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Anti Fungal Medication (Lamisil)

Generic name:
Brand name:
Lamisil cream and ointment are topical antifungal products used in different fungal infections of the skin, genitals, including yeast skin infections with moist lesions, ring worm, tinea versicolor, and others. The topical products are not used for nail fungal infections as the use of pills is much more effective and reasonable. Find out all information that you need about how to use the medication, when it is contraindicated, and so on from the full article below.
Skin fungal infections caused by susceptible pathogens, Yeast skin infections, Skin mycoses
Helps to cure skin fungus quickly and effectively in topical use without causing any systemic adverse effects
FDC Pharmaceuticals
FDC Pharmaceuticals
Tebina, Bramazil, Terbina
Lamisil (Generic Terbinafine)
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appearance from image shown.

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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Lamisil? When is it used?

Lamisil is nothing more than one of the names you can find the antifungal ointment based on Terbinafine under. The medicinal product is available in different forms – in tablets for oral use and therapy of systemic infections and nail fungus; ointment and cream suitable for local use in case of various skin and mucosal infections. It is also available as a generic medication, i.e. the same formulation sold under different names and prices.
Terbinafine has a wide range of action against fungal pathogens that cause skin, hair, and nail infections, including Trichophyton fungi class, Microsporum class, Epidermophyton, yeast fungi, and others.
In low concentrations, the agent has a fungi-killing effect against dermatophytes, molds and some dimorphic fungi. The effect against yeast fungi may be fungicidal or fungistatic, i.e. slowing down of the growth or killing the existing cells, based on their type and dosages utilized.
When Terbinafine is used orally, its concentrations in the skin, hair, and nails ensure fungicidal action which cannot be achieved with the use of topical products. Thus, when you buy Lamisil ointment, please clarify with your doctor first whether you need tablets or topical formulation.

Topical Lamisil products are appointed for:
- Elimination and prophylaxis of mycotic lesions of the skin including foot mycoses, genital mycoses,  smooth skin infections induced by  Trichophyton class fungi, Microsporum canis, and others.
- Yeast skin infections, mainly those that are provoked by Candida.
- Tinea versicolor induced by Pityrosporum orbiculare.

Short drug information
Trade names
Lamisil, others
Pregnancy category
US: B (No risk in non-human studies)
Routes of administration
By mouth and topical
Legal status Low-strength topical preparations available without prescription
Bioavailability Readily absorbed: 70-90%
Protein binding >99%
Metabolism Liver
Elimination half-life Highly variable

Prohibitions for Lamisil use

The application of the topical product in a form of an ointment, cream, or spray is prohibited in increased sensitivity to the formulation’s components, during breastfeeding, at the age younger than 18 for the use of gel, spray, or younger than twelve years for the use of ointment or cream.

The use should be cautious and preferably done only after a doctor approves in:
- Severe renal or hepatic dysfunction;
- Alcohol abuse;
- Depression of bone marrow hematopoiesis;
- Cancer;
- Metabolic disorders;
- Disorders of the vessels of legs and arms.

Lamisil use while expecting a baby or breastfeeding

There is no sufficient data on the formulation use during gestation so the use is not advised unless the anticipated benefit is higher than the risk according to your medical care provider.
The active agent penetrates into the milk and must not be used by women who breastfeed. It is especially advised to avoid infants contact with the skin to which the topical antifungal formulation had been applied.

Lamisil ointment use

The cream or ointment is applied to the skin once or twice a day based on the illness severity. Prior to the product use, the skin must be meticulously washed and dried. The product is utilized by a thin layer to the foci with the lesion and the surrounding areas with gentle rubbing motions.
In the occurrence of moisture lesion is present, for instance, under breasts, between the fingers, genitals area, and so on, the applied cream cab be covered by gauze, especially for the night.

Therapeutic course length and periodicity of use

When you buy generic Lamisil, you should know that the time you would need to use it and the periodicity of the formulation is based on the severity of the condition.

The official instruction contains the following general information:
- Interdigital foot dermatophyte, inguinal dermatophytosis (ringworm), and torso dermatophytosis is treated with one application a day during a week;
- Squamous-hyperkeratotic dermatophytosis of the feet is treated with the application twice a day within two weeks.
- Skin candidiasis is treated with the use of the product once or twice a day for one week;
- Pityriasis versicolor is treated with the utilization of the cream once or twice a day 1-2 times a day for two weeks.

Senior patients do not require any dosage adjustments.
The bettering of symptoms in general is noticed within a couple of days. Irregular use or early cessation of the course can cause a flare-up of the illness.
In case no improvements are observed within a half of a month of the therapy, your doctor must be informed so he or she would be able to choose you another therapy.

Lamisil ointment adverse effects

When you buy Terbinafine, you must be informed that its use can cause certain topical adverse events such as itching, burning, ache or irritation, impaired pigmentation, peeling of the skin, erythema, crusting, and so on can develop at the place of application. These insignificant and quickly fading adverse effects do not require special treatment but they must be marked out from the allergic manifestations such as skin rash or swelling in case of which the use of the formulation must be immediately stopped.
In the getting of the ointment in the eyes, it can cause irritation to the eyes must be immediately rinsed with water.

Special precautions

When you buy generic Terbinafine cream or ointment you should understand that it is suitable only for external use. It must not get into the eyes as it contains alcohol and causes severe eye irritation. If the cream gets into the eye, rinse it off immediately with clean water.


Terbinafine in pills can interact with other substances and products but in topical use of an ointment or cream the likelihood of an interaction is minimal as a very small part of the substance gets into the systemic blood flow. However, if you take any medications especially if you take antifungal pills when you plan to start using the cream, make sure to discuss it with your medical care provider.

Where can you buy Lamisil?

You can get the topical product at any drugstore but it would be much cheaper to order Lamisil in several tubes from our online pharmacy as our prices are so low that even with paid shipping to your doorstep it still will be cheaper than at your local drugstores.

Shipping of Lamisil cream

4RXStore delivers all of our products internationally including to the countries where the majority of medications are sold with Rx only, i.e. we offer shipping to the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, and so on within 7-25 days based on the chosen type of shipping.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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