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Anti Viral Medication (Hivus-LR)

Generic name:
Brand name:
Lopinavir + Ritonavir
Kaletra is a brand of Abbott. It is a powerful HIV medication used in combination therapy for HIV in adults and children. The drug is based on two substances - Lopinavir + Ritonavir. In late 2019, the drug was also tested for the new deadly virus COVID-19 treatment and is now approved internationally as a part of the virus treatment protocol. Find out how to use it for COVID-19 and HIV, what precautions to follow, side effects it can cause, and other useful information from the full article below.
This HIV medication is one of the few drugs effective for COVID-19 treatment
Aurobindo Pharma Ltd
Aurobindo Pharma Ltd
Kaletra, Aluvia
Hivus-LR (Generic Lopinavir + Ritonavir)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Kaletra and when is it used?

Kaletra is a trademark owned by the large pharmaceutical company Abbott pharmaceuticals. The medication sold under this name is based on two active agents – Lopinavir and Ritonavir. The same drugs are made also by other companies who sell them under different names. These drugs are called generics. By mouth

Short drug info
Active substances Lopinavir - Protease inhibitor Ritonavir - Protease inhibitor (also extends the effect of Lopinavir)
Trade names Kaletra, Aluvia, Hivus-LR
Pregnancy category US: C (Risk not ruled out, use is possible if a doctor approves)
Routes of administration By mouth
Legal status

AU: S4 (Prescription only)

CA: Rx-only

UK: POM (Prescription only)

US: Rx-only

The substances making up the drug have a pronounced effect in the treatment of HIV infection and are used as a part of a combined therapeutic plan. Besides, at the end of 2019, the drug had been extensively tested for the new deadly coronavirus COVID-19 and subsequently approved as a part of the internationally used treatment protocol.

The testing for medicines designed for other diseases for the new ones is called repurposing. This process is much faster than creating a vaccine that, in the best-case scenario, can be developed in more than a year and a half. Thus, today such medicines as Lopinavir + Ritonavir along with few others are the first-line treatments for COVID-19.

In the U.S. and many other countries of the world you cannot buy Kaletra without a prescription. However, you can purchase a generic version of the drug made by Aurobindo Pharma Ltd and named Hivus-LR without a prescription online.

What is the mechanism of Kaletra (Lopinavir + Ritonavir) effect?

Both of the substances contained in the pills are HIV protease inhibitors. Inhibiting the virus proteases, i.e. the enzymes that allow virus spread and multiply, they make the newly formed virus entities immature and incapable of infecting.

On top of that, Ritonavir also inhibits CYP3A enzyme participating in the metabolism of Lopinavir among other substances. The inhibition of this enzyme ensures that Lopinavir stays longer in the body and respectively provides the effect for a longer time.

The medication similarly affects COVID-19 virus suppressing its replication and preventing transmission to other people.

Who can use Kaletra?

You can buy generic Kaletra for the treatment of:

- HIV in adults and children aged older than 3 years.

- COVID-19 in mild or no symptoms and confirmed diagnosis (especially in risk groups even in minimal symptoms).

Who must not use Lopinavir + Ritonavir?

Contraindications for the medication use include:

- Allergy or increased sensitivity to the medication manifested in severe adverse effects or allergic reactions.

- Severe liver failure, hepatitis B or C, liver cirrhosis.

- Kids younger than 3 years;

- In the use of the incompatible medicines (see “Interactions”).

Lopinavir + Ritonavir can be still used if a health provider approves based on the risk/benefit ratio in:

- Liver diseases or liver failure of mild to moderate severity;

- Treated hepatitis B or C;

- Treated pancreatitis;

- Impaired lipids metabolism;

- Use of nasal glucocorticoids;

- Use of drugs that extend QT interval (heart function indicator);

- History of heart diseases;

- In patients older than 65 years;

- Pregnancy and breastfeeding (breastfeeding is stopped during the therapy).

How is Lopinavir + Ritonavir used?

Here we provide the recommendations on the internationally approved treatment protocols for COVID-19 with Lopinavir + Ritonavir. The medication should be used in mid to moderate disease and in mild symptoms in risk groups in the dosage of 400/100 mg or two 200/50 mg tablets a day for 5-7 days. Tablets can be taken regardless of meals. If the disease progresses additional medications are added to the treatment plan.

