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Generic Arthritis drugs


In this category of our pharmacy, you can find medicinal products to undergo the therapy for arthritis. Arthritis is an inflammatory illness that influences the joints and induces pain that accompanies movement including walking if the leg joints are impacted.

In this guide we overview the types of the diseases, diagnosis and treatment methods. We offer you to buy arthritis drugs without Rx but encourage you to seek professional help for the correct diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan.

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Arthritis overview

If one joint is affected then the disease is called monoarthritis. If several joints are affected than it is called polyarthritis. If the disease if left untreated, it progresses and spreads to all the articular tissues bones, cartilages, ligaments, tendons, and adjacent muscles.

The disease can occur spontaneously. Then it is classified as acute arthritis. If it develops over time, it is classified as chronic arthritis.

The statistic shows that the main risk group is individuals aged older than sixty-five years. The number of senior people who are officially diagnosed with the disease is around 60% but doctors believe that this number is much higher if the cases when a patient doesn’t seek medical assistance would be counted too. However, the disease can develop also in younger individuals. The time the disease develops and its manifestations depend on the causes that provoke it.

Types of arthritis

- Reactive arthritis typically starts to manifest as fatigue and general malaise. It is a form of the disease that commonly occurs in male individuals aged between 30-40 years as a result of genitourinary tract infection. Other symptoms include headaches, fever, and the most typical symptom – leg joints are inflamed asymmetrically. Usually, the joints inflammation occurs once the unspecific disease manifestations are faded. The additional symptoms include burning sensation in urination, and conjunctivitis (eye inflammation).
- Rheumatoid arthritis is distinguished by symmetrical joints inflammation. The joints become swollen and inflamed. The pain occurs mainly during the night or before a person gets up. In the afternoon, the pain almost completely fades. At the start, an individual can usually minimize the pain with physical exercise. However, the more the disease progresses, the less helpful this method becomes. Once arthritis affected all small joints, it spreads to the bigger ones and the formation of characteristic nods starts. These nods are small dense formations at the point of flexion of the joints. The individual starts suffering from general malaise, bad appetite, and so on. In the acute phases or exacerbations, the body temperature elevates. Additional symptoms may include numbness of the limbs, chest pain, salivary glands swelling, as well as sensitivity to light.
- Infectious arthritis distinguished by an acute start of the disease with typical intoxication features. The body temperature lifts, chills, and muscle ache occur.  Nausea can occur but it is mostly typical for kids. The joint gets swollen and its shape changes. The pain intensifies during movements and can spread to the nearby body parts. The skin adjacent to the joint gets warmer, the symptoms are pronounced especially in children.
- Gouty arthritis usually starts to manifest at the night. The triggers for the disease are the consumption of large amounts of meat or alcohol. In the majority of cases, the first affected joints are the big toes but a knee or an elbow can be also affected. The disease is distinguished by acute intense pain. The skin around it becomes red and swollen. The body temperature is unchanged and the seizure passes as abruptly as it starts.
- Psoriatic arthritis is distinguished by the consistent development of the symptoms, swollen joints and local temperature rise. Another symptom is the occurrence of the red itching and peeling spots on the skin, the nails of an affected individual start to split. Frequently, the illness affects fingers that become significantly thicker.
- Osteoarthritis is distinguished by a very slow progression of arthritis that little by little affects all of the joints including the spine. The main symptom is the crunching of the joints.
- Traumatic arthritis is similar to osteoarthritis. It has the same signs but all of them start at the site where the inflammation started.
Before you buy anti-arthritis medications, you need to get a precise diagnosis based on the comprehensive examination and necessary tests.

Causes of arthritis

Although officially there is no identified reason for arthritis development, some medical practitioners think that it can be triggered by infection, trauma, or allergy. Besides, the disease can be provoked by the impaired metabolism or CNS diseases or by the vitamins deficiency. However, the most commonly identified reason is infections.

The low immune protection causes the development of refractory arthritis and joint breakdown. Autoimmune arthritis can occur after infections but the pathogens themselves are only indirect causes of the disease: the organism starts attacking its own cells modified by an infection as a consequence of a malfunction in the immune system. First, are affected hands, and then all the other joints. If patients do not receive the appropriate treatment they can become disabled for life.

Based on the variety and origin, the following causes of arthritis are distinguished:
- Viral, bacterial, or fungal infections that modify the body cells and the malfunction of the immune system start to attack its own cells.
- Joint injuries;
- Professional sports or other regular excessive loads on the joints;
- Extra body mass;
- Congenital dislocation of the hip;
- Central nervous system disorders;
- Allergy;
- Other diseases such as tuberculosis, gonorrhea, dysentery, gout;
- Endocrine system, the hormonal changes in the female body during the menopause;
- Genetic propensity;
- Vitamins deficiency and/or bad food habits;
- Excessive consumption of alcohol;
- Insects bites;
- Hypothermia.

Arthritis diagnosis

In order to correctly make the diagnosis, a set of diagnostic techniques is needed such as physical examination, laboratory tests, and instrumental diagnosis. If you find the symptoms of arthritis, you should go to a specialist in traumatology, rheumatologist, infectious disease specialist, physiotherapist, and dermatologist.

The tests to diagnose arthritis and identify its form include:
- Complete blood count is used to identify whether the disease is in an acute stage or not. It also helps to detect whether the disease is triggered by the bacterial pathogens or an allergic response by the elevated number of leukocytes, or eosinophils.
- General blood test helps identify the level of uric and sialic acid levels which if they are elevated can b a sign of gouty arthritis.
- Immunological indicators allow diagnosing the rheumatoid type of the disease when rheumatoid factor and other parameters are raised.
- X-ray is made to identify the stage of arthritis and the type of the disease. It allows seeing the joint damage, inflammatory processes that affected bone tissue, neoplasms, and degenerative changes.
- Ultrasound is an auxiliary test most commonly used to identify the degree of the joint impact and especially such massive joints as in the shoulder, knee, and elbow.
- CT scan helps to see the joint in several sections and identify the condition of soft tissues.
- Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) allows seeing the degenerative disease in the most detailed way assess the condition of the bone and the soft tissues. It is commonly used when the intervertebral discs, nerve structures, ligaments, etc. are affected.
- Arthroscopy is an invasive surgical procedure on a knee joint made to make a biopsy of the affected tissues as well as articular fluid for further study.
- Arthrogram is made to study the condition of the cartilage, and soft tissue surrounding the joint but the procedure is contraindicated in the acute disease.

Not to spend your money in vain, you should consult a specialist and do only those tests that he believes are needed. Then, when the treatment is prescribed, you can save on it and buy generic anti-arthritis drugs from our med store.

Anti-arthritis medications 4RXStore offers you to buy

- Generic Arava made by the pharmaceutical company IPCA and based on Leflunomide is a disease-modifying drug for rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis treatment in adults. The formulation has antiproliferative (preventing the spread of the disease), immunosuppressive, and anti-inflammatory action. The medication is used to cope with the symptoms, slowing down of occurrence of marginal erosions of joints and narrowing of joint slots. It can be used along with other NSAIDs or low doses of corticosteroids.

- Generic Arcoxia based on Etoricoxib made by Ranbaxy is a form of NSAID that selectively inhibits an enzyme made within the organism that is responsible for inflammation and occurrence of pain in the joints. Its action has a slightly less negative effect on the digestive tract than other non-selective NSAIDs. The medication can be used for the management of symptoms of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, acute gouty arthritis, and postoperative pain.

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