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The nasal spray available under the name Flomist is based on Fluticasone active agent. It is also available under other names and at different prices. The spray is an effective glucocorticoid that prevents and suppresses the production of inflammation mediators in the body as a response to allergens. Hence, it eases and eventually completely eliminates the manifestations of allergic rhinitis such as nasal discharges, congestion, itching, sneezing, swelling of the eye lids, and so on. The medication can be used even for children aged four. To find out how to use it properly read our comprehensive guide.
Seasonal allergic rhinitis, Hay fever, Pollinosis, Persistent allergic rhinitis, Vasomotor rhinitis.
Eases the symptoms of allergic rhinitis overnight with a single use a day.
Cipla - Caring for life
Cipla - Caring for life
Flonase, Veramyst
Flomist (Generic Fluticasone)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is the preparation marketed under the name Flomist?

Flomist is one of the commercial names under which the active pharmaceutical substance Fluticasone is sold. This brand name is owned by a certain company and therefore cannot be used by others yet the formula is no longer protected by the know-how so the same formulation can be easily made and marketed by other formulation producers but under other names.

Fluticasone is an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and glucocorticoid medicinal substance utilized for the ease of allergic reactions manifested in the snotty or stuffy nose, edema of the nose and the eyes, sneezing; skin allergic reactions such as itchy skin rash, swelling, etc., and also for the therapy of bronchial asthma. But the forms in which this pharmaceutical agent is available are different for allergy management and asthma management. Here you can buy Flomist in a form of a nasal spray that is suitable only for the nasal manifestations of allergy, i.e. allergic rhinitis. If you require the medicinal product with the effect of the same active substance but for asthma or skin allergy, you have to look for them it in the respective sections.

Why should buy Flomist spray or its generic version?

At this page, we sell a generic of the well-known Flomist spray. This formulation is fully corresponding to the brand-name product but is priced cheaper. It is manufactured by the reputable and one of the largest generic formulations maker Cipla so you don’t have to worry about its potency or quality as this company has a well-established reputation of the manufacturer of high-quality and low-cost generic formulations.

The intranasal spray we offer you to purchase in this section of our med store is indicated for the therapy of blossoming-season-induced rhinitis induced by pollen or year-round rhinitis induced by other irritants that are present regardless of the season such as dust, mite waste products, animals’ dandruff, etc. It can be utilized by adults and administered to kids aged four years and older to eliminate such symptoms as pain and feeling of tension in the area of the paranasal sinuses, nasal congestion, snots, sneezing, itching of the nose, and watery eyes.

If you suffer from the symptoms that look and seem like an allergy but you have never had allergic rhinitis before, talk to a professional and get checked afore you buy Generic Flomist spray to ensure that you don’t need antibacterial treatment, surgery on the deviated septum, and so on as these conditions also have the same manifestations.

For whom is Flomist contraindicated?

The use of any form of preparations is contraindicated for people with hypersensitivity (intolerant) for the main agent, Fluticasone. Besides, the nasal spray is prohibited to be used by individuals who have lately had a nasal trauma or an operation on the nose, and for kids under four years of age.

The therapy with the product shall be reconsidered in the following conditions: simultaneous use of medicines for HIV treatment (for example, Ritonavir), glucocorticoids for asthma, allergy, skin rash, etc.; formulations for the treatment of fungal infections (ketoconazole) and other powerful inhibitors of CYP3A enzyme (for instance, Itraconazole); glaucoma, cataract, infections of the nasal cavity or paranasal sinuses (this requires respective treatment along with the use of Flomist, the simultaneous therapy is not contraindicated), and ulceration of the nasal mucosa.

If you believe that you need to buy Fluticasone but among the above-listed conditions find one or several that you have, you should either refrain from using the preparation or consult your physician.

Can the spray be utilized by pregnant or breastfeeding women?

The application of the spray by expecting women is undesirable since there are limited data on the safety of this formulation for an unborn baby. However, a doctor can decide that the expected benefit is higher than the risk and allow using the spray. If you are pregnant, don’t use it without consulting your doctor first.

There hadn’t been studies on the excretion of Fluticasone in the breast milk. Therefore, it is also undesirable to use it while breastfeeding. If you or your healthcare provider believes that the therapy is necessary, you should transfer your baby to a formula feeding.

