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Epilepsy is a chronic nervous disease manifested in seizures, convulsions, absence, and loss of consciousness. The reason why the symptoms occur is the lifted electric activity in some parts of the brain.
There is a wide classification of epileptic episodes, it is crucial to note that they can be accompanied by seizures, but sometimes can go without convulsions. The classic manifestation epilepsy, which, for sure, comes to mind to the most people when the name of the is used, is the condition in which occur convulsions all over the body, loss of consciousness, and increased salivation (white foam coming from the mouth) that last for several minutes.
In children, epileptic seizures can manifest in connection with fever, the so-called fibrillation cramps, this does not indicate that the child has epilepsy, but it is compulsory to seek the advice of a neuropathologist. Epilepsy, without loss of consciousness and seizures, has approximately the following picture: a person freezes, his gaze can be concentrated in one point, physical activity can completely stop or move to an autonomous level, changes in speech (i.e. screams, moans); after an attack a person usually does not remember what happened to him. Parents are advised to closely observe the child when manifesting a symptom similar, seek advice from a neurologist and a psychiatrist.

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Why does an epileptic seizure appear?

To date, the scientists have found that an epileptic seizure with or without cramps occurs as a result of an abnormal, simultaneous, strong excitation of neurons in an eptogenous focus (a separate area of the brain cortex). Such processes are caused by a distortion of the balance between excitation and inhibition in certain areas of the brain. Neurons transform the excitation that senses perceive into electrical impulses. These impulses are so strong for the body that the seizure can be compared with lightning during a thunderstorm.

Causes of the appearance of the eutrophic foci (areas with an increased electric activity in the brain):
- Physical damage to the head (concussion, various head injuries)
- Circulatory disorders in the brain (e.g. stroke)
- Infectious diseases of the membranes of the brain (e.g. meningitis)
- Chronic diseases of the unequal system, such as multiple sclerosis
- Drug addiction
- Alcohol addiction
- Heredity
- Fetal development pathology
- Tumor of the brain
- Parasitic diseases of the brain
- Metabolic disorders

The basis for the therapy of epilepsy is medicament therapy. For this, special antiepileptic formulations are used. You can anti-convulsants either at your local drugstores or an online pharmacy.
The majority of people who are eventually diagnosed with the disorder had their first epileptic seizure at a young age, usually, before eighteen years.
It is important to differentiate a hysterical episode from the epileptic seizure although they can have similar manifestations. The first type of seizure occurs as a result of intense emotional reaction such as fright, grief, resentment. During this episode, the individuals won’t make any harm to themselves and lose consciousness. The duration is around twenty minutes or more. An epileptic seizure lasts only for one to two minutes. In a normal condition, the episode is not accompanied with sensations of stunning and drowsy typical for an epileptic seizure.

Epileptic seizure seen from the side

The seizures can be of different severity. Sometimes a person who has it and the people around him or her can even do not notice a seizure at all. It may look like a person is just lost in thoughts while some minor twitches can be seen on his or her face.

Symptoms of epilepsy

Before a seizure, most people have a strange feeling called aura that can be characterized with dizziness, visual and sound hallucinations. The presence and intensity of aura depend on the area of the brain that is responsible for the seizures. In some people it can also manifest in sharp body temperature rise, déjà vu, confusion, and so on.
The important feature of any epileptic seizure is that an individual loses consciousness even if from the side it is not perceived so. The proof for the lost consciousness is that a person has no memory of the seizure.

Status epilepticus

A long-lasting seizure that continues for five minutes or more or a number of seizures that develop within a five-minute interval is called status epilepticus. It is a very dangerous condition because it can cause breathing depression and even suffocation. If this occurs, emergency medical help must be used as this condition is the main death cause of people with epilepsy.

Combined disorders

Epilepsy can develop also as a secondary disease in the violation of the nervous system in children and addictions in adults such as:
- Autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Epilepsy is much more frequently is found in people with autism than in people without it. According to the statistics, around 15-30% of people with autism also suffer from epilepsy and around 5% of people who had been diagnosed with epilepsy at a young age had been also eventually diagnosed with autistic manifestations.
- Intellectual disability. Epilepsy is sometimes diagnosed in people with a different stage of intellectual disability.
- Children's cerebral palsy. A very high risk of epileptic seizures in children with cerebral palsy (from 15% -90%) is associated with this condition. The most affected by epilepsy are children with spastic forms of paralysis (32% - 65%).
- Alcohol abuse. People who suffer from alcoholism can develop seizures on the basis of alcohol intoxication especially if they consume substitutes for alcohol and denatured alcohol. First, seizures occur during consumption of a large amount of alcohol and then arise and in a sober state.
- In adult individuals, epilepsy can develop as a result of drug intoxication.
In people diagnosed with epilepsy, especially if they don’t use anti-epileptic medicines, seizures can occur as the result of triggers exposure.

