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Ciclospray and its analogs is a glucocorticoid formulation based on Ciclesonide used to minimize the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and asthma. The spray you can buy here is used for rhinitis only because for asthma another route of administration and a bit altered formulation is used, i.e. a bronchial inhaler. The spray sold on this webpage quickly and effectively relieves nasal congestion, nasal discharges, sneezing, and swelling, and so on caused by a body’s response to an allergen. To get more details on the preparation effect and use read the complete guide.
Allergic rhinitis, Vasomotor rhinitis, Seasonal rhinitis
Quickly and efficiently eliminates nasal congestion and discharges, itching, sneezing, and so on associated with allergic rhinitis
Cipla - Caring for life
Cipla - Caring for life
Ciclesonide nasal spray, Omnaris nasal spray, Omniair, Alvesco, nasal spray
Ciclesonide (Generic Ciclospray)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is the preparation sold as Ciclospray?

Ciclospray by Cipla is one of the commercial names under which the pharmaceutical ingredient Ciclesonide is marketed. The preparation is relatively new it was approved in the U.S. only in 2006. It is an inhalation glucocorticosteroid; it is developed to manage asthma manifestations and rhinitis induced by allergy. However, for these different conditions, different formulations are used. For instance, here you can buy Ciclospray, i.e. the spray form of Ciclesonide which is used namely for rhinitis caused by allergic and not asthma. If you are prescribed the formulation for asthma attacks, please check the respective section of our drugstore.

The formulation is a prodrug; it means that it becomes efficient and able to render the expected effect only in the body.

How does the preparation exert its effect?

The preparation activates only within the body upon the touching of the mast cells where it disintegrates into the metabolites with the formation of the main one that has high affinity to the glucocorticosteroid receptors and is able of creating inactive ethers with fatty acids, serving as an agent storage in the cell.

The pharmacological peculiarities of the agent molecule ensure the high local anti-inflammatory activity with the minimum risk of local and systemic adverse effects. This also allows utilizing the formulation only one time per day.

When is Ciclospray applied?

You can acquire the formulation if you have the signs of rhinitis caused by allergy that interfere with your normal life. But you should assure that it is namely this condition and not a bacteria or virus-induced rhinitis. Although allergy-induced rhinitis basically has the same symptoms as viral or bacterial one, it is quite easy to recognize it. First of all, you would lack other symptoms of a bacteria-provoked or virus infection such as increased body temperature, sore throat, thickening of the nasal discharges, pain in the joints, muscle weakness, and so on. Besides, seasonal rhinitis usually develops in spring and summer in the peak of the blossom season. If during this time you start to sneeze a lot, have congested or snotty nose, your eyelids are swelling, most definitely you have a pollen allergy and can buy Ciclospray at this webpage leaving behind any doubts. But if you have the same symptoms all years round, you need to get checked. First of all, you may have the same manifestations if you have deviated septum or recurring bacterial nasal infection that require treatment. Alternatively, you might be allergic to something in your surrounding without being aware of it. In this case you can also use antihistamine preparations but it would be much more effective to minimize the encountering with allergen. By the way, during the seasonal allergy it is also preferable to avoid the explosion to an allergen: go outside less frequently, use water air filters in your home, rinse nose with salty water, and wash all clothes and your hair without delaying once you get home from the outside to get rid of the pollen residues, and so on.

When is Ciclesonide prohibited to be utilized?

Even if you have the signs of an allergy-induced rhinitis you may still be unable to utilize this effective preparation because you have any conditions that influence its safety for you. For instance, you should not buy Ciclesonide if you have ever used formulations with this substance in compound and suffered from adverse effects; the preparation is also prohibited for children younger than six years.

Besides these contraindications, the formulation must be cautiously administered to people diagnosed with tuberculosis, and people who suffer from bacteria, viral or fungi-induced infections of the airways.

If you are carrying a baby or plan to get pregnant during the time you are applying the medicinal product, you should discuss the safety of the therapy continuation with your physician.

How must the medicinal product be used?

The active agent of the formulation renders an extended effect; thus, the spray should be applied only one time per day one spraying per nostril a day. This dosage is enough even for severe manifestations of the condition. The action starts to manifest almost immediately but for the maximum elimination of the condition manifestations at least a day should pass. However, in some severe cases the improvement doesn’t happen even within 2 days. In this case the spray should be still continued to be used for the period prescribed by your physician.

Recommended dosages

Previous Therapy
Recommended Starting Dose
Highest Recommended Dose
Patients ≥ 12 years who received bronchodilators alone
80 mcg twice daily
160 mcg twice daily
Patients ≥ 12 years who received inhaled corticosteroids
80 mcg twice daily
320 mcg twice daily
Patients ≥ 12 years who received oral corticosteroids
320 mcg twice daily
320 mcg twice daily

To get the best results, it is advised to apply the formulation at the same time daily. If nevertheless the dosage is missed, it should be taken as soon as you recalled but only if it’s not already time for the next application as the use of doubled dose is contraindicated. After you apply the missed does, continue the therapy as before but assure to shift the time of the formulation application to the one you applied the last dose.

The treatment courser duration should be advised by a doctor even if you have a possibility to buy Ciclesonide without Rx from our drugstore.

To assure that with each application of the product you get the right dose which is very significant in the use of corticosteroids, you need to keep the atomizer clean: if you haven’t used it for a long time, before using the product again remove the atomizer and rinse it with the warm running water. Let it dry naturally, then reattach it to the bottle and use the product as usually.

Can you experience any negative effects from the product use?

You definitely can as any medicinal product is able to cause side effects. Since the formulation is applied topically, the most probable negative effects are also topical: itching or burning of the nasal mucosa, irritation or ulceration of mucosa, cold-like symptoms, blurred vision, nosebleed, headache, and others. These negative manifestations are very rare and if you start developing them, most likely you are intolerant of the formulation’s main ingredient and should switch to another antihistamine medicine.

Adverse reactions

Adverse Reaction
Placebo (N=507) %
ALVESCO 80 mcg BID (N=325) %
Pharyngolaryngeal pain
Upper respiratory Inf.
Nasal congestion
Pain in extremity
Back pain

Where can you acquire Ciclospray at a low price?

If you as many other our customers know that the quality of the formulation doesn’t depend on the name on the package, you can without any hesitation order Ciclospray at our online drugstore. We sell only the approved and high-quality generic versions of the most effective and safe brand-name drugs. Naturally, generic are cheaper even though they have the same composition, so why spend more money?

Shipping of Ciclospray

Our Pharma store specializes in worldwide selling and delivery of medications and we will ship your Ciclospray to any country and city via standard or express delivery service at your choice.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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