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Anti Depressants Medication (Geodon)

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Geodon is a brand of Pfizer for an antipsychotic medication based on Ziprasidone. The same medication is also available under other names as a generic. It is used for the treatment of schizophrenia and other conditions such as bipolar disorder manic episodes and other similar mental conditions accompanied by unhealthy agitation, hallucinations, mania, and so on. In the following guide, you can find the dosage regimens, contraindications, precautions, interactions, and other useful information about Geodon and its generics use.
Treatment and prophylaxis of schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder treatment, Affective disorders treatment
Helps to stop an acute manic or schizophrenic episode and prevent the occurrence of the other episodes
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Torrent Pharmaceuticals
Geodon (Generic Ziprasidone)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Geodon and when is it used?

Geodon is the Pfizer’s brand for Ziprasidone, an internationally available atypical antipsychotic medication also available under other names but always with the indication of Ziprasidone substance on the box of pills. It is possible for the formulation to be sold under different names because the exclusive patent that restricts who can and cannot make the medication had already expired.
Geodon and its analogs based on Ziprasidone can be appointed for:
- Schizophrenia therapy and prophylaxis;
- Manic and mixed episodes of bipolar disorder;
- Other affective disorders.
The same disorders can require different therapy so you have to follow your doctor’s recommendations whether you have to buy Geodon or other medication.
You can opt for the branded medication or its cheaper generic analog but you have to make sure that the active agent indicated on the package is Ziprasidone. However, if you order the medication from a reliable drugstore like ours you can without any doubts get generic Geodon without checking its substance or manufacturer name as we offer only the best quality medications from world-known and recognized manufacturers.

For whom is the use of Geodon prohibited?

The prohibitions to use any medication are explained by the fact that it can cause more negative than positive effects in an individual due to certain circumstances such as the presence of certain factors that predispose to health complications.
You must not use Geodon if you:
- Are intolerant of the drug’s components;
- Have extended QT interval (indication seen on ECG);
- Suffered a myocardial infarction;
- Have decompensated heart failure;
- Have an arrhythmia that requires the use of antiarrhythmic medications;
- Are pregnant or breastfeeding;
- Are younger than eighteen.
The medication use is also not advised for people older than 65, in severe liver insufficiency, kidney failure, seizures, bradycardia, electrolyte imbalance, or those who use other drugs that extend the QT interval.
People with any chronic illnesses must consult their attending doctors before they buy generic Geodon and begin the therapy.

What unwanted side effects can Geodon use provoke?

The use of the medication can cause such adverse effects as:
- Nausea;
- Vomiting;
- Constipation;
- Dry mouth;
- Increased salivation;
- Agitation;
- Dizziness;
- Insomnia;
- Tremor;
- Seizures;
- Extrapyramidal symptoms;
- Elevation of the blood pressure;
- Hypotension;
- Tachycardia;
- Blurred vision;
- Skin rash;
- Headache,
- Body mass increase, etc.
If you have any chronic conditions that require medical attention inform about them your therapist before you buy Ziprasidone and start taking it so the doctor would be able to assess the risks and the likelihood of adverse reactions occurrence.

How is Ziprasidone used?

Although the medication has a guide that says how it should be used, an antipsychotic is not a medical product you can use without the order of your doctor and getting from him or her the direct instructions on how it must be used in your particular case.
The recommended dosage for an urgent elimination of a schizophrenic or bipolar mania episode is 40 mg taken with twice a day with food. Depending on the individual features of a patient, the dosage can be subsequently raised to the maximum one which is 160 mg split into two intakes a day with food. At a doctor’s discretion and in the presence of clinical indications, the maximum daily dosage can be started to be administered on the third day of the therapy.
It is crucial not to take the higher dosages as first of all, the safety of the medication use in the dosage of 160 mg or higher isn’t proven, and secondly, because the higher is the dosage, the bigger is the risk of QT interval extension (heart function violation indicator).
Once the acute episode is eliminated, the supporting dosage must be lowered to the minimum effective one. According to the clinical practice, 20 mg taken twice a day (a daily dosage of 40 mg) can be sufficient.

Dosage adjustments

- People aged 65 and older usually do not require dosage lowering but if any chronic conditions are present, the possibility of the dosage minimization should be considered.
- People with impaired kidney function do not require the lowering of Ziprasidone dosages.
- People with impaired liver function should consider taking the reduced dosages at a doctor’s discretion.
The safety and effectiveness of the medication use in children is not proven.

Interactions of Ziprasidone with other substances

Before the medication is appointed and you buy generic Ziprasidone, you must inform your doctor about all medications that you use so that they would be able to advise you on the dosage adjustments or replace some of the medications with other ones that are more compatible with this antipsychotic agent.
- Ziprasidone taken with anti-arrhythmic medications that cause the extension of the QT interval contributes to the additive effect of QT interval elongation which is dangerous especially for people with heart diseases.
- Geodon and its generics must be cautiously combined with any medications or substances (alcohol and others) that influence the central nervous system.
- The risk of serotonin syndrome manifested in confusion, agitation, fever, sweating, ataxia, seizures, and so is present in the use of the antipsychotic along with any medications that promote serotonin levels, for instance, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

Special recommendations

When you undergo the therapy with Ziprasidone you must avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.
Since the medication effect can be harmful to a fetus and cause mutations it is important for women of childbearing age to use reliable contraception methods while using Geodon or its analogs. If pregnancy still occurs, you must inform your doctor and stop the therapy immediately. Your doctor must advise you another medication that would be suitable.

Overdose signs and treatment

The symptoms of a significant overdose are sedative effect manifested in sleepiness and slow reaction, hypotension (blood pressure lowering below the norm) that causes weakness and dizziness, and so on.
If overdose is suspected, it is important to assess how it could depend on the use of other medications included in the complex therapy. An acute overdose requires the medical assistance, ensuring of airway passage and adequate ventilation and oxygenation of the lungs. Then, gastric lavage (after intubation, if the patient is unconscious) and the introduction of activated carbon with laxatives can be made to wash out the excess of the drug from the body. Besides, the heart function control must be started immediately.

Where can you buy Geodon?

Geodon and sometimes its generics are sold at the regular drugstores but with a prescription only. If you or somebody from your family need to use this medication on a long-term basis, it could be much more beneficial to order Geodon online from our online drugstore.

We guarantee:
- Low prices;
- High quality of drugs;
- Free prescription and consultation with a doctor.
- Worldwide shipping of Geodon via standard or express mail service.
- Tracking numbers for all parcels.
- Free shipping on orders over $170;
- Bonus pills and special discounts for loyal customers.

Free prescription
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