How does Flomist antihistamine spray act?

The active agent of the spray is a substance with a powerful anti-inflammatory action. In intranasal application it doesn’t render any systemic side effects or oppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system.

The inflammation-supressing action is rendered through the interaction with glucocorticoid receptors within the body. It suppresses the proliferation of mastocyte, and other cells’ activity which contributes to the release of inflammation mediators in the encounter with an allergen due to the effect of immunoglobulin E. The formulation is useful both in the immediate response to the allergen and late response (symptoms have already developed).

Since the product is applied topically, it quite quickly suppresses the irritation of the nasal mucosa and its anti-allergy effect is observed as soon as in a couple of hours within the first use. This contributes to the diminishing of sneezing urges, itching in the nose, nasal discharges or congestion, unpleasant sensations in the sinuses and sense of tension around the eyes and nose. It also relieves the eye-related symptoms related to allergic rhinitis such as eyelids swelling or itching.

The effect of the medication lasts for twenty-four hours (especially the effect of facilitated breathing) after the use of one dose. This makes the spray irreplaceable tool for improving the physical and social activity of individuals affected by the allergy.

What are dangers in using this nasal spray?

There is a danger of the development of negative effects in case of use of literally any medication even seemingly harmless vitamins. Therefore, Flomist couldn’t be an exception. The use of the spray can be a reason for the development of frequent headaches, taste violation and the sense of unpleasant taste in the mouth, sense of unpleasant smell, nosebleed, dry or irritated nose and pharynx. The very rare negative symptoms that can occur are glaucoma, hypersensitivity reaction, raised intraocular pressure, cataract, and others.

When you buy Generic Fluticasone you don’t need to bother about these adverse reactions as even the most frequent ones occur in less than one in a hundred individuals. Besides, they are not life-threatening. However, if while using the product you develop severe adverse reactions, especially if they are related to vision, you must stop the use of the formulation at once and discuss your experience with your physician.

Incidence of Flomist adverse effects

Frequent headaches 2-5%
Taste violation and the sense of unpleasant taste in the mouth 1-3%
Sense of unpleasant smell, nosebleed 1-2%
Dry or irritated nose and pharynx 1-2%

How are Flomist spray and its analogs used?

This formulation is used only intranasally, i.e. applied directly to the inside of the nostrils.

To achieve the complete therapeutic effect, it is necessary to use the formulation regularly. The maximum therapeutic effect can be achieved within three to four days of uninterrupted use.

Kids aged twelve years and older and adults should make two sprays into each nostril one time per day, ideally, in the morning. Thus, the daily dose is 200 mcg a day. In the most severe cases, it is admissible to use two sprays per nostril twice a day. Thus, the daily dose would be 400 mcg. This raised dosage must be used for a couple of days until the control of symptoms is achieved. Then the dose must be lowered to the recommended one.

For kids aged from four to twelve years, the single day dosage is one spraying per nostril once a day in the morning. In the most severe cases, it is admissible to use one spray per nostril two times a day but this raised dosage must be used for a couple of days until the control of symptoms is achieved. Then the dose should be lowered to the standard one.

Interaction of Flomist with other substances

Taking into account that the preparation is applied topically, there is a very low chance of significant interactions of it with other substances consumed. However, a simultaneous therapy with formulations or agents that render inhibitory effect on the CYP3A4 enzyme, for instance, HIV medications such as Ritonavir or antifungal means such as Itraconazole, can lead to the inhibited metabolism of glucocorticoid and the increased likelihood of Flomist harming effects. The potency and danger of such interactions highly depend on the doses of inhibitors of the enzyme as well as the dose and methods of administration of Fluticasone. If you are unsure whether the medications you use at the moment can lead to the Fluticasone negative effects development, before you order Flomist, seek a consultation of a healthcare professional.

Where you can buy Flomist at a low cost?

We offer you a generic of this product made by Cipla that costs several times fewer money that the brand-name preparation but has the same effect.

Shipping of Flomist

We will ship your Flomist spray to any place where the mail services ship as we don’t have any restrictions on delivery.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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