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Anti Depressants Medication (Elavil)

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Elavil is a brand of an antidepressant based on Amitriptyline. It is an inhibitor of noradrenaline and other mediator monoamines except for MAO. The medication is appointed for the therapy of various types of depression and behavioral disorders, eating disorders, phobias, prophylaxis of migraines, as well as bedwetting in children aged older than seven years. You can find out how the medication should be used for each disorder separately from our full guide.
Depressions, Chronic pain syndrome, Generalized anxiety, Phobia, Bedwetting, Anorexia, Bulimia, Organic brain damage, Drug-induced brain damage, Schizophrenic psychoses, Prophylaxis of migraines
Helps to cope with symptoms of depression and other mental and behavioral disorders
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Elavil (Generic Amitriptylin)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Elavil and when is it used?

Elavil is one of the brand names of the antidepressant with an unpatented name Amitriptyline. The medication is produced by various manufacturers and is respectively named differently yet you can always find the unpatented substance name on the package of tablets.
This antidepressant is an inhibitor of the reverse neuronal capture of mediator monoamines, including noradrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, and others but it does not inhibit Monoamine oxidase, i.e. is not an MAO inhibitor.

The indications for the tablets use are the following:
- The main indication for this antidepressant use is endogenous depression, i.e. the depressive state that develops without any triggers.
- Depressions of various causes and natures, i.e. in chronic pain syndrome, due to loss of a loved one, etc.
- Depression accompanied by anxiety, fear, insomnia;
- Phobia;
- Bedwetting (except in atonic bladder);
- Psychogenic anorexia;
- Chronic pain syndrome caused by the nerve damage;
- Organic brain damage;
- Drug-induced brain damage;
- Schizophrenic psychoses;
- Mixed behavior disorders;
- Prophylaxis of migraines.
The formulation usually doesn’t cause delusion, hallucinations or other symptoms and their intensification as can do other antidepressants with the prevalent stimulating effect. This medical product causes a mild sedative effect so it won’t fit you if you are feeling down and tired. Instead, you can buy Elavil if your depression is accompanied by anxiety, nervousness, irritability, fear, etc. But of course, it is better to talk to your medical service provider and follow their recommendations.

Who should not buy Elavil and use it?

Although this antidepressant has its advantages over the other ones that have the stimulating effect, it has quite a long list of conditions in which it must not be used:
- Intolerance of the active or supplementary substances of the pills;
- During pregnancy or breastfeeding;
- Acute myocardial infarction and recovery;
-  Decompensated heart failure;
- Violation of intracardiac conductivity;
- High arterial pressure;
- Prostatitis;
- Atony of the bladder;
- Paralytic ileus (inability to empty the bowel);
- Acute gastric or duodenum ulcer;
- Acute liver or kidney disorders with substantial function impairment;
- Blood diseases;
- Age under 7 years;
- Use of MAO inhibitors.
The use of Elavil should be limited or at least made under a doctor’s supervision in the presence of epilepsy, ischemic heart disease, arrhythmia, heart failure, closed angle glaucoma, intraocular hypertension, and hyperthyroidism.
Some of the names of the conditions may be unfamiliar for you because you know them under other names. Thus, if you know that you have any chronic or acute disorder or disease, you need to consult a healthcare provider before you buy generic Elavil and start taking the pills even if you can get it without Rx on this webpage.

How is Elavil or generic Elavil used?

- Depression treatment is initiated with the lowest dosages of 25 mg taken thrice a day with the subsequent rise of the daily dosage with the control over the effect and tolerability of the medication. The dosages higher than 150 mg a day should be administered only if a patient is treated at a hospital. The daily dosage can be raised by 25 mg once in two days to the achievement of the desired effect but not above 150 mg a day.
-Patients aged over 65 should receive a half of the regular dosage with the subsequent possible rise of the dosage to 100-150 mg a day.
The duration of the therapy depends on the symptoms. The antidepressive effect is usually developed within 2-4 weeks. The therapy with antidepressants has a symptomatic nature and thus must be continued for an individually chosen period of time which is usually around a half of a year after the remission achievement to prevent relapses.
People with relapsing unipolar depression may need several years to prevent the new episodes occurrence.
- If you want to buy Amitriptyline for chronic pain syndrome, the instruction says that the starting dosage should be 25 mg taken before bedtime (for 65 and older patients it should be a half of the dosage). Then, if the effect is insufficient and the medication is well tolerated the dosage can be gradually raised, by 25 mg once in two days raised to 100 mg a before bedtime.
The rise of the dosage must be made through the intake of the additional dosage in the evening or before bedtime. In the maintenance therapy with the intake of the lowest dosage, it can be taken once a day before bedtime.
The discontinuation of Elavil use must be made with the gradual lowering of the daily dosage by 25 mg every two days.
- Bedwetting is treated by 25 mg before bedtime in children aged 7-12 and 50 mg in children aged 12 and older. The duration of the therapy must not exceed three months.

