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Lamictal is a medication with the active agent called Lamotrigine. The formula of Lamotrigine can be used by various companies and therefore you can get the same medication just under a different name. It is suitable for the therapy of epilepsy of different kind in adults, as well as children as young as three years of age. The formulation can be used either as a single medication or in a combination therapy but caution in latter must be followed as other medications influence the level of Lamotrigine in the blood.
Monotherapy of epilepsy, Combination therapy of epilepsy, Partial and generalized seizures, Tonic-clonic seizures, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, Monotherapy of typical absences, Depression, Mania, Hypomania, Mixed episodes.
Helps to diminish the number and intensity of seizures and stabilize the mood.
Torrent Pharmaceuticals
Torrent Pharmaceuticals
Lamez, Lamitek, Lamotrigina
Lamictal (Generic Lamotrigine)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Lamictal and when is it utilized?

Lamictal is one of the trademarks that happened to be the most promoted and therefore known in some countries while the acknowledged internationally unpatented name of the substance it is based on, Lamotrigine, is much less known.
Lamotrigine, the active ingredient of Lamictal and the generics (the same medicines but named differently as they are produced by different companies), is the anticonvulsant or anti-epileptic medication used for epilepsy primarily. The major indications for the medication use your doctor can tell you to buy Lamictal are partial and generalized seizures, tonic-clonic seizures, Lennox–Gastaut syndrome, and typical absences. However, the substance also has the mood stabilizing activity and thus is also utilized for the management of bipolar disorder, depression, hypomania, and mixed episodes.

You can find the disorder that you have name here but please consider the therapy with this formulation only after discussing it with your healthcare provider.

What on the Lamictal effect is based?

Although the medication was first approved in 1994, its mechanism of action isn’t fully understood year. Initially, it was developed to act as an antagonist of folic acid (to suppress folic acid production) but the effect was insignificant. At the same time, it was discovered that the substance’s effect on seizures suppression and stabilization of the mood in mental disorders is outstanding. It was then assumed that it is due to the stabilizing effect on the neuronal membranes through the impact on the sodium channels and blocking of the excessive release of excitatory amino acids (particularly, glutamate) without lowering their normal release.

Whom Lamictal is contraindicated?

Albeit the preparation is suitable and effective for a variety of conditions, some people for whom it is indicated still cannot use it because they have the contraindications for Lamictal use such as hypersensitivity to the preparation, pregnancy, breastfeeding period, or age below two years.

If you don’t have the above-mentioned conditions but suffer from kidney insufficiency, you should use the medication cautiously and possibly in reduced doses as the accumulation of the drug’s metabolites in the body is possible.
Besides, it is not advised to buy Generic Lamictal and use it as a single medication (monotherapy) in children for epilepsy treatment.

Use of Lamictal during pregnancy and lactation

The therapy with the preparation is contraindicated during pregnancy unless the expected benefit outweighs the risks for the fetus. The reason for that is that the inhibiting action of the medication on the reductase dihydrofolate may cause the development of malformations of the fetus in the case of treatment of pregnant women. However, there are no enough statistical data to certainly say that Lamotrigine causes birth defects.

As for breastfeeding, according to the clinical trials, the medication is found in the breast milk in the amount of 40-60% of the mother’s blood level of the drug. There aren’t enough data but the available information shows that the level of the medication in the blood plasma of a baby whose mother uses the medication while breastfeeding reaches the therapeutic levels. Thus, it is advised to stop breastfeeding if there is a need to use Lamotrigine.

Can the medicine use cause adverse effects?

Yes, any medication can cause negative effects so when you buy Lamotrigine you should be aware that you can start experiencing such negative effects as headache, increased fatigue, vertigo, sleepiness on the contrary, or insomnia, irritability, aggressiveness, tremor, anxiety, confusion, blurred vision, conjunctivitis, imbalance skin allergic reactions, blood compound change, swelling of the face, and others.

