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Allergy Medication (Atarax)

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The medication known under the name Atarax is basically Hydroxyzine (an unpatented name). It is an antihistamine medication that is very effective in the relief of skin allergic reactions, dermatitis, eczema, and so on but is also a mild tranquilizer used to cope with generalized anxiety, insomnia, phobias, fear, and so on. The formulation can be used in adults and even children aged over three years. You can know how and when to take the pills to enjoy the best effect from the guidelines below. What is the formulation sold as Atarax?
Skin allergic reactions, Allergic itching, Dermatitis, Eczema, Hives, Generalized anxiety, Insomnia, Fear, Phobia
Effectively relieves allergic skin itching, anxiety, fear, and general feeling of tension
UCB Pharma
UCB Pharma

Dr Reddy’s Pharmaceuticals
Dr Reddy’s Pharmaceuticals
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Atarax (Generic Hydroxyzin)
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  Generic Medication guide:

Atarax is one of the commercial names for the active pharmaceutical ingredient Hydroxyzine which is an antihistamine and a mild tranquilizer. The substance was initially developed by a Belgian pharmaceutical company in 1956 but the patent to exclusively produce the medication was bought by Pfizer. Currently, the formulation is produced by multiple manufacturers and utilized as antihistamine compound and tranquilizer to manage anxiety and other conditions.

Trade names Atarax, Vistaril, others
Pregnancy category AU: A US: C (Risk not ruled out)
Routes of administration By mouth, intramuscular injection

It is possible for different manufacturers to make the same Atarax pills because the Pfizer’s patent had already expired. However, these companies, such as the company UCB Pharma whose medication we offer you to purchase, cannot use this well-known branded name as it constitutes an intellectual property of Pfizer. These medications can be found if you look for a possibility to buy Generic Atarax but be prepared to see another name on the packing. They have exactly identical formula and fillers but are cheaper and are registered under other names.

When exactly are Atarax and its analogs used?

You can buy Atarax and its analogs to treat allergy-induced itching that accompanies hives, eczema, or dermatitis but be prepared to also experience the sedative effect. Due to its potent and relatively harmless sedative effect, the medicinal product Hydroxyzine is also appointed and useful for the ease of anxiety, psychomotor agitation, and inner tension, irritability associated with in neurological and somatic diseases. For instance, it can be used for generalized anxiety, impaired adaptability, for alcoholic abstinence syndrome, premedication (before narcosis) and as a means to relieve the central nervous system symptoms after a surgery.

Regardless of the purpose, you plan to use the compound for, make sure to discuss it with your physician first and check that you don’t have the contraindications for the tablets use.

How do Atarax tablets act?

The main ingredient of the formulation blocks the histamine receptors, has muscarinic antagonizing and sedative action, contributes to the inhibition of the activity of some subcortical zones.

Besides the histamine receptors blocking effect, the formulation also renders bronchodilator and antiemetic effect, has a moderate inhibitory effect on gastric secretion. Through its antihistamine activity and additional mechanisms, it significantly reduces itching in patients with hives, eczema, and dermatitis.

Atarax improves the cognitive functions including memory. It doesn’t cause addiction and psychological dependence. Therefore, even after a long-term therapy, there is no withdrawal syndrome.

The anti-allergy effect of the medication starts to develop approximately in one hour after the intake. The sedative effect unfolds in thirty to forty-five minutes.

In hepatic insufficiency, the histamine-receptors blocking effect can last up to 96 hours after a single pill intake.

The medication has a moderate anxiolytics effect, i.e. is able to reduce anxiety, reducing severity or suppressing fear, phobia, and so on.

Polysomnography (sleep study) in patients with insomnia and anxiety who use the medication demonstrates prolongation of the duration of sleep, reduction of the nocturnal awakenings after a single a use of only 50 mg. The diminished muscle tension in people with anxiety was observed when taken in a dose of 50 mg three times a day.

Hydroxyzine well penetrates the skin: its concentration in the skin is much higher than the level in the blood serum both after a single and in continuous use.

Pharmacokinetic data
Bioavailability High
Protein binding 93%
Metabolism Liver
Metabolites Cetirizine, others
Elimination half-life Adults: 20.0 hours Children: 7.1 hours
Excretion Urine, feces

The medication is metabolized in the liver. Its main metabolite is a potent histamine receptors blocker (anti-allergic substance) which is found in the breast milk.

