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Anti Depressants Medication (Desyrel)

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Desyrel is a brand of an antidepressant based on Trazodone. It is an antagonist/inhibitor of serotonin reuptake that is different from just serotonin reuptake inhibitors as it less likely to cause sexual dysfunctions and other negative effects. The medication can be used by adults but is prohibited for children. It is indicated for the therapy of different kinds of depression, depression caused by alcohol dependence, benzodiazepine dependence, anxiety, and so on. From our guide below you can find out how exactly the drug should be used and what precautions should be followed during the therapy.
Major depressive disorder, Depressive states of different cause, Anxiety-depressive states associated with organic CNS diseases, Depression in long-term pain syndrome, Benzodiazepine dependence, Libido or potency disorder, Insomnia including drug-induced one
Helps to relieve the symptoms of depression and anxiety with minimum side effects
Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
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Desyrel (Generic Trazodone)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Desyrel? When is this medical product used?

The name Desyrel you may be familiar with is a trademark that is registered by a certain pharmaceutical company for an antidepressant that is known among all doctors internationally as Trazodone.
The active agent of the formulation belongs to the class of antagonists/inhibitors of serotonin reuptake. Besides blocking the reuptake of serotonin and the elevation of serotonergic neurotransmission, it also blocks certain serotonin receptors what explains the lack of the negative symptoms development typical for the use of simple inhibitors of serotonin reuptake. The medication is less likely to cause are sexual dysfunction and lowering of libido, anxiety, insomnia, and nervousness flare up.
Desyrel or Trazodone is basically the same medications. Besides, they can be sold under different names depending on the manufacturer. If you want to use the medication but spend less money than the branded medication costs, you should buy Generic Desyrel, i.e. the same medication made by another company.
The indications for the formulation use are the following:
- Major depressive disorder with or without anxiety;
- Depressive states of different etiology, i.e. cause, including reactive and neurotic depressions.
- Anxiety-depressive states on the background of organic CNS diseases;
-Depressive states in long-term pain syndrome;
- Depression caused by alcohol dependence.
- Benzodiazepine dependence;
- Libido or potency disorder;
- Insomnia including one that developed during the use of serotonin reuptake inhibitors or tricyclic antidepressants.

When is the use of Desyrel not recommended?

Even if you believe that you may need to take this medication and that it suits your needs, you can still be unable to use it as the therapy can potentially do more harm than good. For instance, Trazodone is not used in:
- Hypersensitivity to the drug, i.e. allergic or other non-standard reaction to the medication.
- Alcohol or drug intoxication (poisoning).
- Children younger than six years.
Besides these cases, it is not advised to buy Desyrel or if you still decide to use it, at least make sure to use it carefully if you have suffered a myocardial infarction especially a recent one, AV-block, elevated arterial pressure (you may need the adjustment of the blood pressure drugs used), ventricular arrhythmia, priapism in history, hepatic and / or renal insufficiency, and age under 18 years.
It is also not advised to use the medication while you are pregnant or breastfeeding as the safety of the drug for the fetus and the baby isn’t established yet.

What negative effects can the formulation cause?

Before you buy Trazodone, be prepared that some people tolerate the substance well while others develop adverse reactions such as the ones listed below.

From the part of the nervous system and sensory organs:
- Fatigue
- Weakness
- Headache
- Dizziness
- Sleeplessness
- Sleepiness
- Psychosis
- Hippomania
- Hallucinations
- Seizures, etc.

From the part of the cardiovascular system and blood:
- Low blood pressure
- Arrhythmia
- Atrial fibrillation
- Congestive heart failure
- Leukopenia
- Neutropenia, etc.

From the part of the digestive system:
- Increased appetite
- Dryness or unpleasant taste in the mouth
- Increased saliva formation
- Caries
- Gum diseases
- Nausea
- Vomiting
- Flatulence
- Constipation or diarrhea, etc.

From the part of the genitourinary system:
- Difficulty urination
- Frequent urination
- Early period
- Increased libido
- Erectile dysfunction
- Delayed ejaculation, etc.