Triggers/factors that can contribute to seizure occurrence:
- Strong stress
- Prolonged sleep deprivation
- Bright light flashes
- Somatic diseases
- Open fire
- Fever
- Fasting or overeating
- Drugs, alcohol, nicotine
- Caffeine
- Certain medicinal agents
- Food additives, etc.

Diagnosis and therapy of epilepsy

There are around 65 million people in the world who have epilepsy. The illness usually dev elopes in childhood or senior age and is more frequent in men than in women. Unfortunately, to date, it is impossible to completely cure this disorder. Thus, the symptoms can only be managed with the medications, different unconventional methods, and avoidance of triggers to minimize the number, severity, and frequency of seizures.

The diagnosis is made by a neurologist but it is preferable to also consult an epileptologist. For the diagnosis various methods are used such as analysis of the neurological and psychical symptoms, history of seizure, as well as machine and laboratory tests:
- Computer and magnetic resonance imaging (CT or MRT)
- Angiography
- Electroencephalography
- Neuroradiological diagnosis
- Blood test.

Epilepsy management

The therapy of epilepsy with medicinal formulations is effective in 70% of cases. It means that 70% of people who are diagnosed and are given appropriate medicines do not suffer from seizures at all.
There are in general two methods of epilepsy management – drug therapy and surgery. There are also additional methods that can be used along the main ones, they include therapeutic physical training, psychological correction of personality, bioacoustic correction of the brain and other methods.
Drug therapy is always preferred over the surgery and the latter is used only if the use of formulations doesn’t render the expected effect or when a patient suffers from focal epilepsy. For instance, it is reasonable if epilepsy is caused by brain tumor, aneurysm, as well as other abnormal changes of the brain that can be fixed with a surgery.
You can buy anti-epileptic drugs from our med store for yourself or your family member and save significantly but besides, please consider also the additional therapy methods:


In people with epilepsy, the processes of excitation and inhibition in the cerebral cortex are poorly balanced, and the methods of physiotherapy can help normalize them. Special rhythmic movements and a set of respiratory exercises have a positive effect on nerve cells, harmonize the mental state, and are a method of preventing stress and disease.


Prevention of epileptic seizures involves the avoidance of head injuries, the intoxication of the body with drugs, nicotine, alcohol, other harmful substances, and infectious diseases. Also, relashionships between two people with epilepsy are not recommended as a seizure of one partner can trigger it in another. It is recommended to avoid poorly ventilated, stuffy rooms, situations in which breathing may become difficult, you should also avoid being cold and timely prevent fever by lowering the temperature in children, as it can provoke the appearance of epilepsy. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding stress, increasing immunity, can prevent the onset of the disease. Besides, it is recommended to follow a mild to moderate physical exercising routine, walking in the fresh air, and have a healthy sleep.
At our med store we offer you to buy the following anticonvulsants to manage epilepsy and other seizure-causing diseases
- Generic Dilantin/Phenytoin by Sun Pharma is anticonvulsant from the class of hydantoin derivatives. It renders anticonvulsant effect without causing sleepiness. The formulation is also used as an antiarrhythmic medication and a muscle relaxer.
- Generic Keppra/Levetiracetam is an antiepileptic agent included in the list of essential medicines by the World Health Organization. It is a derivative of piracetam and it is not associated with the existing antiepileptic active components, and does not change the normal neurotransmission. The effect of the formulation is confirmed in conditions of both focal and large epilepsy.
- Generic Lamictal/Lamotrigine by Torrent Pharmaceuticals is an antiepileptic formulation used in the treatment of epilepsy and bipolar disorders as it also has a mood-stabilizing activity.
- Mysoline/Primidone by Abbott is an antiepileptic medication from the barbiturate group. In the human body is partially metabolized to Phenobarbital, possessing some of its pharmacological properties.
- Generic Neurontin/Gabapentin by Intas Pharmaceuticals is a medicine, an anticonvulsant used to treat epilepsy, as well as neuropathic pain.
- Generic Tegretol/ Carbamazepine is an antiepileptic formulation included in the group of carboxamide derivatives. It is mainly used as an anticonvulsant for large convulsive seizures and for focal psychomotor epilepsy.
- Generic Topamax/Topiramate by Sun Pharma is an antiepileptic formulation of an unusual structure, is a derivative of fructose. It is not effective as an antimanic or antidepressant for bipolar disorder. It is mostly effective against partial seizures.
- Generic Trileptal/Oxcarbazepine by Cipla is an antiepileptic product from the group of carboxamide derivatives. It is used as the first choice treatment both in the monotherapy and combined therapy of partial epileptic seizures in children and adults.

We sell antiepileptic drugs without Rx but we strongly advise you consult a specialist before you purchase any medicine for yourself or your family member. There are a lot of medicines for the condition but they differ and some of them can be suitable for your condition while others can do more harm than good and only a medical specialist can choose the right formulation, dosage, and therapy regimen for you or your family member who is diagnosed with epilepsy.

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