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Anti Narcoleptic Medication (Armod)

Generic name:
Brand name:
Armod is a trademark of the medication based on Armodafinil, a brain stimulant and wakefulness-promoting medication designed for narcolepsy and also used for sleepiness associated with shift work sleep disorder, obstructive sleep apnea, depression, and so on. The medication is also used as a cognitive function enhancer, i.e. the formulation that improves the speed of thought, reaction, focus, productivity, and so on. It can be used by adults, except pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as people with severe liver or heart dysfunctions. Find out more about how to use it safely and efficiently from the guide below.
Narcolepsy, Shift-work sleep disorder, Obstructive sleep apnea, Depression with low productivity, Choric fatigue, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Multiple sclerosis, As a cognitive function enhancer
Helps to stay fully awake, productive, and active within 10 hours, improves focus, productivity, speed of thought, vigilance
Emcure Pharmaceuticals
Emcure Pharmaceuticals
Provigil, Modapro, Vigicer, Vigil, Modavigil, Alertex, Modasomil, Nuvigil, Modafinil, Moderateafinil, Modiodal, Alertec
Armod (Generic Armodafinil)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Armod and when is it used?

Under this name, you can find a medication based on a wakefulness-promoting formulation called Armodafinil. Armod is just one of the names the formulation can be found under. Currently, it is also available in form of generics, i.e. made by other producers and thus called differently.

You can buy Armod for:
- Narcolepsy;
- Shift work sleep violation;
- Daytime sleepiness related to insufficient night rest in obstructive sleep apnea.

The medicinal product helps to regulate the sleep-wake cycle that is violated in narcolepsy due to a congenital brain disorder but is also helpful for sleepiness management in the conditions in which it is caused by other factors. For example, in shift work sleep disorder it is provoked by the shifts during the nights, basically, there is no sleep cycle violation but people who have night working hours may find it hard to stay awake for the whole shift so they are prescribed this formulation especially if their work requires vigilance and focus. For this reason, i.e. that the formulation helps to stay focused and attentive, it is also used off-label for the disorders or even in the absence of any disorders by individuals, who wish to improve their performance in the workplace. The tablets can be taken if not prohibited due to age or health conditions when an individual doesn’t have sufficient sleep, finds it hard to focus due to ADHD or due to any other reasons, in depression accompanied by fatigue and hypersomnia (i.e. the craving to sleep for more than 8 hours a day), and so on.
Armodafinil is not legally approved for these uses. Nevertheless, it is still widely used by the military, air traffic officers, police, and people not engaged in such professions who simply want to use their time more efficiently. They can use this Rx formulation without having any condition it is prescribed for because they can buy generic Armod online from the drugstores registered in the regions where it is released over-the-counter like our med store, for instance. Besides, the popularity of the formulation is due to its high efficiency without any adverse effects. It was developed for people with narcolepsy with the aim of the creation of a medicinal product that can be used for long periods of time without interruptions and which will not provoke any harm to the general health.

Clinical data
Trade names
Suprax, others
Pregnancy category
Dependence liability Low
Routes of administration
Oral (tablets)
Legal status
Legal status
AU: S4 (Prescription only)
US: Schedule IV
Pharmacokinetic data
Liver, including CYP3A4 and other pathways
Elimination half-life 12-15 hours
Urine (as metabolites)

Armod prohibitions for use

Though the formulation is quite harmless, it can do harm to people for whom it is contraindicated. For instance, you should not buy Armodafinil if you have previously used it and suffered from any adverse effects as it may indicate that you are intolerant of the pills’ components. Besides, it must not be given to children, pregnant or breastfeeding women as they are in general not recommended to take any medications let alone brain stimulants.

Its use is also not advised for:
- Individuals who have or have had any cardiovascular disorders especially the ones related to the use of stimulants;
- Individuals with liver cirrhosis;
- Individuals with heart disorders and particularly hypertrophy of the left ventricle or prolapsed mitral valve.

Worth noting also, that the tablets are capable of diminishing the efficiency of certain oral contraceptives which can lead to an unplanned pregnancy (the effect is maintained within one month after the therapy discontinuation). It is also not recommended to use the formulation along with Yohimbine as it can cause a dangerous rise of the heartbeat and arterial pressure. The formulation also must not be combined with alcohol as it can negatively affect the nervous system.

Armod use in pregnancy and breastfeeding

The use of the formulation is contraindicated as it is not considered a vital medication that can save a mother’s life and has a potential of harming the baby.

Adverse events related to the use of Armod

The statistics show that the use of the formulation is rarely accompanied with any adverse effects if the precautions and advised dosage regimen are followed. However, in rare cases can develop:
- Backache;
- Headache;
- Nausea;
- Nasal congestion;
- Diarrhea;
- Feeling of anxiety;
- Dizziness;
- Dyspeptic disorders (digestive tract disorders);
- Insomnia. The dangerous adverse events that might occur and require the immediate cessation of the therapy include:
- Copious rashes
- Serious allergy;
- Severe liver dysfunction;
- Blood indices violation;
- Urticaria;
- Ulcers in the mouth;
- Blistering or scaling of the skin;
- Edema (swelling);
- Flushes;
- Troubled breathing;
- The occurrence of yellow skin and eyes;
- Darkening of urine.

