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Periactin, or more correctly its main ingredient Cyproheptadine that is also available under other trademarks, is a potent antihistamine medication used for the facilitation of conditions of people with various forms of allergies. It relieves itching, nasal symptoms, conjunctivitis, swelling, and so on, and virtually can be used in any type of allergy. Also, the formulation is suitable for the use by adults and children as small as six months.
Urticaria, Pollinosis, Hay fever, Vasomotor rhinitis, Serum sickness, Contact dermatitis, Neurodermatitis, Quincke’s edema, Allergic edema, Allergic reactions to medicines, Allergic rhinitis, Seasonal rhinitis, Year-round rhinitis, Chronic pancreatitis.
Effectively eases and eventually eliminates all allergy signs.
Cipla - Caring for life
Cipla - Caring for life
Apt, Dronactin, Eiproheptadine, Periactinol, Peritol
Periactin (Generic Cyproheptadine)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Periactin?

Periactin is the marketing name of the active substance Cyproheptadine which is a potent antihistamine medication, i.e. the suppressor of histamine receptors responsible for an allergic response of the body to an allergic trigger. The medication can be brought under a different name too as it can be and is manufactured by a plethora of companies around the world. In order to be sure that you get the complete analog of this brand-name formulation, when you purchase an analog, see if the active agent indicated on the box of pills is Cyproheptadine (of course, we talk about the original manufacturer package and not a pharmacy’s packaging).

Short drug info
Trade names Periactin, others
Use in prgenancy


US: B (No risk in non-human studies)

Routes of administration oral
Legal status

AU: S3 (Pharmacist only)


UK: General sales list (GSL, OTC)

US: Rx-only

Protein binding 96 to 99%
Metabolism Liver
Elimination half-life 8.6 hours
Excretion Faecal (2-20%; 34% of this as unchanged drug) and renal (40%; none as unchanged drug)

The formulation is manufactured as tablets and syrup. It can be utilized for various types of allergies, i.e. skin allergies, respiratory allergies, and so on. Therefore, you can buy Periactin to ease the manifestations of basically any allergic response besides only an anaphylaxis that requires emergency measures.

How is the anti-allergy effect of Periactin achieved?

The substance contained in the pills as the major ingredient has an antihistamine activity, i.e. it blocks the action of histamine receptors responsible for the triggering of inflammation mediators production. However, unlike the majority of other anti-allergy medications, this formulation also has a potent anti-serotonin effect and through this, it eases the spasms and other negative signs caused by serotonin. Due to this feature, the preparation is specifically efficient in the itchy skin allergies such as dermatosis. It also lowers the penetrability of capillaries and prevents tissues swelling.

The substance contained in the medication also suppresses the hypersecretion of growth hormone and adrenocorticotropic hormone.

After the pill intake, Cyproheptadine contained in it is promptly absorbed in the digestive system. The maximum level of it in the body is achieved within two hours after the intake and the sufficient therapeutic level is maintained for four-six more hours.

When exactly is Periactin effective?

You can buy Generic Periactin and use it reasonably if you have been diagnosed with urticaria, pollinosis (allergy to pollen), seasonal rhinitis, year-round persistent rhinitis, vasomotor rhinitis, allergy-induced conjunctivitis, allergic swelling, hypersensitivity reactions to medicinal products, blood infusions, insects bites, skin diseases such as dermatitis, eczema, toxicoderma, neurodermatitis, anorexia, cachexia (extreme weakening of the body due to depletion).

Besides, since histamine and serotonin elevate the secretion of the pancreas juice and the preparation suppresses them, it is sometimes included in the complex therapy of chronic pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas).

Who must not use Periactin?

Even individuals who have indications for the medication use can be still prohibited to use it if they are hypersensitive to its components, have glaucoma, prostate enlargement, troubled urination, proneness to swelling, use MAO inhibitors, are aged over 65 years, pregnant, have gastric outlet obstruction, stenosing peptic ulcer, breastfeed, or want to administer the medication to infants younger than six months.

If you fall into one of the categories described above, please consult a doctor who treats you before you buy Cyproheptadine and begin the therapy.

What are possible negative effects of Periactin?

Even if you find out that the preparation is not contraindicated for you, there is a possibility that you will develop certain malaises related to the use of the pills. For instance, it can cause weakness, sleepiness, anxiety, headache, dizziness, visual hallucinations, low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, dry mouth, nausea, diarrhea, rash, Quincke’s edema, an increase of the body weight, and other.

It is advised to continue the use of the preparation of the symptoms are mild as such negative effects as sleepiness, weakness, fatigue, anxiety, and others are transitory, i.e. they diminish or fade over time. But if the symptoms are severe or you suffer from cardiac arrhythmia or visual hallucinations, you should stop the therapy and address a specialist if the symptoms persist.

Instructions for the use of Periactin pills

The dosages depend on the age of the patient. For instance, children aged over fourteen and adults should take 3-4 pills a day in separate intakes (by one pill per intake). This frequency of use is explained by the maximum duration of the effect of a single pill which is from four to six hours. The maximum dosage for this category of patients is 32 mg a day.

Kids aged from six years to fourteen years are given three tablets a day by one pill per intake.

Kids aged from two years to six years are given 1/2 of a pill three times a day.

Children from six years to two years of age are given 0.4 mg per kilogram of the body weight (syrup is preferable).

Please consult a healthcare specialist before you buy Generic Cyproheptadine especially for infants.

Interactions of Periactin with other substances

It is contraindicated to combine the preparation use with the use of MAO inhibitors as they as well as tricyclic antidepressants can enhance and extend the action of Periactin and its depressing effect on the central nervous system.
Caffeine lowers the sedative effect of Cyproheptadine.

The additive depressing effect on the nervous system can occur in the simultaneous use Periactin with alcohol and other substances that depress the CNS. It is highly not encouraged to combine such medications without constant medical’s supervision. This combination can be used only under a strict under strict medical supervision for a for comprehensive preoperative preparation of patients, since Cyproheptadine enhances the analgesics action and at the same time prevents the onset of undesirable effects of histamine (such as lowered blood pressure and bronchospasm) that is produced by the body during the damaging of the tissues during a surgery.

Simultaneous use of the medication with Fluoxetine or other serotonin reuptake inhibitor antidepressants leads to the lowered efficiency of the latter.

Precautions for the safe use of Periactin

The first use of the medication when you order Periactin is recommended to be made in the evening after a meal as the pills render a sleeping pill effect at the beginning of the therapy.

The preparation should be cautiously used in children and elderly individuals as they can have heightened sensitivity to the substance. Caution also should be rendered by people with bronchial asthma, hyperthyroidism, increased intraocular pressure, arterial hypertension, and other diseases of the cardiovascular system.

During the therapy, it is contraindicated to consume alcohol.

is particular antihistamine medication must not be used by vehicle drivers and people whose professional occupation requires increased concentration of attention.

The pills should be taken at the same time every day to avoid overdosing as it can cause severe and even life-threatening conditions. If you overdosed or had given a higher dose to your child seek medical assistance immediately.

Where can you buy Periactin?

The medication is available at the regular and online drugstores. The advantage of purchasing the medicine online is that you can get it significantly cheaper. We offer only the best quality generics at the lowest prices.

Periactin shipping

You can order Generic Periactin from any corner of the world without any worries because we ship all our products internationally.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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