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Anti Fungal Medication (Fulvicin)

Generic name:
Brand name:
Fulvicin is a trademark registered by a certain pharmaceutical company for Griseofulvin, a potent antifungal agent used for the therapy of various skin, nail, and scalp fungal infections. It is not used for prophylaxis and must not be used when topical treatment is sufficient. The medication can be used in adults and children with the body mass more than 25 kilograms but is contraindicated for pregnant women. For more information, including dosing for different conditions, read our full guide.
Skin fungal infection, Scalp fungal infection, Nail fungal infection
Helps to treat severe fungal infections efficiently
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Fulvicin (Generic Gresiofulvin)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Fulvicin and when is this medication used?

Fulvicin is one of the trade names utilized for the antifungal agent Griseofulvin. If you have a fungi-induced infection that falls into the indications for this formulation use, you can buy Fulvicin or generic Fulvicin to get the same formulation at a lower price just because it is sold under a less known name.
Griseofulvin is an antibiotic produced by the fungus named Penicillinum nigricans. It is a fungistatic (fungi growth-suppressing) agent, active against various dermatomycetes (trichophyton, microsporoma, epidermophyton). The formulation inhibits the division of fungal cells in the metaphase, breaking the structure of the mitotic spindle. It is differently stored in the skin cells, hair, and nails ensuring their ability to not get infected repeatedly. When the affected keratin dies off, it is replaced by a healthy one.

The formulation is appointed for the therapy of:
- Skin mycoses (fungal infection);
- Scalp and nail infections caused by fungi: favus, trichophytosis, smooth skin trichophytosis, genital skin mycoses, onychomycosis, etc.

Before you begin the course with the formulation, it is better to identify the type of mycotic infection as this particular formulation is effective only against fungi from the classes of Trichophyton, Microsporum, and Epydermophyton.

Clinical data
Trade names
Azulfidine, Salazopyrin, Sulazine, others
Pregnancy category
AU: B3
US: C (Risk not ruled out)
Routes of administration
By mouth
Legal status
Legal status
UK: POM (Prescription only)
US: RX-only
Pharmacokinetic data
Highly variable (25 to 70%)
liver (demethylation and glucuronidation)
Elimination half-life
9-21 hours

Fulvicin prohibitions for use

You must not buy generic Fulvicin even if you are diagnosed with the mycoses it is usually prescribed for if you have:
- Intolerance of Griseofulvin or other components of the formulation;
- Severe leukopenia and other blood diseases;
- Severe liver or kidney dysfunction;
- Porphyria (violated metabolism of pigments);
- Systemic lupus;
- Malignant neoplasms (cancerous tumors);
- Deficiency of lactase or glucose-galactose malabsorption syndrome (the medication contains lactose).

Limitations for the medication use

The use of the formulation is not advised to be given to kids under 2 years as its safety and effectiveness in this category of patients isn’t identified.

Use of Fulvicin during pregnancy and breastfeeding

In the tests on animals, it had been discovered that the medication can be a reason for the development of fetus defects. Thus, it is contraindicated to use the formulation when carrying a baby. Since 1977, there were two incidents of Siamese twins’ birth in females who used the formulation during the first three months of gestation.
For women of fertile age it is advised to use reliable contraception methods while taking the anti-mycotic agent. If a woman gets pregnant while taking the anti-mycotic agent, she must be informed about the potential risks related to the continuation of the therapy.
It is unknown whether the substance penetrates into the breast milk and therefore it is prohibited to take it and breastfeed.

Fulvicin dosage and mode of administration

When you buy Griseofulvin, you must follow your physician or dermatologist’s instructions. Here you can find the general dosage and use information from the label of the formulation but if it is dissimilar from what your healthcare provider prescribed to you, you should neglect this info.
The pills are taken with meals or after them with a teaspoon of vegetable oil.
- Trichophytosis in adults is treated with one milligram of Griseofulvin a day. The dosage chosen for a day must be split into two intakes. The formulation is taken every day till the first test for the mycotic infection that comes back negative. Then, it is taken by one milligram every other day for 2 weeks and then twice a week for the final half of the month of the course.
- The course of the scalp mycotic infection is made with a daily dose of the formulation for adult inhdividuals with the body mass up to fifty kilograms 625 mg (five tablets); with a bigger mass, an additional 125 mg are added for every extra 10 kg.
The therapeutic course can last up to one year. The usual courses are: for skin fungal infections – 2-4 weeks; for the scalp – 4-6 weeks; feet- 4-8 weeks; fingernails – not less than 4 months; toenails – not less than 6 months.
The formulation should be taken for the complete clinical and laboratory tests-proven recovery.
If you buy generic Griseofulvin for the scalp mycotic infection, you should know that during the therapy, the hair must be shaven off every week and the head skin cleaned with soap twice a week. It is also encouraged to rub into the skin the anti-mycotic ointments and apply 2-3% iodine on the foci.

