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Anti Fungal Medication (Diflucan)

Generic name:
Brand name:
Diflucan is one of the trademarks registered for Fluconazole, an antifungal medication used for a variety of infections of the skin, genitals, mucosa, mouth, internal organs, nails, and so on in adults and children older than four. The medication is also used to treat life-threatening meningococcal infection but in our guide we describe how it should be used for the diseases that can be treated at home. To find out more, read the guide we prepared for you.
Skin fungal infections, Foot fungal infection, Genital candidiasis, Vaginal candidiasis, Oral candidiasis, Candidiasis of mucosa, Meningitis, Invasive candidiasis, Nail fungal infection
The drug cures the majority of fungal infections at home
FDC Pharmaceuticals
FDC Pharmaceuticals
F-con, Flucan, Funaz, Markzole, Zocon, Biocanol, Biozolene, Elazor, Flucazol, Flucostat, Flukezol, Flunizol, Flusol, Pritenzol, Triflucan
Diflucan (Generic Fluconazole)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Diflucan and when is it used?

Diflucan is one of the trade names the active antifungal agent Fluconazole is sold under. The formula of the medication was developed almost 40 years ago and it’s no wonder that the exclusive patent of the developer had already expired, which means that multiple companies around the world can make the same formulation and sell it under a variety of names. However, there is always the name of the active substance on the box of pills which makes it easier to buy Diflucan even if it marketed under another name. Such medications are collectively called generics and usually, they are cheaper than the branded medications.

You can get the formulation for the elimination of fungus that caused:
- Cryptococcal meningitis;
- Coccidiosis;
- Invasive candidiasis;
- Candidiasis of the mucosa, including the oropharynx and esophageal, candiduria, skin and mucous membranes;
- Candidiasis developed as a result of dentures use when topical dental hygiene products are inefficient;
- Genital candidiasis, when topical therapy is inappropriate or ineffective;
- Candidal balanitis, when topical therapy is inappropriate;
- Dermatomycosis, mycosis of the feet, smooth skin mycosis, inguinal dermatomycosis, multicolored lichen and candidal skin infections;
- Dermatophytic onychomycosis.

You can also buy generic Diflucan for the avoidance of relapses of such illnesses in adults as:
- Cryptococcal meningitis in individuals in the high-risk group;
- Candidiasis of the oropharynx or esophagus in individuals with HIV who are in the high-risk group;
- To minimize the number of flare-ups of vaginal candidiasis;
- Candidiasis in individuals with neutropenia.

Clinical data
Trade names
Diflucan, Celozole, others
Pregnancy category
US: C (low dose)
Routes of administration
by mouth, IV, topical
Legal status
Legal status
AU: S3 (Pharmacist only) / S4
UK: POM (Prescription only)
US: RX-only
Pharmacokinetic data
>90% (oral)
Protein binding 11-12%
liver 11%
Elimination half-life 30 hours (range 20-50 hours)
Excretion kidney 61-88%

Diflucan prohibitions and limitations for use

You must not use the formulation if you are:
- Allergic to it or other azoles;
- Use terfenadine (if you plan to use 400 mg of Fluconazole or more multiple times);
- Use any substances that contribute to the QT interval extension, or are metabolized with the CYРЗА4 enzyme (consult your medical care provider if you take any medications).

Besides, you must not buy Fluconazole for the therapy of children younger than four years and necessarily consult a physician as sometimes it can be contraindicated to use this formulation if you have:
- Liver or kidney failure;
- Skin rash developed as a result of Diflucan use;
- Follow the therapy with any medications that render a significant load on the liver;
- Alcohol dependence;
- Any heart diseases or use medicines that can cause arrhythmia;
- Disturbance of electrolyte balance;

Use of Diflucan during pregnancy and possibility to breastfeed

The use of the formulation during pregnancy is unsafe and unreasonable unless there is a life-threatening infection when the potential benefit from the use of the medication is substantially higher than the risk for the fetus.
Since the amount of the active medication’s agent in the breast milk is equal to the amount in the blood, it is contraindicated to use it while breastfeeding.

Fluconazole’s adverse effects

The use of this antifungal formulation can cause certain unpleasant adverse reactions about which you should be informed before you buy generic Fluconazole:
- Low appetite, changes in taste, abdominal pain, nausea, stool disorder, bloating, impaired liver function;
- Headache, dizziness, excessive fatigue;
- Bleeding, neutropenia, agranulocytosis;
- Skin rash, face swelling, hives, itching of the skin;
- Extension of the QT interval, flicker/flutter of the ventricles;
- A violation of kidney function, hair loss, hypokalemia, and others.

Please note that there is a very low chance that you will develop any of these adverse reactions but the likelihood is higher if you have any illness of the organs from which part the adverse effect can occur.