The medication is excreted within 7 to 20 hours after the dose intake. Less than one percent of the substance is excreted in urine in an unchanged form. Its metabolite is also excreted primarily in the urine. It means that people with weakened liver or kidney work need smaller doses as the medication is not evacuated from their bodies within the normal time.

Who should not use Atarax pills?

The formulation is contraindicated for people intolerant or hypersensitive to hydroxyzine and cetirizine, aminophylline or ethylenediamine. Besides, it must not be used by people with porphyria, during pregnancy or when a woman breastfeeds as the drug is excreted in the breast milk, for children under one three years.

On top of the main contraindications, it is not advised to buy Hydroxyzine and use it in the case of the following conditions presence: myasthenia gravis, enlarged prostate, glaucoma, conditions that cause seizures, including epilepsy; dementia, arrhythmia or proneness to its development, such as electrolyte imbalance; extended QT interval and/or previously diagnosed cardiovascular diseases in the history.

If you believe that you can enjoy the effect of the compound but see any of your conditions on this list, please consult your healthcare provider about the use of Hydroxyzine-based medicines.

What are negative effects associated with the use of Hydroxyzine?

The negative effects from the medication use are quite rare except for the sedative effect and sleepiness associated with it. They include a headache, increased fatigue, dizziness, sleepiness, seizures, indigestion, hypersensitivity, confusion, agitation, vision impairment, QT interval extension, tachycardia, liver function impairment, elevation of the blood pressure, difficulty urinating, and so on.

These adverse reactions are recorded in less than 1 individual in 1000 with some of them being so rare that there are not enough data for a statistic report. However, if you believe that when you order Hydroxyzine and start to use the pills you also start suffering from any of its adverse reactions, inform your physician right away.

How to minimize the likelihood of adverse effects development?

To make it impossible for the adverse effects to develop, you should avoid combining Atarax or its analogs with other medications that influence the central nervous system, for instance, M-choline blockers, narcotic analgesics, barbiturates, anxiolytics, hypnotics, and alcohol. If the use is inevitable, the doses of Atarax must be lowered.

The medication can cause QT interval extension so to avoid it it’s recommended to avoid combining it with other medications that can negatively influence the heart function as it can cause the onset of possibly life-threatening arrhythmias.

The doses of the medication in hepatic or renal insufficiency must be lowered.
It is advised to avoid using the medication along with MAO inhibitors.
The formulation inhibits the of epinephrine, Phenytoin, betahistine, and cholinesterase inhibitors.

The use of cimetidine in the dose of 1200 mg a day elevates the level of Atarax in the blood plasma by 36% and lowers the max concentration of its main metabolism with the anti-allergy effect by 20%.

Please note that this list of unfavorable and dangerous combinations of medicines is incomplete. If you use any other medicinal products, you should necessarily consult a doctor before you add Atarax or its analogs to your therapy.

Dosing and Administration

The pills are taken by mouth.

- For the symptomatic treatment of anxiety, the dose is 12.5 mg taken twice a day in the morning and during the day and 25 mg before bedtime (the entire daily dose is 50 mg). In severe cases, the dose can be raised to 300 mg a day.
- Before anesthesia, the medication is administered in the dose of 50-200 mg one hour before a surgery or additionally one more time at night before the surgery.
- For the treatment of itching associated with dermatosis, eczema, and so on, the initial dose is 25 mg. If necessary, the dose can be raised to 25 mg taken 3-4 times a day.
Please note, when you buy Generic Hydroxyzine even if you can do so without Rx, you must not take more than 200 mg in a single intake or 300 mg a day. Otherwise, you will suffer from an overdose and severe adverse reactions.

- Itching treatment in children aged from three to six years with the body mass over fifteen kilograms is from 1 mg per kilogram of the body weight to 2.5 mg per kg a day split into several intakes.
- As premedication before a surgery, a dose of 1 mg per kilogram of the body weight is administered and 1 mg per kilogram is administered the night before the surgery.

Where can you purchase Atarax?

Like any other medicinal product, it can be bought at your local drugstores but if you want to get it cheaper – order Atarax pills from our drugstore as we offer the best generics at the lowest prices.

Atarax shipping

You can order your pills without any worries as we will ship your Atarax pills wherever you are. Read more about our shipping in the FAQ section.

Free prescription
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Oct / 17 / 2020 Lucas Long   USA, Ohio
  I am taking it for anxiety. Makes me feel relaxed. Overall really good medication.
Sep / 22 / 2017 Daniel Witsman   USA, New York
  Item as described. Thank you
Jul / 26 / 2017 Vincent matheson   USA, Austin
  everything is ok

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