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Mysoline is a commercial name registered by the American pharmaceutical company Abbott for the production and marketing of Primidone, an antiepileptic medication used in grand seizures as a monotherapy and as a part of combination therapy in other types of epilepsy. The medication can be used for the therapy of adults and children aged from three years but naturally in different doses. To know how exactly to use the medication before you purchase it, read our guide.
Epilepsy, Large seizures, Focal seizures, Myoclonic seizures, Atonic seizures.
Significantly lowers the frequency of large seizures and can be used for children.
Abbott - A promise for life
Abbott - A promise for life
Cyral, Hexadiona, Hexamidine, Lepimidin, Midone, Milepsin, Neurosyn, Prilepsin, Primacione, Primakton
Mysoline (Generic Primidon)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Mysoline or Primidone? When is it indicated?

The preparation marketed as Mysoline by Abbott is basically Primidone (an internationally used unpatented name). Particularly this trade name is owned by the American pharmaceutical company Abbott. This formulation is an antiepileptic substance from the barbiturate group. In the human body it is partially metabolized to Phenobarbital, possessing some pharmacological properties.

Clinical data
Trade names Lepsiral, Mysoline, Resimatil, Primaclone
Synonyms desoxyphenobarbital, desoxyphenobarbitone
Pregnancy category US: D (Evidence of risk)
Dependence liability Moderate-high
Routes of administration Oral
Legal status

UK: POM (Prescription only)

US: Rx-only

Bioavailability ~100%
Protein binding 25%
Metabolism Hepatic
Elimination half-life

Primidone: 5-18 h,

Phenobarbital: 75-120 h

PEMA: 16 h

Time to reach steady state: Primidone: 2-3 days, Phenobarbital & PEMA 1-4 weeks

Excretion Renal

This medicinal product use is indicated in various types of epilepsy, in large seizures, focal, myoclonic, and akinetic attacks though for the last one condition the drug is less effective. If you have any of these conditions in your diagnosis, you can buy Mysoline right here at this page but we highly recommend you to do so only if your healthcare provider who chooses your therapy, knows your family history, and adjusts your dosage regimen prescribed you this medication or other medicinal product based on Primidone.

Who must not use Mysoline?

It is natural that even if an individual has symptoms and diagnosis suitable for the use of a particular medication he or she could be unable to use the medication because of other conditions presence in which the use of this formulation would be harmful. For instance, Mysoline is contraindicated to be used in intolerance of the active substance or hypersensitivity to it and barbiturates in general. The use of the medication is also dangerous and thus prohibited in renal or hepatic failure, anemia, leukopenia, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The limitations for the use (the use is not recommended or recommended only under a doctor’s supervision) include children’s age and old age as some individuals from these groups develop paradoxical agitation and motor anxiety due to the medication’s effect.

If you are unsure whether you have any of these conditions or not, you have to talk to your medic before you buy Generic Mysoline and begin the therapy.

Adverse effects of Primidone

As all other medications, Primidone is able to provoke the onset of certain negative effects such as sluggishness, vertigo, headache, apathy, anxiety, nausea and vomiting, anemia, leukopenia, lymphocytosis, allergic reactions.

The very rare adverse effects which nevertheless were documented are nystagmus, arthralgia, and psychotic reactions; extremely rare is megaloblastic anemia. With prolonged use - drug dependence.

Risk by indication for antiepileptic drugs in the pooled analysis

Placebo Patients with Events Per 1000 Patients
Drug Patients with Events Per 1000 Patients

How does Mysoline interworks with other medications?

Before you order Mysoline, you should know that it especially potently affects the central nervous system depressing it when used along with alcohol and medications with the central depressant action such as sleeping pills and other anticonvulsants.

The preparation also enhances the activity of liver enzymes thus accelerating the metabolism and lowering the action of paracetamol, glucocorticosteroids, indirect anticoagulants, tricyclic antidepressants and other medications which metabolism vastly depends on the level of microsomal liver enzymes. At the same time, if the preparation is combined with other medicines or substances (for instance, ethanol) that promote the same enzymes, the metabolism of Mysoline is enhanced and therefore, its effect lowered.

