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Anti Parkinsonian Medication (Trivastal)

Generic name:
Brand name:
Trivastal is a brand name owned by a French pharmaceutical company who is one of the hundreds that produces the antiparkinsonian medication Piribedil. It means that the same medicine can be found as a generic version. It is used as a monotherapy and as a part of combination therapy of Parkinsonís disease, for the enhancement of deteriorating cognitive functions in elderly patients, therapy of the symptoms of ophthalmic diseases of ischemic origin, and intermittent claudication. The dosages, contraindications, and other useful info can be found in the guide below.
Parkinsonís disease, Intermittent claudication, Ischemic eye diseases, Cognitive functions enhancement in elderly patients
The formulation lowers the intensity of Parkinsonís disease manifestations, improves cognitive function in the elderly, helps in the management of ischemic eye diseases and intermittent claudication
Trivastal (Generic Piribedil)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is the product available on the market as Trivastal? When is it appointed?

Trivastal is a trademark owned by Servier Laboratories, a French pharmaceutical company. This name is used for a medicinal formulation Piribedil (an unpatented name). This is an antiparkinsonian and dopaminomimetic medication that can be marketed also under other names because its formula is not covered by the patent anymore. If an individual who needs to buy Trivastal at a doctor’s recommendation wants to get the same therapy but cheaper, they should look for generic Trivastal. It is a collective term for all Piribedil-based formulations made by different producers.

The therapeutic is appointed for the following symptoms and diseases:
- Chronic dysfunction of mental functions and neurosensory deficit as a result of advanced age (i.e. memory and focus disorder); the tablets are appointed as a supplementary therapy.
- Parkinson’s disease. The formulation can be used as a single therapy or as a part of combination therapy with Levodopa at the early and advanced stages of the disease.
- Intermittent claudication. The formulation is used as a supplementary therapy.
- Sight impairment of ischemic nature (acuity lowering, a decrease in the contrast, etc.).

If you believe that you or somebody from your family members would benefit from the use of this formulation due to the diagnosed conditions, you can buy generic Trivastal at our med store without Rx. Nevertheless, we highly encourage you to get a consultation with a medical professional first to be certain that this therapeutic product is what is required.

Clinical data
Routes of administration
Legal status
Legal status
In general: RX (Prescription only)
Pharmacokinetic data
10% (peak at 1 hour)
Protein binding
Extensive hepatic
Elimination half-life 1.7-6.9 hours
Excretion Renal (68%) and biliary (25%)


The intake of the tablets with Piribedil in their composition is prohibited for individuals with an allergy to its components as well as such disorders as:
- Low blood tension;
- Collapse;
- Recent myocardial infarction.

Besides, the therapy is prohibited for people who use antipsychotics except for Clozapine. For more negative interactions of Piribedil with other medicines please refer to the Interactions section of this guide.

Use during gestation and lactation

There hadn’t been sufficient studies of the medication safety in pregnant women so it is prohibited to take Trivastal while expecting a baby. As for breastfeeding, it is also prohibited but if the use of the formulation is highly reasonable, it is advised to undergo it but transfer the baby to the bottle-feeding.

Negative effects

When you buy Piribedil, you must be aware that it can cause certain negative effects from various parts of the body.
- Digestive tract: nausea, bloating, and others. These adverse effects are pronounced in sharp dosage increase and are diminished in gradual elevation of the dosage.
- Mental health: confusion, agitation, and others.
- Nervous system: dizziness, drowsiness.
- Cardiovascular system: low arterial pressure that causes fatigue and even fainting.
- Unusual habits and behaviors: the use of dopamine agonists can provoke a pathological craving for gambling, lifted libido, shopaholism, increased appetite, and so on.

Besides the listed negative effects, the therapy can also result in allergic reactions or other, unusual adverse effects. If you see any deviations from the norm in behavior or general health whether it is you who undergoes the therapy or your family member, consult a medical specialist.

Trivastal interactions

When you plan to buy generic Piribedil, check that you don’t take any medications it is prohibited to be taken with or can diminish their effect.
- The use of antipsychotics aside of Clozapine is prohibited because there is a risk of the mutual suppression of the effect between these products.
- It is not encouraged to take Tetrabenazine with Piribedil as they can negatively influence the effects of each other.
- The formulation must not be used with other sedatives.
- It is recommended to refrain from alcohol use during the therapy with the formulation.
If you use any medicinal products or even supplements on a regular basis, inform your medical care provider about it.


When you order Trivastal pills under any name, as long as the active agent is Piribedil, you should observe your physician’s instructions or the official instruction.
The tablets must be taken after a meal without chewing and washed down with a half of glass of water.
- Parkinson’s disease is treated by Trivastal as a single therapeutic in the dose of 150-250 mg or three to five tablets a day divided into three equal intakes.
The recommended dosage in the simultaneous therapy with Levodopa is 150 mg (three pills) split into three intakes.
To avoid the negative events, the dosage must be raised gradually by one pill every three days. In case behavioral or inclinational disorders occurrence, the dosage must be gradually diminished or the use of the formulation discontinued.
The cessation of the therapy must be done with the gradual dosage diminishing as an abrupt discontinuation leads to the malignant neuroleptic syndrome.
The safety of the therapeutic for individuals with liver or kidney dysfunction hadn’t been studied sufficiently. Therefore, the therapy in them must be done with caution and frequent monitoring of the affected organs functioning.


Individuals with extrapyramidal symptoms induced by the use of any medications must be administered anticholinergic medications, rather than dopaminergic antiparkinsonian drugs.
The medications from the class Trivastal is included in can enhance or even provoke psychotic disorders. In case a therapy with neuroleptics must be made in patients with Parkinson’s disease, the use of dopaminergic agonists must be discontinued through the gradual phasing of the daily dosage and the replacement with anticholinergic medications.
In the digestive disorders occurrence provoked by the use of Trivastal or its generic, it is possible to take the medicines that eliminate nausea through the effect on the peripheral dopamine receptors.
Intense sleepiness induced by the therapy is the reason for the dosage cut or even the replacement of the medication with another one.

Overdose detection

The most pronounced sign of an overdose is nausea. It is treated with activated carbon use and symptomatic therapy.

Where to purchase Trivastal?

Taking into account that the therapy of Parkinson’s disease requires a continuous use of the medications once the most suitable is found, if for you it is this product, you can order generic Trivastal pills from this web page in just a few clicks and enjoy the same effect at the lower price.

Generic Trivastal shipping

You can order Piribedil delivery to the U.S., UK, Australia, Canada, and all other countries of the world where the standard and express mail services operate.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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