COVID-19 treatment protocols in Italy and France

Disease category
- Mild-to-moderate disease - No risk group
No antiviral treatment, paracetamol or NSAIDs (cautiously) for fever
No antiviral treatment, paracetamol or NSAIDs (cautiously) for fever
- Mild-to-moderate disease - Risk group
lopinavir/ritonavir + chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine for 5-7 days
Consider lopinavir/ritonavir; duration depending on control of viral excretion
Severe disease
remdesivir + chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine for 5-20 days (if remdesivir is not available: continue lopinavir/ritonavir with chloroquine)
remdesivir; duration depending on control of viral excretion (No second choice
Critical disease
remdesivir + chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine for 5-20 days (if remdesivir is not available: continue using lopinavir/ritonavir with chloroquine)
remdesivir; duration based on control of viral excretion Lopinavir/ritonavir as second choice (case by case)

The dosages for HIV treatment are appointed individually based on the viral load (number of virus entities per entity of body fluids) and other medicines included in the therapy. The generally recommended dosages are:

- 800/200 mg (four 200/50 mg tablets) split into two intakes.

- 800/200 mg (four 200/50 mg tablets) once a day.

- For patients prior receiving other HIV therapy and now taking Kaletra with efavirenz, nevirapine, amprenavir, or nelfinavir, the dosage of Kaletra should be increased to 500/125 mg a day. This dosage is achieve by taking two 200/50 mg pills and one 100/25 mg pill.

Overdose of Lopinavir +Ritonavir

If you realize that you overdosed right away, induce vomiting and take sorbents (for instance, activated carbon). If no symptoms developed or the symptoms occurred but are mild, no treatment is needed. You should seek emergency help only in severe side effects resulting from an overdose.

What are possible side effects of Lopinavir + Ritonavir?

When you buy Lopinavir + Ritonavir you can develop some side effects especially if high doses are used.

Likelihood of Lopinavir + Ritonavir side effects based on the study of 2,612 patients

Adverse reactions
Number of patients
% of patients
upper respiratory tract infection
lower respiratory tract infection
High cholesterol
High triglycerides
abdominal pain
gastroenteritis and colitis
Indigestion, heartburn, burping
muscle pain including back pain
headache including migraine
skin infections including folliculitis, and furuncle
weight loss
Loss of appetite
Can be Lopinavir + Ritonavir used other medicines?

When you buy generic Lopinavir + Ritonavir you need to know that it must not be combined with certain drugs. Here we list some of them. For the complete list please refer to the package insert or better consult your healthcare provider if you take any medicines when you want to use this antiviral drug.

The drug if contraindicated to be used with medicines whose metabolism is mediated by the CYP3A enzyme that is highly impacted by Ritonavir. These medicines include astemizole, blonanserin, terfenadine, midazolam, triazolam, cisapride, pimozide, salmeterol, Sildenafil or Tadalafil for lungs, vardenafil, avanafil, voriconazole, ergot alkaloids, amiodarone, Quetiapine, and others.

Other medicines that must not be used with the drug are

- John's wort -based drugs,

- Boceprevir (Victrelis),

- Simeprevir (Olysio),

- Ketoconazole (Nizoral) and itraconazole (Sporanox, Sporaz, Orungal).

Additional recommendations for Kaletra use

- The medication is metabolized extensively in the liver. Thus, in people even with mild liver dysfunctions it can be slowly metabolized which can cause Lopinavir + Ritonavir plasma level increase up to 30% above the norm. Besides, the drug can cause liver function worsening so in the first signs such as yellowing of the skin, nausea, or pain in the upper abdomen, a patient should consult their doctor. If liver function worsening is confirmed, the therapy is discontinued immediately.

- The drug is strictly contraindicated to people with untreated viral hepatitis B and C and is can cause fatal liver dysfunction.

- People with diabetes may need to use increased dosages of antidiabetic medicines while taking Lopinavir + Ritonavir as the drug can cause blood sugar elevation. Control over blood sugar is required.

- People prone to diabetes or with increased cholesterol should use the drug only under a doctor’s supervision as it can cause the development of diabetes and significant increase of cholesterol in predisposed individuals. Control over blood sugar and cholesterol level is needed.

- The medication can cause pancreatitis or an exacerbation of the disease in patients who have already had it. If nausea, pain in the abdomen, diarrhea or vomiting occur, tests for pancreas function should be done. If acute pancreatitis is confirmed, the therapy is discontinued.

- In people with blood coagulation disorders the use of Kaletra can induce bleeding. Thus, during the therapy prothrombin time must be controlled regularly. If the indicators show an increased risk of bleeding, the therapy is discontinued and can be restarted if they are taken under control.

- The medication can cause certain negative symptoms from the part of the heart especially in people with history of heart diseases. They should be treated under a doctor’s supervision.

Where can you buy generic Lopinavir + Ritonavir?

Our online drugstore offers you to order generic Kaletra online. The medicine we sell is identical to the branded drug but is made by another manufacturer and therefore has a different trade name, Hivus-LR. It is made by the company Aurobindo Pharma Ltd. The drug is based on the same formula and components, Lopinavir + Ritonavir. You can use it as described in the respective section or as your doctor prescribed you to use Kaletra.

We offer international express and standard shipping.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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