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Anti Viral Medication (Zerit)

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Generic Zerit is a drug identical to the brand-name medication called Zerit. It is made on the basis of the active substance called Stavudine which is effective against HIV virus in human cells. The medication can be used both for prophylaxis and treatment of HIV in adults and children. Though the medication is quite effective against HIV type 1, the most aggressive and widely spread strain of the virus, it is advised to use the drug as a part of combination therapy to avoid virus resistance to the treatment. The dosage of Generic Zerit (Stavudine) that should be taken a day is calculated based on the patientís weight and presence or absence of other conditions. You can find out more about it and with what medications the drug should and should not be used reading our medication guide below.
Cipla - Caring for life
Cipla - Caring for life
Zerit (Generic Stavudine)
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  Generic Medication guide:

Being diagnosed with a serious condition isn’t easy. Not only it is hard to accept that you are doomed to take potent medications and fight for your life daily, you need to be prepared to buy expensive medications. And when we say expensive, we mean it. In the U.S., the treatment costs are very high, especially for such life-threatening diseases as cancer and HIV. In other countries, however, the situation is a bit better. So what’s so your interest in his? First and foremost, you can also enjoy the less expensive treatment if you choose to buy the pills you need not at your domestic pharmacies but at those situated abroad. If just a couple of decades or so it seemed impossible or unreasonable because we didn’t have the necessary technology and companies who were brave enough to sell medications online, now it is a perfect possibility available to anyone.

You may wonder why in other countries the same treatments are cheaper. First of all, in America the pharmaceutical companies are not as strictly controlled as in other countries. They are able to set incredibly high prices for their drugs without any understandable reasons besides getting as much profit as possible. Secondly, in other countries, a number of generic medications that are identical to the expensive drugs but are cheaper are available. In those countries, it would be impossible for pharmaceutical companies to set on the pills such high prices as not everywhere the average income per capita can be compared to the one in the U.S. As for the other developed countries, usually there the medications are also quite expensive but the government covers a significant share of the treatment cost.

So, if you live in the U.S. and your insurance doesn’t cover the treatment of HIV or AIDS, the only possible way for you to save is to buy Generic Zerit (Stavudine) online. But before you do, read our medication guide and find out all you needed about the drug.

History of Generic Zerit (Stavudine) creation and marketing

First, medication was discovered as an antiviral substance when HIV was yet undiscovered, in 1960s, by the chemist Jerome Horwitz, who was also the first to discover Zidovudine and Zalcitabine, the substances that are as well used for the treatment of HIV today. However, all of the medications were discovered to be effective anti-HIV only in the late 80s of the twentieth century. Right after the discovery that Stavudine can be effective for the virus treatment, the drug was granted parallel track status in 1992 that allowed it to be used for the treatment before the final approval of the Food and Drug Administration of the U.S. was granted. Stavudine, or how it is also called when marketed, Zerit, is the 4th antiretroviral medicine approved for the treatment of AIDS and HIV in America. In 1996, the medication was also approved for pediatric use. The effect of the medication was additionally approved and confirmed in 2011. Since 2008, after the exclusive patent for the medication production expired in the U.S., the drug is also available in a form of generic medications. Worth noting that even before 2008 it was available as a generic but in other countries.
The drug is included in the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines. However, the WHO highly advises to use drug as part of a complex treatment with other medications. The wholesale cost of the medication in developing countries is from 1.86 to 5.40 USD per month.

When Generic Zerit (Stavudine) is currently used?

As was already said previously, the medicine must be used as a part of a complex therapy against HIV and AIDS. It is also not a first-line therapy for people who are just now diagnosed with the disease.
Generic Zerit (Stavudine) is used to treat HIV-1, the most widespread and pathogenic strain of the virus, in adults and children. The pills are also recommended for people who are at a high risk of contracting a disease through needlestick injury or exposure to infected blood or other bodily fluids after presumable contact took place.