Allergic reactions:
- Skin rash
- Urticaria

Other adverse effects:
- Muscle pain
- Pain in the chest
- Swelling
- Baldness, etc.
If you have any chronic diseases, for instance, stomach ulcer or heart problems, naturally, the likelihood of the adverse effect related to these organs is higher but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will develop them. To know how you should act and what side effects should be considered alarming, discuss your conditions and the medication use with your therapist before you buy Trazodone.

Interactions of Trazodone with other medications

- The medication use must not be combined with the use of MAO inhibitors.
- Unlike typical antidepressants, this one doesn’t influence the effect of rezerpine, lower the central action of amphetamines and the peripheral action of noradrenaline.
- Desyrel and its analogs potentiate the effect of substances that suppress the central nervous system function such as tricyclic antidepressants, barbiturates, antihistamine medications, alcohol, muscle relaxers, etc.
- Increases the plasma concentration of Digoxin and Phenytoin.
- In the simultaneous use with medications that lower the blood pressure, the risk of hypotension (the blood pressure lowering below the norm) increases.
- The medication diminishes the effect of psychostimulants.
If you take or plan on taking any medications when you order Desyrel with the plan of using it, make sure to talk to your therapist about it.

How should Generic Desyrel be used?

The medication must be used only for the therapy of adults.
The therapy must be started from the evening intakes of the dosage with the daily elevation of the dosage according to your therapist recommendations. The therapy must be continued for more than a month.
To minimize the adverse effects, the pills should be taken after food. The pills have lines that can help easily break it into equal parts and use the parts to increase the doses daily little by little.
- Adults should take 75-150 mg a day before sleep. The dosage can be raised to 300 mg a day but then it should be split into two intakes.
- People who are treated at a hospital can receive up to 600 mg a day split into several intakes.
- For patients older than 65, the initial dosage is 100 mg a day taken in the evening. The dosage can be raised but it should be kept in mind that in this category of patients the single dosages of 100 mg or more are undesirable. The maximum recommended daily dosage for such people is around 300 mg a day.
These are the general recommendations that can greatly vary depending on your individual features. Thus, before you order Generic Desyrel, you must consult a specialist.

Overdose signs

If you take a higher dosage than recommended, you can overdose and start suffering from such symptoms as nausea, vomiting, sleepiness, dizziness, low arterial pressure, impaired coordination, heavy breathing, and in general the worsening of adverse effects. An overdose, especially with the intake of the dosages substantially exceeding the recommended maximum ones, can be fraught with severe health harm so it is important not to let this happen and if an overdose still occurs, undertake urgent measures such as gastric lavage, forced diuresis (intake of water pill), use of activated carbon, support of the vital functions, and symptomatic therapy.
If you notice any symptoms of an overdose or know exactly that it happened, seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

Precautions to follow during the therapy

- During the therapy, it is advised to regularly do full blood exam to timely identify the presence of leukopenia and neutropenia.
- It is advised to regularly perform ECG in patients with cardiovascular diseases.
- Individuals with suicidal tendencies require doctor’s supervision especially during the first weeks of the therapy.
- The therapy is immediately stopped in the occurrence of a painful erection that is not associated with sexual arousal, pronounced leukopenia and/or neutropenia. In other cases, the therapy must be discontinued through the gradual lowering of the dosages.
- When you order Trazodone and use it, you should avoid drinking alcohol to avoid severe adverse effects occurrence.
- The medication must be cautiously used by drivers and individuals whose work requires increased focus.

Where can you buy Trazodone?

The best way to get the medication may seem counterintuitive but it is truly the most beneficial – you can order Generic Trazodone online from our med store without Rx and at fraction of price because we work directly with the manufacturers and set the lowest possible markups. You can read the reviews about the medications we sell on our website and outside of it.

Shipping of Trazodone

Order the pills wherever you live without any doubts – we ship all medical products internationally via standard and express mail of your chose.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
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