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Anti Viral Medication (Hepcinat)

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Generic Sofosbuvir called Hepcinat is a medication identical to the innovative brand-name medication Sofosbuvir. Hepcinat is a medication manufactured under an official license of the brand-name medication inventor and manufacturer. The drug is aimed to help people with hepatitis C from the developed and underdeveloped countries, who cannot afford to receive the most effective and safe treatment, 10 times cheaper than it costs in the U.S. The drug is unavailable in America but you can purchase it from the country it is approved and marketed in through our online drugstore. The medication is currently used in adults only as its safety in children yet has not been sufficiently studied. The daily dosage is 400 mg taken without regard to meal.Though the medications considered quite safe, the drugs it is used in combination with can harm children and pregnant women.
Cipla - Caring for life
Cipla - Caring for life
Sovaldi, Sofosbuvir, Hepcvir
Hepcinat (Generic Sofosbuvir)
Hepcinat (Generic Sofosbuvir)
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  Generic Medication guide:

Antiviral medications such as Sofosbuvirare very expensive in America. A complete treatment course needed to cope with the viral infection costs around 85.000 Dollars. This is the reason why millions of Americans choose online pharmacies situated in other countries over their local drug sellers. Fortunately, they have nothing to worry about if they buy the medications from reliable online pharmacies like ours. We sell only the medications that are properly tested and admitted on the markets of a number of countries. In the U.S., such drugs are referred to as generics because they are made not by the original developer of the drug but by other pharmaceutical companies who gain the right to make their own drugs identical to the brand-name medications after the inventor’s patent expires.

Our online pharmacy offers you to buy Generic Sofosbuvir (Hepcinat) which is based on the same formula and active substance as the drug sold in your country but 10 times cheaper. Yes, such prices are real. Even in the developed countries with the high average income such as South Korea and Japan a complete treatment course doesn’t cost more than 5000 Dollars, so you don’t have to worry that for your money you will get an inferior medication or a counterfeit drug.

History of Generic Sofosbuvir (Hepcinat)

The medication known in the Sofosbuviris based on the active ingredient called Sofosbuvir that was first discovered and synthesized in 2007 by the chemist Michael Sofia who worked for the New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company Pharmasset. The company specializes in the development of medications to treat HIV and other viral infections including hepatitis B and C.

First tests of the medication effect in people were made in 2010. After the drug had shown amazing results, the company who developed the substance, was acquired by the pharmaceutical giant Gilead for 11 billion dollars.
The substance was applied for the approval of the American FDA in 2013 and immediately received Breakthrough Therapy Designation. It meant that the medication was a top priority for the FDA to review the drug. This special treatment is granted to medications that during the introductory clinical trials had shown that the therapy can provide significant treatment benefits in comparison with the existing ones for patients diagnosed with serious or life-threatening illnesses.

Sofosbuvir was authorized in December 2013 as a part of a combined therapy for Hepatitis C of genotypes 2 and 3 with Ribavirin for oral use and for injections combined with pegylated interferon and Ribavirin for Hepatitis C of genotypes 1 and 4 in prior untreated patients.

In 2014, the medication was also authorized as a part of a combination drug with a fixed dosage of active components, Sofosbuvir/Ledipasvir.

Before the creation of the medication, the most widespread therapy included an interferon-based treatment that required a course of 6-12 months with a variety of mild to severe side effects. Sofosbuvir, in its turn, requires only 12 weeks and without any serious side effects. Unfortunately, after the developer’s company was acquired by a pharmaceutical giant, the cost of the medication skyrocketed. Obviously, not everyone even in the U.S. can afford such an expensive treatment. But the good news is that you can buy cheap Generic Sofosbuvir(Hepcinat) online and receive the same treatment.

When Sofosbuvir(Hepcinat) is currently used?

The drug is utilized to treat hepatitis C of various genotypes. For example, it is combined with Ribavirin for genotypes 2 and 3 therapy in oral tablets; in injections, it is combined with pegylated interferon and Ribavirin for Hepatitis C 1 and 4; and as a fixed-dosage as a part of medication that contains Sofosbuvir and ledipasvir. With other preparations, the drug is also used to treat hepatitis C of genotypes 5 and 6.