Percentage of Patients With Treatment-Related Side Effects

Side Effects
Fluconazole (N=577)
Comparative Agents (N=451)
With any side effect
Abdominal pain

Vaginal candidiasis adverse effects in the use of oral Fluconazole compared to vaginal suppositories or cream

Fluconazole PO
Vaginal Products
Evaluable patients
With any adverse event
141 (31%)
112 (27%)
Nervous System
90 (20%)
69 (16%)
73 (16%)
18 (4%)
With drug-related event
117 (26%)
67 (16%)
Nervous System
61 (14%)
29 (7%)
58 (13%)
28 (7%)
68 (15%)
13 (3%)
Abdominal pain
25 (6%)
7 (2%)
30 (7%)
3 (1%)
12 (3%)
2 (<1%)
Application site event
0 (0%)
19 (5%)
Taste Perversion
6 (1%)
0 (0%)


Overdose risk

A significant overdose with the formulation can cause the occurrence of visual or hearing hallucinations and paranoia.
The therapy to be done is symptomatic and should include gastric lavage and forced diuresis (urination). If hemodialysis if made within the first three hours after the medication intake, it can be also effective.

Diflucan dosage for different conditions

The formulation you can get when you order Diflucan is used both for the illnesses that can be treated at home and those that require constant medical supervision and thus must be treated at a hospital. In this guide, we share only the recommendations that can be followed when the formulation is used at home.
The tablets’ effect isn’t influenced by food so they can be taken with or without it. The therapeutic course must go on until the test for the fungal infection is negative.
- The candidiasis of the mouth requires the use of 50-100 mg once a day from one to two weeks.
- The mucosa membranes candidiasis, except vaginal candidiasis, is treated with 50 to 100 mg daily for two weeks to one month.
- To prevent flare-ups of candidiasis in patients with AIDS, once the therapeutic course is finished, the dosage of 150 mg once a week is indicated.
- Genital candidiasis requires a single use of 150 mg. For the prevention of flare-ups, the formulation is recommended to be taken once a month by 150 mg. The length of the therapy is selected individually and can vary from four to twelve months to one year. Besides, based on the frequency and severity of relapses, your doctor can appoint you taking the formulation more frequently.
- Skin mycosis requires the use of 150 mg used once per week or 50 mg taken every day. The regular therapy duration is from two to four weeks but in feet mycosis can last up to a month and a half.
- Nail fungal infection requires the use of 150 mg once a week. The therapy must go on until the infected nail falls off. It can last from three months to one year.
If you plan to order generic Diflucan for your child, you should know that then dosage regimen must be selected individually by a pediatrician.

Dosage adjustments

If you suffer from any disease of the kidneys, you must consult your healthcare provider before you start the therapy as the use of the formulation in kidney function violation requires the use of lower dosages chosen by a specialist.

Interactions of other substances with Diflucan

- The formulation is contraindicated to be used along with terfenadine, formulations that extend the QT interval or are metabolized with the CYРЗА4 enzyme.
- The use of the formulation with warfarin increases the prothrombin time by 12%. Thus, it is recommended to thoroughly control prothrombin time in individuals who take Fluconazole with coumarin anticoagulants.
- The washing out of oral hypoglycemic medications derivatives of sulfonylureas is slowed down by the use of Fluconazole. This can cause the development of hypoglycemia in people with diabetes.
- The simultaneous use with Phenytoin can cause the elevation of the concentration of latter so it is important to follow the level of Phenytoin and adjust its dosage to ensure that its level is within the therapeutically needed and safe.
- Individuals who use Rifampicin and Diflucan should take higher dosages of the latter as Rifampicin significantly lowers its level in the blood.
- The level of cyclosporine in the blood during the use of the antifungal medication as in people with kidney transplant the use of Fluconazole leads to slow elevation of cyclosporine in the blood.
- Individuals who take the high dosages of Theophylline and who have the risk of developing Theophylline intoxication should be observed for the early detection of symptoms overdose as the use of the antifungal causes diminished clearance rate of Theophylline.
- The use of the tablets along with terfenadine and cisapride can cause the occurrence of negative effects from the side of the heart.
-The concurrent use of Fluconazole and hydrochlorothiazide can lead to an elevation in the level of Fluconazole in plasma by 40%.
- The antifungal medication significantly elevates the level of rifabutin in the blood plasma and thus its concentration must be checked.
- The antifungal medication significantly elevates the level of Zidovudine in the blood plasma and thus the rise of the likelihood of the latter’s adverse effects development.
- Diflucan elevates the level of midazolam which also lifts the risk of psychomotor adverse effects.
- Diflucan elevates the level of tacrolimus, in connection with which the risk of nephrotoxic action increases.

Diflucan precautions

Please follow these additional recommendations when you order Fluconazole to ensure your safety:
The use of the formulation must be continued till several tests for the treated fungal infection come back negative. Otherwise, the early treatment cessation can be fraught with relapses.
In the long-term therapy, the blood, liver, and kidney must be frequently checked and if any deviations develop, the therapy must be discontinued. As in rare cases, the use of Fluconazole caused toxic liver dysfunction including leading to death in patients with severe chronic diseases. If the medication use is discontinued timely in the occurrence of first signs of liver function violation, it has a very high chance to getting back to normal in no time without any negative consequences.
People with AIDS are more susceptible to the occurrence of severe skin adverse effects induced by the use of different medications. If the skin rash develops during the therapy with Fluconazole and the doctor believes that it is caused by it, the therapy must be discontinued.

Where to buy Diflucan?

You can get the medication at any local drugstore or order generic Fluconazole to get the same medication cheaper which can save you a lot of money in a long-term therapy.

Diflucan shipping

We will ship your order to any country including the U.S., EU, UK, Australia, and so on within a week to one month.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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