If you have encountered any of the dangerous adverse effects, stop using the tablets immediately and if the symptoms are severe or do not fade over a day or two, go to a medical specialist.

Adverse reactions in placebo-controlled clinical trials of Armod (150 mg and 250 mg)

Adverse effect
Placebo (%)
Headache 17 9
Nausea 7 3
Dizziness 5 2
Insomnia 5 1
Anxiety 4 1
Diarrhea 4 2
Dry Mouth 4 1
Depression 2 0
Dyspepsia 2 0
Fatigue 2 1
Palpitations 2 1
Rash 2 0
Upper Abdominal Pain 2 1
Agitation 1 0
Anorexia 1 0
Constipation 1 0
Contact Dermatitis 1 0
Decreased Appetite 1 0
Depressed Mood 1 0
Disturbance In Attention 1 0
Dyspnea 1 0
Hyperhydrosis 1 0
Increased Gamma-Glutamyltransferase 1 0
Increased Heart Rate 1 0
Influenza-Like Illness 1 0
Loose Stools 1 0
Migraine 1 0
Nervousness 1 0
Pain 1 0
Paresthesia 1 0
Polyuria 1 0
Pyrexia 1 0
Seasonal Allergy 1 0
Thirst 1 0
Tremor 1 0
Vomiting 1 0

Dose-dependent adverse effects in placebo-controlled clinical tests of Armodafinil

Adverse effect
NUVIGIL 250 mg (%)
NUVIGIL 150 mg (%)
NUVIGIL Combined (%)
Placebo (%)
Dry Mouth
< 1
< 1
< 1


Armod dosages and rules for safe use

It doesn’t matter whether you buy generic Armodafinil for narcolepsy, any other disorder, or simply to improve your performance and mind capacity, you should remember that the tablets are taken before noon or you will develop insomnia. The exception is only if you have night shifts and need to be awake all night, then you should take the tablet one hour before the shift.
The daily dosage of Armod is 150 mg taken as soon as you wake up or before 12 PM. It is a standard dosage that usually does not require adjustments but if you are new to the use of stimulants and want to use it without having any medical disorder that makes you drowsy, you can begin with a half of the pill a day and see how it goes. If this dosage is sufficient for you, there is no need to take the whole pill. If you feel that a half of the pill is not sufficient for the whole day, then you should use the whole pill the next day you need a boost. The everyday use is needed only for people with narcolepsy or any other neurological disorders that make them unable to stay awake during the day. If you use the formulation as a booster of your mental capacity, you don’t need to take it daily as it doesn’t have any cumulative effect, so you can use it only on the days you think you may need it. It is also very convenient as on the days you skip the use you can drink alcohol while people who take the pills daily are not recommended to do so because of the potential harm to the nervous system.

Armod interwork with other medicinal products and substances

There are a few interactions mentioned in the label as the undesirable:
- Yohimbine use at the same time as Armodafinil is prohibited as it can cause a dangerous rise of the heartbeat and arterial tension.
- Armodafinil can diminish the efficiency of birth control pills. The effect is maintained within a month after the therapy discontinuation.
- The use of Armodafinil with alcoholic beverages negatively affects the CNS.

If you take any other medications or even additives when you plan to order Armod, especially if you take ay stimulants, medicines that affect the CNS, consult your medical care provider about the safety of such formulations same-time use with Armodafinil.

Where can you buy Armod?

The easiest way since you can get the formulation without Rx is to order generic Armod from an online pharmacy. Besides, our med store offers low prices and high-quality medications made by the most reputable generic-drugs producers.

Armod shipping

We ship Armod internationally including to the U.S., UK, Australia, and so on within 7-25 days) express or standard shipping).

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

For more answers see the FAQ section


Product Reviews:

Oct / 01 / 2018 Lucas Miller   USA, Colorado
  I felt the effect immediately, no depression or brain fog. Armodafinil gives me lots of energy. Will order again!
Jul / 16 / 2018 Isabella Smith   USA, Dallas
  I tried Armod for seasonal depression. It worked for me. No side effects.
Oct / 06 / 2017 Mark Allen   USA, Miami
  Great product and super fast shipping!
Jan / 05 / 2017 Luke Powell   USA, Georgia
  I suffer from terrible fatigue, Armod gets me out of bed and motivates me for the whole day. I am alert, focused and can do my job. I used to take modafinil but Armod works even better for me.
Jan / 03 / 2017 Emma Hill   USA, Arizona
  I've been proscribed Modalert and my insurance cannot pay so the price is astronomical! I started to order from this pharmacy. The price is right and quality is great.

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27 Feb 2021
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