How Generic Zerit (Stavudine) does fight the disease?

Stavudine is an analog of thymidine. It is transformed by the cellular enzymes into the active triphosphate. In this form, it inhibits HIV reverse transcriptase by competing with the natural substrate, thymidine triphosphate, causing the stop of the viral DNA replication.

It is strictly not advised to use Zidovudine, another anti-HIV medication along with Zerit (Stavudine) because it may inhibit the intracellular phosphorylation of Stavudine. Other anti-HIV drugs do not have this effect.

What is the difference between the brand-name drug and generic?

The drugs are identical. They have different names and different prices because they are made by different manufacturers. However, all manufacturers who offer you to buy Generic Zerit (Stavudine) use the same formula as that used for the brand-name medication. The generic drugs wouldn’t be allowed to be used if they were not corresponding to the safety standards and the original formula. Therefore, you can purchase the pills and get the treatment without any doubts.

How should you use Generic Zerit (Stavudine)?

The dosage of the medication is calculated based on the weight of the patient and his or her other conditions. For adults with healthy kidneys who weight less than 60 kg, the daily dosage is 30 mg of Stavudine taken every 12 hours. Adults who weight over 60 kg need to take 40 mg every 12 hours.

For the prophylaxis of HIV, the therapy should be started as soon as the exposure occurred (contact with blood or other body fluids). The optimal time is within 72 hours. The dosages for the prevention are the same as for HIV-positive people. The treatment should be continued for 28 days. However, before you buy Generic Zerit (Stavudine), you should consult a qualified specialist first as in your case other medicines can be more effective.

The drug can be also administered to infants: from birth to 13 days, 0.5mg per kilogram of the body weight is administered orally every 12 hours. For children 14 days or older, who weight less than 30 kg, the dosage is 1 mg per kilogram of the body weight administered orally every 12 hours. For children who weigh more than 30 kg, the same dosage as for adults is recommended.

People with renal impairment need dosage adjustment based on creatinine clearance. People with creatinine clearance from 26 to 50 ml per minute, who weigh less than 60 kg, need to take 15 mg orally every 12 hours. People with the same clearance who weigh more than 60 kg need to take 20 mg every 12 hours.

In creatinine clearance from 10 to 25 ml per minute and weight below 60 kg, 15 mg are taken every 24 hours. For people with the body mass over 60 kg, the dosage is 20 mg every 24 hours.
People on dialysis who weigh less than 60 kg need to take the 15 mg of the drug every 24 hours. People over 60 kg, need to take 20 mg every 24 hours. The drug should be administered after dialysis.

Whom the drug is contraindicated?

The medication is contraindicated for people who have allergy to the drug. But if you have other conditions, especially serious liver and heart problems, you should notify your doctor about them before you buy Generic Zerit (Stavudine).

Use during pregnancy – safe or not

There is no sufficient data to date about the safety of the drug in pregnant women. Therefore, it is advised to start using the medication only if the potential benefit to the mother will outweigh the risk for the baby.

What adverse reactions can be expected from the medicine use?

The main adverse reaction of this heavy drug is peripheral neuropathy, which can be eliminated by reducing the dosage. There are also other negative effects that can be noticed only in blood examination, but the most common ones that can be observed by a patient are numbness, tingling, or painful sensations in the limbs, chills, unsteadiness, weakness in the limbs, and fever.

Where is it better to buy Generic Zerit (Stavudine)?

The best place to purchase the drug is a reputable online pharmacy situated outside the U.S. Opting for a foreign seller, you can save thousands of dollars while getting the same medication.

Interactions with other medications

One of the most dangerous interactions of Stavudine is with Zidovudine because the drugs minimize each other’s effect and HIV can progress. However, there are other negative interactions. You should tell your doctor about all drugs that you use, including birth control pills and supplements.


Remember that HIV is very contagious. Therefore, you must notify your partner and get him or her tested if you have already had an unprotected sexual intercourse.

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