The likelihood of these negative effects development depends on your tolerability of the medication and the other conditions that you have. Thereby, it would be wise to discuss your previous experience using anticonvulsants and any of your diseases or conditions with your physician before you begin using Lamotrigine for the management of your condition whether it is epilepsy or mental disorder that requires mood stabilizing effect.

How is Lamotrigine utilized? What are the standard doses?

If Lamotrigine is the only medication used for the treatment of epilepsy in your case, the usual dosage would be 25 mg taken once a day for a half of a month. Next, if the formulation is well-tolerated, the daily dose is changed to 50 mg. The optimal dose can be up to 500 mg a day. To achieve the minimum effective dosage, the daily dose is raised every week or two. This dosage regimen is suitable for adult patients and children aged over twelve years.

For children aged from three to twelve years, the therapy is initiated with 0.3 mg a day per kg of the weight. In two weeks, the dose is raised to 0.6 mg a day per kilogram of weight. The dose should be also raised till the optimal one every one to two weeks. The optimal effective dose can be in range from one to fifteen milligrams per kilogram of the weight.

Considering that the preparation is commonly combined with other antiepileptic medicines which can influence its bioavailability, level in the blood serum, and so on, there are special dosages for each combination that you can find out either from your healthcare provider who prescribes you the medication or from the insert with the instruction from the package of pills that you will get when you order Lamictal from our pharmacy.

Medication interactions

The antiepileptic medications that are inducers of the liver metabolism elevate the metabolism and therefore shorten the duration of Lamictal effect. And vice versa, the use of medications that inhibit the liver enzymes slow down the anticonvulsant metabolism and extend its effect time.

Overdose signs and dangers

A significantly larger dosage intake can be recognized by the manifestation of such symptoms as confusion, dizziness, sleepiness, restlessness of the pupil, and so on. If the overdose is significant and no measures are taken timey such as artificially induced vomiting, gastric lavage, and so on, it can lead to coma. Thereby, if you know that you overdosed or your child got the medication without you controlling the dose, you must seek medical assistance instantly.

Form of release

The medication is released in the form of oral tablets with the dose 25, 50, and 100 mg of the main active ingredient. Every pill has the dosage on it.

How the pills must be stored?

The pills are stored at a cold temperature up to 25 C (77 F).

Precautions during Lamotrigine use

Individuals with moderate kidney insufficiency need the recommended doses cut by 50%. In severe kidney insufficiency the doses should must be cut by 75%.

In the discontinuation of the use of other antiepileptic medications with the transfer to Lamotrigine or when to Lamotrigine therapy are added other medicines, it is important to take into account that they can influence the metabolism of the latter and therefore dose adjustments must be made.

The abrupt discontinuation of the therapy with this anticonvulsant is fraught with the occurrence of epileptic seizures and even epileptic status. Thus, to avoid it, except for acute allergic reactions such as skin rash that can be Steven Jonson’s syndrome when the therapy must be cancelled immediately, it is advised to diminish the doses gradually over the course of two weeks.

Skin rash can develop within the first two months of the therapy. Usually, such symptoms are mild and spontaneously fade but there can be severe forms that require hospitalization and cancelling of the therapy with Lamotrigine such as Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis. The premises for this are the high initial doses and the sped up raising of the doses as well as simultaneous use of Valproate.

Thus, it is important to follow the instruction strictly and remember that kids are more prone to such reactions than adults.

In the first signs of rash, the individual regardless of his or her age must be thoroughly examined. The use of the formulation in such cases must also be discontinued instantly except for the cases when it’s obvious that rash had been caused by other events or substances.

If once the discontinuation of the therapy had place due to the development of skin rash, it must not be used again.

Where to buy Generic Lamictal?

Obviously, you can ask at your local drugstores but online pharmacies like our offer you to order Generic Lamictal at a significantly lower price and can rest assured that the medication is of the highest quality.

Shipping of Lamictal

We ship to all places without exceptions therefore, make your order without any doubts, you will get your pills at time!

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