The treatment plans based on Sofosbuvir offer a higher cure rate, much less adverse reactions, and a considerably shorter therapy. It also allows people diagnosed with the virus infection to be treated successfully without the use of peginterferon, a medication that was used in previous treatments as a key element which injections can cause severe adverse reactions.

How does Generic Sofosbuvir(Hepcinat) medication act?

Sofosbuvirand its generic analogs cure virus of Hepatitis C by preventing it from replication through the damaging of the virus RNA needed for its further spread. The rest is done by the immune system.

Is there a difference between the brand drug and generic?

Approved and used generic medications are made using the same formula as the brand-name medication. Therefore, when you buy cheap Generic Sofosbuvir(Hepcinat) online from a trustworthy seller who has all necessary certificates, you technically purchase Sofosbuvirbut with a different name written on the package and pills.

In fact, the brand-name medication owners were refused the patent in some countries because, as it was discovered, the technology of Sofosbuvir production was previously developed by the team of scientists at Cardiff University in the UK. So even officially the drug makers didn’t license generic drug manufacturers yet, the formula is already available and used.

How to use Generic Sofosbuvir(Hepcinat)?

The recommended dosage is 400 mg taken once a day prior or after meal. The treatment course length and medications with which the medication must be combined should be chosen by a qualified medical specialist.

Whom the drug is contraindicated?

Currently, the instruction says that there are no contraindications for Hepcinat (Sofosbuvir) use. Nevertheless, since the drug is used in combination with other medications, the possible contraindications for the therapy typical for those drugs can be applied.

Can the medication be used during pregnancy?

The clinical trials show that the medication is safe for pregnant women though the drugs it is combined with to treat Hepatitis C are not safe.

The combination of Sofosbuvir with Ribavirin is contraindicated for pregnant women and their sexual partners because it can lead to fetal defects caused by Ribavirin.
It is also not advised to breastfeed while receiving the treatment with antiviral medications for Hepatitis C.

What side effects can the drug cause?

In general, the medication causes much fewer side effects than the previous generation medications used to treat Hepatitis C. Though some side effects such as dizziness, headache, fatigue, skin rash, irritability, and others may take place, they are mostly attributed to the use of other drugs used in combination treatment course. For example, one of the most adverse reaction causing drugs is interferon. Without it, the chance of you suffering from a headache or fatigue after the drug intake is reduced almost in half, and influenza-like symptoms to 3-4% in comparison with 16% of affected patients when interferon is used.

Where to buy cheap Generic Sofosbuvir (Hepcinat)?

As we have already mentioned, Sofosbuviris incredibly expensive in the U.S. The medication is also enormously expensive in Germany and UK, but is cheaper in Japan and Korea. In developing countries, the generic versions of the drug are used. They cost 10 or more times cheaper.

Currently, you cannot buy cheap Generic Sofosbuvir(Hepcinat) in the U.S. or the UK at the regular drugstores. Your only option is to purchase the medication online from a pharmacy situated in the country where generics are already approved and available without prescriptions. We are glad to inform you that we are selling Generic Sofosbuvirwithout a prescription and ship it all over the world.

Interactions with other medications

When Generic Sofosbuviris used along with ledipasvir, daclatasvir or simeprevir, it must not be combined with amiodarone because of the life-threatening low heart rate that can occur.
Rifampicin and other inducers of intestinal P-glycoprotein reduce the bioavailability (absorption) of Generic Sofosbuvir.
Anticonvulsants and certain HIV protease inhibitors reduce the drug concentration also reducing its effect, so the combination is not advised.


If you have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C just now, remember to notify your partner and get him or her checked too as the virus is highly contagious and can easily spread. It is advised to use barrier contraception and have a preventive therapy, possibly buy cheap Generic Sofosbuvir(Hepcinat) for this purpose, in your sexual partner or partners if an unprotected intercourse had place.


If you accidentally overdosed, immediately inform your doctor and follow his or her instructions on how you should minimize the potential harm. If the doctor is unavailable, seek help of the local poison help line.

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