily discover new ways of treatment or supportive therapies that can help in your particular case. It is hard to keep track of all such news as they are found in different sources and sometimes even in different languages. But we can help you. We post weekly news for you on our pharmacy’s website in the section Health news so you can find all of the interesting info and archives there.

In this post, we are going to tell you about why is it better to refuse surgery and radiation in low-risk prostate cancer, how can products with long shelf life shorten your life, and how can vitamin D intake prevent bladder cancer.

Study finds that sometimes delayed treatment for cancer is beneficial

A recent study conducted by the Swedish scientists analyzed the cases of 33 thousand men from Sweden who were diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer between the years of 2009 and 2014. The percentage of men who preferred not to get an immediate treatment but monitor the disease thoroughly rose from 57 to 91% during that time. According to the study based in the UK, this may be the best strategy. Analyzing the cases of men with this diagnoses throughout 10 years after they were diagnosed, it turned out that the mortality rate is the same both for patients who decided on the conventional treatment and those who refused the treatment and chose to monitor the condition and go for surgery only if the life-threatening signs occur.

Substances that make products stay fresh longer can shorten your life

The researchers from the Georgia State University proved that the consumption of food emulsifiers which are used to extend various products shelf life can contribute to the intestinal flora impairment and inflammation which in its turn can lead to gut inflammation and even bowel cancer development. The tests were performed on mice and showed that frequent consumption of such products enhances inflammation and malignant tumor development. The best way to avoid such products is to opt for those with a short shelf life which is considered natural for the products you buy. It is also important to use probiotics that normalize the gut flora and reduce inflammation.

Study proves that being deficient in vitamin D can cause bladder cancer

Low levels of the vitamin D is now associated with an increased risk of developing bladder cancer according to an analysis of seven recently reviewed studies. Five of those studies show evidence that low vitamin D levels contribute to an increased risk of the cancer development in the bladder.

Researchers also found that cells that line the bladder activate and respond to vitamin D which can then stimulate an immune response which could be important because the immune system may have a role in cancer prevention by identifying these cells before they form a tumor.

You can find vitamin D supplements at our online drugstore and use them daily.

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