Dosage adjustments of Elavil for kidney or liver dysfunction

- People with kidney dysfunction can take the medication in the regular dosages.
- In liver dysfunction, a careful dosage selection and raise must be made, and, of possible, the control over Amitriptyline content in the blood plasma.
The influence of Elavil on the reaction speed and ability to drive
The antidepressant has sedative, i.e. calming and sleepiness-causing effect. Thus, an individual who uses it can start experiencing the violation of attention focus, slowed down the speed of thought, etc. It is important to refrain from driving o operating any machinery when undergoing the therapy with Elavil to avoid accidents that could be fatal.

Elavil adverse effects

When you buy generic Amitriptyline and start the therapy of whatever disorder, you can develop also certain adverse effects besides the positive ones such as:
- Dry mouth
- Difficulty urinating
- Constipation
- Vision impairment
- Rise of the eye pressure
- Increased sweating
- Headache
- Dizziness
- Fatigue
- Irritability
- Sleepiness
- Inability to fall asleep
- Nightmares
- Tremor, etc.
The probability of the occurrence of certain adverse effects is higher if an individual who starts taking the pills already has a disorder related to one of the body systems. Thus, if you know that you have or suspect that you can have any disorder, discuss it without your doctor prior to ordering Elavil.

Elavil interactions

- The drug is incompatible with MAO inhibitors and must not be used within two weeks after their discontinuation only if prescribed to be used after them.
- Elavil enhances the nervous system depressing effect of neuroleptics, sedative drugs, and sleeping aid medications, antiepileptic medicines, and other formulations and substances (alcohol) that depress the CNS.
- The same time use with neuroleptics and/or anticholinergic medications the paralytic bowel ileus (non-passage) can develop.
- The formulation promotes the effects of effects of catecholamines and other adrenostimulants, which elevates the risk of arrhythmia, tachycardia, and uncontrollable elevation of the blood pressure.
- Elavil can lower the blood pressure lowering effect of guanethidine and other medications with the same mechanism of action, as well as diminish the effect of anticonvulsants.
- In the simultaneous use with anticoagulants, their effect can be enhanced.
- Cimetidine contributes to the rise of Elavil in the blood plasma and raised risk of toxic effects of the medication.
- The level of the medication in the blood plasma is lowered by barbiturates and other microsomal liver enzymes.
- Quinidine inhibits the metabolism of Amitriptyline, while estrogen birth control pills can increase its bioavailability.
- Delirium can occur in the simultaneous use of the medication with other inhibitors of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase.
- The use with Probucol can increase cardiac arrhythmias risk.
- The medication can enhance depression caused by the use of glucocorticoids.
- The medication must be cautiously used along with foxglove preparations and Baclofen.
If you use any medications even those that are not listed here, inform your medical care provider so he would be able to decide on the dosage adjustments timely before you order generic Elavil and start taking the pills.

Elavil overdose

The symptoms are hallucinations, seizures, delirium, coma, heart symptoms, etc.
The therapy implies gastric lavage, activated carbon use, intake of laxatives, symptomatic and maintenance therapy. In severe overdose, it is important to seek medical assistance as the control over the cardiovascular system is needed for up to five days as the relapse of severe disorders can happen in 48 hours or later.

Where can you purchase Elavil?

You can get the medication with Rx at any of your local drugstores but in case you don’t need the next portion of the pills urgently, you can order Amitriptyline and substantially save on the therapy as we offer much lower prices.

Shipping of Elavil

We offer cheap standard shipping to all countries of the world so you can maximally save on the therapy even paying for a delivery to your doorstep. If you need the pills urgently, you can order express shipping that takes less time but costs a bit more.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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