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Narcolepsy – problems with wakefulness and drugs that help

When talking about anti narcoleptic drugs, people usually take narcolepsy as the condition on which to base their findings and to illustrate what a certain medication can do. However, as antinarcoleptic drugs are actually used in treatment of a number of conditions, it would be best to talk about conditions which are characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness, which is actually the most prominent and the most characteristic symptom of narcolepsy. There are, however, other conditions which can also cause excessive sleepiness and anti narcoleptic drugs can be used to treat most, if not all of these conditions.

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For which conditions do people order antinarcoleptic drugs

There are a number of conditions that can be treated by anti narcoleptic drugs such as Modalert, Provigil, Modafinil and the rest and these include all of the conditions which can cause excessive sleepiness. These include narcolepsy as the most famous one, but also obstructive sleep apnea, hypopnea syndrome and shift work sleep disorder among others. There are also additional conditions which can lead to insomnia which then leads to excessive sleepiness.  All of these conditions can be treated by these medications because these medications primarily act as anti sleepiness products, promoting wakefulness and making it easier for the patient to stay awake.

Narcolepsy – the most famous of the sleepiness causing conditions

The condition after which the entire class of these drugs was named is narcolepsy and it is a condition that is much more frequent than people believe. For example, there is the same number of people suffering from narcolepsy as there are suffering from, for instance, multiple sclerosis and even more than suffering from cystic fibrosis, which are both much more famous conditions and much more talked about conditions.

Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder which is caused by certain neurological issues and which can also be triggered by an infection for instance. The exact mechanism of how narcolepsy develops and why it develops is still mostly unknown although there have been some breakthroughs that have shown that this condition can be caused by genetic predispositions, as well as certain imbalances in the central nervous system. It is a condition which leads to excessive daytime sleepiness which can occur at any time and also which can cause cataplexy which is the occurrence of muscle weakness which can also strike at any time and cause a number of developments and event, such as total collapse or just slight muscle twitching, depending on the case.

Excessive daytime sleepiness is the most pronounced of the symptoms of narcolepsy and it affects pretty much every patient with this condition. This condition may also cause insomnia although doctors quite rarely actually treat insomnia as they try to regulate the sleep patterns more efficiently and thus put an end both to the insomnia and the sleepiness that is experienced during the day.

Narcolepsy is a condition that, unfortunately, cannot be cured. There have been no breakthroughs in coming up with medications that actually cure narcolepsy and for the most part, the way to treat narcolepsy is to try and control it as much as possible. The symptom of narcolepsy that causes the most distress is the excessive daytime sleepiness which cannot be controlled by the person suffering from this condition. They get irresistible urge to sleep and it is very difficult for them to stay awake in such situations.

Because of this, people who are suffering from narcolepsy are often recommended quick naps that should never last for more than half an hour and that can be scheduled throughout the day. However, this may not be enough and that is when various antinarcoleptic drugs are prescribed, such as Modavigil, Nuvigil, Modapro and Modiodal, just to name a few. These drugs act as wakefulness promoting agents and they help the patient stay not only awake but also alert and attentive. They have been found to be very successful in promoting wakefulness and they have also been found to be well-tolerated and able to enhance the quality of life of narcolepsy patients immeasurably.

Obstructive sleep apnea – another cause for excessive sleepiness

Obstructive sleep apnea or commonly known only as sleep apnea is another of the sleep disorders which can cause excessive daytime sleepiness. Its mechanism is much better understood and it all comes down to the fact that the pathways through with air gets into the lung during sleep get blocked by the tissue in the respiratory system itself. Simply put, the muscles of the soft palate (at the back of the throat) get too relaxed and they lead to a complete blockage of the airflow. As a result of this, the blood is not sufficiently saturated with oxygen and this can lead to lowered levels of oxygen in the brain, which can ultimately cause excessive daytime sleepiness.

There are various ways in which sleep apnea is treated, from various devices which ensure that the soft palate does not block the airways to even surgery in some very extreme cases. One of the ways in which sleep apnea can be treated, or at least mitigated is with the use of antinarcoleptic medications which are used when this condition is severe enough to cause daytime sleepiness. It is important to remember that these drugs are not a cure for sleep apnea but they can definitely be very useful in doing away with excessive sleepiness that can be caused by this particular condition.
A very similar condition to this one is hypopnea syndrome which entails only a partial blockage of the air pathways, also leading to excessive sleepiness at times, once again due to insufficient supply of oxygen to the blood and the brain.

Shift work sleep disorder – causing sleepiness as well

Shift work sleep disorder is a condition whose name tells the entire story, more or less. It is caused by the shifts in the sleep patterns that are brought about by work shifts. For instance, there are a lot of professionals who have to work during those hours during which they would otherwise be sleeping. Most people who work night shifts find it difficult to stay awake during those shifts and when this happens, anti narcoleptic drugs can be of huge help. Shift work sleep disorder is also often associated with insomnia as people find it difficult to go to sleep in order to stay awake when necessary. If this becomes very severe, these people are also recommended anti insomnia drugs which help with sleeping and also antinarcoleptics which help with the sleepiness.

