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Anti Depressants Medication (Lithobid)

Generic name:
Brand name:
Lithobid is lithium carbonate salts used to treat manic episodes of affective disorders and prevent their occurrence. The conditions it is indicated to be used are bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, manic and hippomanic disorders of various causes, chronic alcoholism and so on. The formulation can be used by adults except for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Find out more about the dosing, precautions, and other useful information from the guide below.
Treatment of bipolar disorder, Prophylaxis of bipolar disorder manic episodes, Schizophrenia, Manic and hippomanic disorders of various cause, Affective disorders in chronic alcoholism, Drug dependence, Sexual behavior deviations, Meniere’s syndrome, Migraine
Helps to effectively treat and prevent manic episodes of affective disorders as well as alcohol and drug dependence
Lithobid (Generic Lithium)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Lithobid and when is it used?

Lithobid is a commercial name for Lithium carbonate, a substance that is an alkali metal salt of lithium and carbonic acid. This commercial name is owned by the North American pharmaceutical company named Ani pharmaceuticals but the formulation is also available under other names because its formula had been developed long ago and is no longer subject to a copyright protection. Such medications can be found under the generic Lithobid name and the use of their search is that they usually cost cheaper if their producers chose not to advertise or promote them vastly as the branded one.
There are different lithium salts on the market which are slightly different in their effect and the probability of side effects occurrence. We advise you to clarify with your medical provider if you need namely lithium carbonate and not another lithium salt when you buy Lithobid.

Lithobid can be indicated for the therapy of:
- Bipolar disorder’s manic phase;
- Prophylaxis of bipolar disorder manic episodes;
- Schizophrenia;
- Manic and hypomanic disorders of various causes;
- Behavioral disorders in alcohol addiction;
- Medicine addiction;
- Sexual behavior deviations;
- Meniere's syndrome;
- Migraine.

Other names:
Dilithium carbonate, Carbolith, Cibalith-S, Duralith, Eskalith, Lithane, Lithizine, Lithobid, Lithonate, Lithotabs Priadel, Zabuyelite
Chemical formula
Molar mass 73.89
Appearance Odorless white powder
Density 2.11 g/cm3
Melting point 723 °C (1,333 °F; 996 K)
Boiling point 1,310 °C (2,390 °F; 1,580 K)
decomposes from ~1300 °C
Solubility in water 1.54 g/100 mL (0 °C)
1.43 g/100 mL (10 °C)
1.29 g/100 mL (25 °C)
1.08 g/100 mL (40 °C)
0.69 g/100 mL (100 °C)
Solubility Insoluble in acetone, ammonia, alcohol

When is the use of Lithobid prohibited?

You can have the indications for the formulation use and still be unable to use it if you:
- Are hypersensitive to the medication’s components;
- Have recently had any major surgeries;
- Have any severe cardiovascular (heart of vascular) disorders;
- Suffer from epilepsy or parkinsonism;
- Have ever had leucosis;
- Are diagnosed with liver failure;
- Are severely dehydrated;
- Are pregnant or breastfeeding.

The formulation should be cautiously used and only if a doctor approves in the disorders of thyroid function. If you are not sure about the conditions that you have or have ever had and whether they can be considered a contraindication for the formulation use, make sure to consult with your medical care provider and buy generic Lithobid only if he or she approves the use of the formulation.

Lithobid use during pregnancy

The use of the formulation during pregnancy is prohibited as it can provoke serious fetal deformities.

The possibility of Lithobid combination with other medications

Prior to initiating the therapy with this formulation, it is necessary to discuss with your medical care provider the possibility of use of other formulations that you already take with Lithobid. It is partially incompatible with some medications and completely incompatible with others. Below you can see the most notable interactions but please note that the list is incomplete and for the full list you must see the official instruction or consult with your doctor.
- The toxicity of the formulation on the nervous system is elevated in the combination of Lithobid with Carbamazepine, Metronidazole, Fluoxetine, Methyldopa, diuretics, NSAIDs, and ACE inhibitors so caution and possible dosage adjustments must be considered.
- Lithium formulations diminish the efficiency of norepinephrine so the rise of the latter’s dosage may be required.
- The formulation increases the toxic effect on the nervous system of haloperidol and diminishes the absorption of Chlorpromazine (and possibly other phenothiazines) from the digestive tract, which leads to a decrease in its level in the blood serum by 40%.
- Sodium-containing formulations or foods diminish the effect of Lithium as they promote its washing out of the body.
- The simultaneous use with neuroleptics and antidepressants, the gain of the body mass is possible.
- It is prohibited to drink alcohol with Lithium.

Adverse events Lithobid can cause

At the time you buy Lithium and start the therapy you can encounter such negative symptoms as the ones listed below. To know how to minimize them, consult your medical provider.
- Nervous system and sensory organs: tremor, sleepiness.
- Cardiovascular: heart rhythm disturbance, leukocytosis, and inhibition of hemopoiesis.
- Digestive system: diarrhea, nausea, dryness of the mouth.
- Urinary: polyuria, renal dysfunction.
- Other: myasthenia gravis, increased thirst, weight gain, hypothyroidism, allergic reactions, alopecia, acne.

Adverse effects due to an overdose of Lithobid

An overdose is manifested in speech impairment, hyperreflexia, tonic and epileptic seizures, a small amount of urine, loss of consciousness, collapse, and coma.
Depending on the severity of symptoms, a patient may require hospitalization and supportive therapy with the aim of vital functions monitoring and maintenance.

Dosages of Lithobid

Unless your therapist prescribes you another dosage regimen, when you order Lithium carbonate you can follow the general instruction:
Manic disorders are treated with 600 mg a day with the gradual increase of it throughout four to five days to 1500-2100 mg divided into two-three intakes during the day. The dosage increase is made only under a doctor’s supervision in accordance with the medication effect and tolerability of the medicine.
For the prophylaxis, the doses between 600 and 1200 mg a day are taken.
When the medicine is used especially if it is used in higher doses, the control over its levels in the blood is recommended.

Precautions to follow when you use Lithobid

- The missed dosages of the medication are not taken when remembered.
- It is recommended to end the therapy with the gradual lowering of the daily dose and extension of the intervals between the pills intakes.
- It is prohibited to take the medicine in the violation of the water-salt balance, for instance, in salt-free diet, sodium deficiency, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.
- The medication must be cautiously used in diabetes type II as the level of insulin in the blood plasma can elevate.
- The medication use requires caution in any thyroid gland dysfunction.
- Before the therapy is started, it is needed to identify the creatinine clearance rate (it must be not less than 0.17 ml per second) and the amount of residual nitrogen, perform ECG analysis and a general blood test with the determination of ESR, and then regularly at least 1 time per month, monitor the level of lithium in the blood 12 hours after the last dose.

Mechanism of action of Lithobid

The medication has an antipsychotic, mood-stabilizing, and sedative effects. It blocks sodium channels in the neurons and muscle cells, causes the shift of intraneuronal metabolism of catecholamines.
It is fully absorbed in the digestive tract and reaches the maximum concentration in the blood plasma in six to twelve hours. The time it reaches the maximum concentration is shortened over time when multiple doses are already taken.
Lithobid penetrates the breast milk and placental barrier.

Where can you buy generic Lithobid cheap?

The same formulation can be priced quite differently based on its producer while the effect and the quality are the same. If you want to get it cheaper, you should order Lithobid from our online med store. We offer the lowest prices possible for only the highest quality generics and offer you a free consultation with our doctor which means that you can skip the next visit to your doctor for a prescription.
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Shipping of Lithobid

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