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Anti Viral Medication (Rebetol)

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Generic Ribavirin (Rebetol) is a medication principally used to treat hepatitis C. It is also used as a part of combination therapies for various viral fevers including Crimean fever. The medication acts through damaging the virus RNA and DNA and preventing its replication and growth. The treatment course of hepatitis C with the drug usually lasts from 6 to 12 months with the daily intake of 1000-1200 mg a day divided into two intakes. The drug is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women, people with the allergy to the active substance, after myocardial infarction, people who are diagnosed with diabetes or severe kidney, thyroid or liver dysfunction. If you have liver cirrhosis, chronic heart failure or any other serious condition, you must notify your doctor about them before you start taking the medication even though you can buy the drug online without a prescription.
Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Ribavir, Biopolymers, Copegus, Rebetron, Rebretron, Ribamide, Ribamidil, Ribasphere, Tribavirin, Varazid, Vilona, Viramid, Virazid, Virazole
Rebetol (Generic Ribavirin)
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  Generic Medication guide:

Developed countries brag about the high level of health care they have yet millions of people in the U.S. are unable to afford the necessary treatment with the medications sold in the country. The prices for the majority of drugs sold in America are pretty unreasonable. For example, the same drugs can be bought up to ten or even 20 times cheaper if you opt for generic medications from other countries. Generics are identical to the brand drugs. They are simply made by other pharmaceutical companies. You may think that the best medication is that which is made by the original inventor or developer of the drug. In fact, some of the medications that are incredibly expensive in the U.S. are not even invented there. In the countries they are invented, even the original medications are cheaper than they are sold in the country.

In order to benefit from the most effective and innovative treatment at an affordable cost, you need to find the medications at the foreign online pharmacies. For instance, our drugstore sells antiviral and other medications online without prescriptions because we are located in the country where these drugs are allowed to be sold over-the-counter. We set adequate prices for the drugs we sell and work only with the reliable pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, if you want to buy Generic Ribavirin (Rebetol), you can easily do so in just a couple of minutes without doubting the quality of the medication you will receive and shipping to the U.S. We are glad to inform you that we ship all over the world, including the U.S.

Now, before you make your order, please read this medication guide and if you still have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact our pharmacists or talk to your doctor about your treatment plan.

Generic Ribavirin (Rebetol): how and when was the drug discovered?

Ribavirin is an active substance on which a variety of antiviral medications are based. The substance was first synthesized in 1972 and approved on the same year by the FDA. The authorship of Ribavirin belongs to the chemists from the International Chemical and Nuclear Corporation.

What viruses are treated with Generic Ribavirin (Rebetol)?

The primary indication for the therapy with the drug is hepatitis C. Other conditions include viral hemorrhagic fevers and human respiratory syncytial virus. The medication is effective in a variety of fevers yet is believed to be ineffective in Ebola and herpes virus infections but research and tests still have been made.

What is the mechanism of action of Generic Ribavirin (Rebetol)?

The medication attaches to the virus ribonucleic acid and DNA, breaking its essential codes and preventing the virus cells from replication and further growth.

Is there a difference between the brand-name medication and generic’s effect?

Generic Ribavirin is no different from the brand-name medication. It is based on the same formulation and created using the same materials and chemical reactions. The only differences are the name written on the package and the price per pill. Therefore, you can buy Generic Ribavirin (Rebetol) and use it with a peace of mind. Rest assured, you will get the same effect as from the brand medication and receive the treatment prescribed by your doctor.

How Generic Ribavirin should be used?

When you buy Generic Ribavirin (Rebetol), you should use it as recommended by your doctor even if your doctor prescribed you a brand-name medication but you opted for a generic. Nevertheless, you should check if the dosage of the active substance per pill corresponds with the instructions provided by your doctor.

The general recommendation for the drug intake is the dosage of 1g to 1.2g a day divided into two intakes (0.5 g-0.6 g taken twice a day). The average treatment course duration is chosen from 6 months to one year. The precise therapy duration depends on the hepatitis genotype and whether a patient received any other treatment or not. For example, hepatitis C of genotype 1 requires the uninterrupted intake of the medication for at least one year. Patients who had not been treated with Ribavirin before and are irresponsive to monotherapy with interferon are usually prescribed a treatment course with the medication during 6 months or more.

What are contraindications for the drug use?

Do not buy Generic Ribavirin (Rebetol) if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You should also tell your doctor if you ever had a myocardial infarction, suffer from diabetes or severe kidney, liver or thyroid dysfunction, chronic heart failure, autoimmune disorders, blood coagulation dysfunction, or any other conditions. In these conditions, the doctor would either offer you another medication for the treatment or postpone the therapy till the moment your chronic conditions are not exacerbated.

Ribavirin is also not recommended to be used in people younger than 18 years old and those with generalized depression disorder.

What adverse reactions can Generic Ribavirin cause?

Any medication, including Ribavirin, can cause various adverse reactions. As Ribavirin is a potent medication which adverse reactions can cause irreversible damage to the vital organs, it is important to pay attention to all symptoms that can occur during the therapy. If you experience any of the side effects listed below or other ones, notify your doctor immediately.

The most widespread adverse reactions caused by Ribavirin are insomnia, headache, fatigue, asthenia, malaise, depression, anxiety, lowered blood pressure, loss of appetite, nausea, indigestion, cough, tremor, skin rash, and others. A complete list of possible adverse reactions that the medication can cause you can find in the instruction that you will receive when you buy Generic Ribavirin (Rebetol).

Where to buy Generic Ribavirin (Rebetol)?

In the U.S., you cannot buy cheap generic versions of Ribavirin. There are some generic versions approved and sold in the country yet they are more expensive than the ones you can buy online from other countries. If you opt for our online drugstore, you can enjoy the best generic version of Ribavirin, Rebetol, at an incredibly low price and even without a prescription. The saving you can enjoy, considering that the treatment course is from 6 months and more, is tremendous.

Interactions with other medications

Before you start the therapy, you need to tell your doctor not only about all conditions that you have but also the medications that you take. Some medications can diminish the effect of Ribavirin so you would need a longer therapy. For example, medications that reduce stomach acidity also reduce the bioavailability of the antiviral agent. Others are influenced by the antiviral medication in such a way that they either longer stay into the body or leave it before the expected result from their use occurred.

Precautions when undergoing therapy with Generic Ribavirin (Rebetol)

First of all, you need to know that hepatitis C can be easily acquired by your partner during an unprotected sexual intercourse. Therefore, you need to get him or her tested and use barrier contraception methods. Besides that, when you or your partner uses Ribavirin, it is advised to avoid pregnancy as the therapy can be dangerous to the fetus regardless of who takes the medication.

You should also remember that the medication is very potent and requires a responsible approach. You should always take the pills at the same time every day to let the active components do their job without interruptions and void overdosing.

Missed dosages and overdose of Ribavirin

If you accidentally missed the dosage, take it as soon as you remembered but only if the following intake should be made not less than in 7-8 hours. If the next pill should be taken sooner, do not take the missed dosage before it or you can overdose.

The overdose with Ribavirin (Rebetol) is very dangerous as it can cause severe adverse reactions and even death. Therefore, if you took an increased dosage of the medication, you should immediately call your doctor and follow his or her advice on the measures to cope with the symptoms.

Form of release

Ribavirin is supplied in form of oral capsules and tablets with the dosages 100 and 200 mg. There is also a solution for injections in the dosage of 100 mg/1ml but only oral pills and capsules can be taken at home without medical workers. At our online drugstore you can buy Generic Ribavirin (Rebetol) capsules or pills and take them at home.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

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All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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