Therapy of children

The formulation can be administered to children with the body mass over 25 kg in the dosage of 10 mg per kilogram of the body weight a day split into two intakes.

Fulvicin adverse effects

The use of the formulation can cause certain unpleasant effects such as:
- Poor digestion,
- Headache,
- Sickness,
- Lightheadedness,
- Urticaria;
- Change of blood indices, etc.

If these symptoms occur, take a break for 3-4 days; in mild symptoms, it is sufficient to diminish the daily dose for four-five days and take symptomatic medicines, for instance, anti-allergy formulations.
It is recommended to use the formulation also along ascorbic acid (vit. C), thiamine (vit.B.), riboflavin (vit. B2), and nicotinic acid, as well as do frequent blood tests.

Fulvicin overdose

There are data on factual overdoses of the mediation so it is presumed that it can cause nausea, headache, confusion, porphyria, and others. Unless the symptoms are severe, no special therapy except the one aimed at the elimination of symptoms is needed.

Fulvicin interactions

When you order Fulvicin you must check with your therapist that you don’t take any medications which effect will be diminished by the formulation or vice versa. Here you can find the information about the most notable interactions but please consult a physician or at least read the full instruction to get the complete information.
- The formulation induces the cytochrome Р450 so it can accelerate the metabolism in the liver and eventually minimize the efficiency of a wide range of medication metabolized with the participation of this cytochrome.
- Griseofulvin can unpredictably change the level of Cyclosporine in the body so close monitoring of its blood levels must be done in the combination of these medicines.
- The formulation lowers the level of methadone so the dosage adjustment of the latter or more frequent intake should be considered.
- The formulation can diminish the effect of anticoagulants in pills so the control over the prothrombin time and the possible adjustment of the anticoagulants dosage must be considered.
- Griseofulvin can significantly lower the effect of certain birth control tablets so the use condoms to avoid conception must be considered as the formulation is prohibited during pregnancy.
- The medication can lower the effectiveness of antidiabetic medicines so their dosage adjustment should be considered.

Fulvicin precautions

Before you order generic Fulvicin, you must do tests to identify the types of fungal infection that you have as this formulation is not utilized for the therapy of bacterial infections, viral infections, and many types of fungal infections such as candidiasis, sporotrichosis, chromomycosis, coccidiosis, cryptococcosis, pityriasis, and others. Also, it is not used as preventive therapy or treatment of mild infections in which the use of topical products is prescribed.
If you follow a low-fat diet when you are prescribed to undergo the therapy with this formulation, take the pills with a teaspoon of vegetable oil.
During the therapy, it is prohibited to drink alcohol.
In the onset of granulocytopenia, the therapy must be discontinued. Because the therapy is long-lasting, periodic monitoring of liver, renal function and hemopoiesis is necessary.
Senior patients, given the risk f age-related liver function have a risk of the enhanced toxic effect of the formulation to the liver so the frequent control over the organ function is needed.
During the therapy, it is advised to avoid direct sunlight and UV exposure.
During the therapy and a half of a year after it, males and females of fertile age must use barrier contraception as the conception of a child while the medication is still in the body is dangerous with severe birth defects.
It is not advised to use the medication when you drive or engage in any activity that requires the high level of focus.

Where to buy Fulvicin?

You probably know that in order to save on the therapy it is better to buy a generic medication. It is especially important when this is about such a long-term therapy that requires the infections treated with Fulvicin. We offer you to order generic Griseofulvin and get the same medication several times cheaper.

Fulvicin shipping

Our med store ships internationally including to the countries where this medication is sold with a prescription: to the U.S., UK, Canada, and so on. You can get the formulation in a bit less than in a month if you opt for cheap standard delivery or within 7-12 days if you choose express shipping.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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