Anti narcoleptic drugs – history

For a long time, the only way in which one could be treated for narcolepsy or for any of the other conditions that may cause excessive sleepiness was to use some of the many classes of stimulants. For instance, amphetamines and even methamphetamines have been historically used to treat narcolepsy and similar conditions. Unfortunately, these drugs, as well as most other stimulants also come with a number of downsides, many of which can be quite severe and can instigate both the patient and their doctor to discontinue the treatment. Addiction and potential hazards for the cardiovascular system first come to mind. Because of this, it was necessary to develop a new medication and this happened in the 1980s in France and in 1994, the drug was finally released onto the market, under the name Modiodal. This new drug was and still is, called Modafinil generically and there are a number of various brand names under which it can be found, including Modalert, Provigil, Modapro and Modvigil. Modafinil was later joined by a drug called armodafinil, which can be bought under the name Nuvigil.

More about these medications

One of the interesting facts about Modafinil and all the other anti narcoleptic drugs is that these medications have not yet been entirely described when it comes to how they work. There have been innumerable studies on this and some extensive research has been done that has shed some light on the mechanism of action of these drugs, but the exact mechanism still remains unknown. What we know is that these drugs increase levels of hypothalamic histamine and dopamine as well, thus leading to promotion of wakefulness. Noradrenaline and serotonin levels are also affected, further contributing to the wakefulness promotion.

Anti narcoleptic drugs are considered to be quite safe and they are not supposed to have any significant adverse effects to the health of the individual. Of course, there is still possibility of certain side effects occurring, but these are relatively rare and for the most part, they are milder unwanted effects that do not jeopardize the treatment. Nausea, headaches and slight insomnia are among the most common side effects of anti narcoleptic drugs.

There have been certain cases over the years which have been marked by severe rashes that have developed as a result of the use of these medications, but these have been very rare cases. Still, they have been severe enough to warrant special precaution which is why all patients are recommended to report any signs of rashes that might occur once they have started their treatment with anti narcoleptic drugs.

Anti narcoleptic drugs are prescription drugs and they should only be used if the doctor has recommended them. There are people who have ideas about using these medications in order to enhance their alertness and to be able to concentrate more, but this is something that the medical community does not recommend. They believe that these drugs should only be used when prescribed and that would be the most prudent way to approach them, in general.

Other uses for anti-narcoleptic drugs

Not all people who are prescribed with and who buy antinarcoleptic drugs suffer from narcolepsy. For some of the people who order anti narcoleptic drugs, the reasons are quite different. This is the result of the research that the medical community has done into these medications and that has led to a number of physicians recommending and prescribing these drugs to patients who are not at all suffering from sleepiness causing conditions.

Due to their effects on certain neurotransmitters in the brain and some other effects that drugs like Modafinil and similar drugs have on the human body, these drugs have found use in other fields as well. For example, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD for short) has been successfully treated with antinarcoleptics, as have depression, schizophrenia as well as various anxiety and affective disorders. They can also be used in treating bipolar depression, various types of substance abuse cases and even in Parkinson’s disease treatment. Among other uses for antinarcoleptic drugs, some doctors use these medications in cases when their patients cannot get sufficient sleep either because of chronic pain or some other causes. People who experience fatigue caused by their other treatments are also sometimes recommended to use anti narcoleptic drugs which can help them greatly in their fight against fatigue and sleepiness.
There have also been certain studies done into whether these medications can be used in weight loss programs and the findings have been quite exciting and promising. It seems that there might come a time when these anti narcoleptic drugs might be prescribed to people who are looking to lose weight, although the drugs will probably be prescribed in much lower dosages in such cases.

Use of these medications by military and law enforcement

In the last few years, the anti narcoleptic drugs have also started being used by various military forces and law enforcements agencies in the world. Foreign legion, the famed French military organization is using Modafinil during covert operations. Indian air force has also been using these drugs to keep their personnel alert during long missions. US Air Force has also studied the effects of Modafinil on the pilots and other personnel and they have started using these medications to elevate alertness in military personnel that is not capable of getting sufficient sleep during missions. Maryland tactical paramedics have also allowed the use of 200 mg doses of Modafinil to enhance concentration and alertness during periods of time with limited rest periods.

Where to buy anti narcoleptic drugs

Absolutely the best place to order narcoleptic drugs is online. For one, you do not have to drive to the pharmacy and you do not have to wait in lines. Furthermore, you can rest assured that you are getting fresh batches of your medication because the online pharmacies order direct from the manufacturer when they receive orders. Of course, the biggest reason why you will want to buy anti narcoleptic drugs online is that you will save a lot of money that way. Online pharmacies offer much better deals on their medications simply because they do not spend as much money on operation as their brick and mortar alternatives. This allows you to buy cheap antinarcoleptic drugs and still be certain that they are of the high quality and that you are not risking your health.

If you are suffering from narcolepsy or any other conditions which causes sleepiness, your best bet are narcoleptics and the best place to buy anti narcoleptic drugs is the web.

Order high quality and cheap antinarcoleptic drugs such as Modafinil, Modalert, Nuvigil, Provigil and such. Buy anti narcoleptic drugs from a reputable supplier and put an end to all your problems with excessive daytime sleepiness. Narcolepsy is no longer an issue when you have cheap Modvigil, Modiodal and Modapro that you can get at discounts and save money.

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