Medications that have a toxic effect on the myeloid tissue of the red bone marrow enhance the hematologic effect of the medication.

Besides, Mysoline enhances the toxicity of medications that are used for general anesthesia such as enflurane, halothane, methoxyflurane.

Amphetamine-containing medications inhibit the absorption of the gastrointestinal tract of one of the metabolites of the formulation.

In combined use with inhibitors of carbonic anhydrase, the violation of osteogenesis (bone formation) may increase.

Mysoline and its generics lower the absorption of Griseofulvin which leads to its lowered effect.

Hormones of the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland increase the risk of arrhythmias and coronary insufficiency.

Leucovorin (folinic acid) in large doses weakens the anticonvulsant effect of Primidone. Methylphenidate depresses the metabolism of Primidone and increases its concentration in the blood, which can lead to the development of toxic effects.

When combined with Phenylbutazone, both medications lower the effect of each other.

This list of interactions includes the most prominent ones but is not complete. Hence, if you use any medications, discuss their combination with Mysoline before you order Generic Mysoline.

How does Mysoline act?

The medication is an antiepileptic agent that is close by the chemical composition to Phenobarbital but a more pronounced anti-seizure effect without rendering general depressing effect on the central nervous system and sleepiness-promoting effect.

The mechanism of action of the medication is related to the suppression of the agitation transmission from the pyramidal and segmental spinal pathways to spinal cord motoneurons. Thus, it diminishes the excitability of neurons in the epileptogenic focus.

After the oral intake of the pills, the active agent is quickly and completely absorbed from the digestive tract. The maximum concentration of it in the blood is achieved three hours within the intake.

In the liver, the medication is partially transformed in Phenobarbital and phenylethylmalonamide and both these metabolites have antiepileptic activity. It is washed out of the body through the kidneys in form of Primidone, Phenobarbital, and phenylethylmalonamide.

The optimal blood pressure concentration of the medication is 12 micrograms per milliliter which ensures the significant lowering of large seizures. In other types of epilepsy such as non-convulsive form, polymorphic seizures, etc., the effect is not always achieved and combination therapy is required.

Regular therapeutic dosages and regimens

The therapy regimen is appointed individually but here you can find the general recommendations.

In some cases, it is sufficient to use only this preparation while in others combined therapy is needed. The choice should be made based on the clinical picture by a doctor.

Typically, the therapy is started with the dose of 125 mg (a half of a pill) once a day before bedtime.

The daily dose then is elevated every 3 days by 125 mg till the achievement of the optimal therapeutic dosage which is for adults is around 500 mg or two pills. This dosage is taken in two intakes, i.e. by 250 mg two times a day. If still this dosage is insufficient, it can be raised by 250 mg every 3 days in adults and 125 mg in children aged from three to nine years. The max safe dosage for children aged less than nine years is 1000 mg a day, for older children and adults it is 1500 mg split into several intakes.

The regular dosage per day should be split either into two identical parts or in different parts with the intake of the larger share of the daily dosage at the time when the majority of seizures occur in a said patient. Besides, the daily dosage can be temporarily elevated if there are present certain triggers that contribute to more frequent seizures such as period or exams and excessive stress, and so on. Then, the dosages are cut back to the previously used.

Please keep in mind before you order Primidone that these are the averaged recommendations and to get the fullest effect of the medication use, the therapy should be appointed by a doctor who knows your health history and can control the therapy efficiency and adjust it respectively.


The withdrawal or replacement of the medication in the therapy is made with the gradual reduction of the doses to avoid ricochet occurrence of seizures.

The medication lowers the focus and therefore must be cautiously used in people who drive vehicles or operate large machinery.

In case of megaloblastic anemia development, stop taking the medication and begin treatment with folic acid and/or vitamin B12.

As other antiepileptic medications, Mysoline is able to increase the risk of suicidal tendencies and suicidal behavior occurrence. Therefore, it is required to inform patients and their family of such danger and make sure they will inform the doctor about the occurrence of such symptoms immediately.

Where can you buy Mysoline?

You can get the medication either at the local drugstore or order Generic Primidone which is literally the same medication from our online drugstore. We offer both generics and branded medications at the affordable and reasonable prices without Rx.

Shipping of Mysoline

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