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Allergy Medication (Astelin)

Generic name:
Brand name:
Astelin is an antihistamine nasal spray indicated for the reduction of symptoms of allergic rhinitis. The active ingredient of the formulation is an anti-allergic substance that prevents the mediators of allergic response from release. It helps to reduce nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, and feeling of swelling in the forehead, and so on. The spray can be used by adults and children who are older than 6 years.
Allergic rhinitis, Seasonal rhinitis, Allergy-induced runny nose, Allergic stuffy nose, Allergic sneezing
Quickly and effectively relieves allergic rhinitis symptoms and can be used for a prolonged period of time without side effects
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German Remedies
Astelin (Generic Azelastine)
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  Generic Medication guide:

On this webpage, you can buy a medication used for the relief of symptoms caused by allergic rhinitis, i.e. an inflammatory disease of the nasal mucosa characterized with the episodic impairment of the nasal berating, mucous discharge from the nose, and sneezing, which are based on allergic reactions of immediate type.

What is Astelin?

Astelin is a brand name of a nasal spray indicated for allergic rhinitis. This brand name is one of the multiple commercial names of the substance internationally known as Azelastine (an unpatented name). The reason for that the spray can be available under different names is because the developer’s exclusive production patent expired and now it is available in form of generics.

Clinical data
Trade names Astelin, Optivar, Allergodil, others
Pregnancy category US: C (Risk not ruled out)
Routes of administration intranasal, ocular

The active pharmaceutical ingredient on which the spray is based, Azelastine, is an H1-histamine receptor blocker. The receptors the medication blocks are responsible for an inadequate response of the body to the exposure to allergens. Besides, the spray renders membrane-stabilizing effect, reduces capillary permeability and exudation, stabilizes the membrane of mast cells and prevents the release of biologically active substances (histamine, serotonin, leukotrienes, platelet activating factor, etc.).

The substance is used in two formulations: nasal spray for allergic rhinitis and eye drops for allergic conjunctivitis. On this webpage, you can buy Astelin in a form of the nasal spray suitable for the reduction of allergic rhinitis manifestations such as a runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, and nasal discharges. If you need eye drops, please look through our range of anti-allergy medications.

How does the medication acts within the body?

Azelastine is an antagonist of H1 receptors and therefore is an anti-allergy substance with a relatively long half-life (around twenty hours). Besides, the studies show that it suppresses the bronchial spasm caused by the release of leukotrienes and inhibitors of platelet-activating factor. This allows the substance also to suppress the inflammation of the respiratory tract caused by the hypersensitivity reactions.

When applied in a form of a nasal spray or eye drops, the formulation quickly and almost fully is absorbed and distributed among the peripheral organs, especially in the lungs, skin, muscles, liver, and kidneys, and only to a small extent in the brain. The substance along with its metabolites is excreted in feces (75%) and urine (25%).

How can medication negatively affect your condition?

Although when you buy Generic Astelin you expect it to relieve you from the negative allergy symptoms, you should also be aware that as any other medicinal product it can cause specific adverse reactions. These reactions are classified into the most frequent ones that occur in more than 1 person in ten, frequent – occur in one person 100; infrequent – occur in one person per 1000; rare – occur in one person in 10 000; very rare – occur in less than one person in 10 000; the unknown frequency adverse effects are those that occur so rarely that there is no statistical data on them.

The frequent adverse effects are: dysgeusia can in case of an improper application (the head is thrown back), it causes a bitter taste in the mouth which can cause nausea and very rarely - dizziness.

Infrequent adverse effects include irritation of the nasal mucosa (itching burning, sneezing, nasal bleeding).

Rare adverse effects include nausea.

Very rare adverse effects are: hypersensitivity reactions, fatigue, general weakness, itching, skin rash, dry mouth, and headache.

Adverse effects of unknown frequency are rapid heart rate, pharyngitis, cough, shortness of breath, chest tightness, shortness of breath, bronchospasm, and others.

How to avoid developing any adverse effects from Astelin spray use?

Adverse effect
Astelin Nasal Spray
N = 391
N = 353
Bitter Taste
77 (19.7%)
2 (0.6%)
58 (14.8%)
45 (12.7%)
45 (11.5%)
19 (5.4%)
Nasal Burning
16 (4.1%)
6 (1.7%)
15 (3.8%)
10 (2.8%)
Dry Mouth
11 (2.8%)
6 (1.7%)
11 (2.8%)
4 (1.1%)
9 (2.3%)
5 (1.4%)
9 (2.3%)
5 (1.4%)
8 (2.0%)
5 (1.4%)
8 (2.0%)
5 (1.4%)
Weight Increase
8 (2.0%)
0 (0.0%)

To avoid the occurrence of dysgeusia (distortion of the sense of taste), you should keep your head straight while inhaling the nasal spray.

The negative symptoms such as general weakness, fatigue, and drowsiness can be minimized if you avoid drinking alcohol and using any other medications that can cause the same negative reactions during the therapy with the spray.

Who must not use Azelastine spray?

The medication use is unsafe for people with hypersensitivity to the active ingredient of it, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) or to any other component of the preparation.

Besides, although there are no data on the safety of use of the formulation in pregnant women, the studies on animals of the administration of high doses lead to the death of embryos, delay development and malformations of the skeleton. Therefore, it is highly not recommended to use the formulation for people who are expecting a baby or breastfeed.

The formulation is not advised to be utilized by people with severe liver or kidney functioning impairment.

If you have any of these circumstances you should not buy Azelastine.

Is it safe to use the spray along with other medications?

There are no major negative interactions of Azelastine with other medications besides the fact that it enhances the sedative (sleepiness-inducing) effect of alcoholic beverages, medications, or other substances that suppress the functioning of the central nervous system. Besides, Cimetidine elevates the medication’s content in the blood.

To minimize the likelihood of adverse reactions, try to stay away from such negative combinations.

How should you use Azelastine if it is not contraindicated for you?

If your healthcare provider doesn’t tell you otherwise, you should spray one dose per nostril twice a day – once in the morning and once before bedtime. This corresponds to the dose of Azelastine hydrochloride 0.56 mg a day.
When you use the spray, keep your head straight without tilting it forward or backward.

The duration of the therapeutic course depends on the acuity of the condition, the severity of the symptoms, and is chosen individually. The spray can be used for a long-term therapy without any harm to your health.

The formulation can be used by adults and administered to children older than six years so you can order Azelastine if you child suffers from allergic runny nose.

Where is it better to buy Astelin?

Legal status
Legal status AU: S2 (Pharmacy only)
UK: POM (Prescription only)
US: Rx-only

In the U.S. and the UK this medication is a prescription-only product. In other countries, it can be purchased over-the-counter. If you want to save and get it without Rx, order Astelin from our pharmacy.

Astelin shipping

We will ship Astelin spray worldwide via the most popular reliable and cheapest delivery companies. You can find out more about it in our FAQ section.


Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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Jan / 15 / 2017 Audrey Johnson   USA, Florida
  My first order took longer than expected to arrive but the second order arrived in a very timely manner.

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