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Generic Arthritis drugs


Arthritis, its types, symptoms, method of treatment

Arthritis causes inflammation, growth (swelling) and pain in the joints. Joint pain associated with arthritis, usually accompanied by swelling around the joint and change of the joint shape.

There are different types of arthritis. Each type has its own characteristics that differentiate it from others. The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis. Inflammatory arthritis has several types: infectious arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout.

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Osteoarthritis is an inflammatory arthritis. This disease usually begins slowly, over months or years. The most commonly affected joints are the knees, wrist joints and hip.

Gout is a disease associated with the metabolic disorders (often hereditary) and in 9-10 times more common in men than in women. Gout attacks usually affect only one joint, this can be the knees or elbows.

Rheumatoid arthritis occurs in young patients and affects multiple joints, often brush.

Osteoarthritis can occur due to various factors, including abrasion of joints, which occurs over time. With the aging, the joints "wear out" due to the constant, long-term friction. Osteoarthritis is very typical for the elderly people. Rheumatoid arthritis can originate due to failures in the immune system. Gout is the result of constantly elevated levels of uric acid in the body.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis include swelling, changes in the structure of the joint that cause pain, damage and loss of joint function. Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis include redness, swelling, pain and loss of function, as well as damage of the joint. Gout is characterized by inflammation, severe pain in the joints and redness of the joint.

How should we treat arthritis?

You can use different methods to support the joints and improve their condition. It can be tires, bandages, wiring. Support for the arch of the foot and heel cushions can lower stress on the joints and relieve pain.

Moderate physical activity will reduce pain, make joints more flexible and improve overall health. The amount of physical activity depends mostly of the degree of the disease. In any case, you should reduce the amount of stress. Physical activity will help you to fight with stress. Patients that suffer from obesity should lose weight, as overweight causes pain in the knees and the joints of the pelvis. People with arthritis should avoid foods rich in animal fat and protein as well as alcoholic beverages.

Our online pharmacy offers such preparations against arthritis as Ansaid, Arava, Arcoxia, Zyloprim.

Ansaid has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effect, associated with suppression of TSOG1 and TSOG2 that regulate the synthesis of Pg.
  – Indicated during inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system: rheumatoid and gouty arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis (Bechterew’s disease).
  – Pain syndrome: bursitis, tenosynovitis, arthralgia, myalgia, sciatica, neuralgia, headache (including migraine) and toothache, trauma, burns, tuberculosis.
  – Feverish syndrome during "cold" and infectious diseases. Lozenges can be taken in symptomatic treatment (for pain relief) during infectious and inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and pharynx.

Arava is a basic antirheumatic agent with antiproliferative, immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory properties. The therapeutic effect usually manifests after 4-6 weeks, and may increase in the future, for 4-6 months.
  – Rheumatoid arthritis (active form).

Arcoxia is a selective COX-2 inhibitor. Arcoxia inhibits the production of proinflammatory Pg at therapeutic concentrations. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic effects. At doses less than 150 mg it does not affect platelet aggregation and gastrointestinal mucosa.
  – Symptomatic treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, acute gouty arthritis.

Zyloprim lowers the concentration of uric acid and its salts in the body fluids, prevents the formation of urate deposits in tissues and kidneys and promotes their dissolution.
  – Diseases accompanied by hyperuricemia (treatment and prevention): gout (primary and secondary), nephrolithiasis.
  – Hyperuricemia (primary and secondary) that occurs in diseases involving enhanced dissolution of nucleoproteins and elevated levels of uric acid in the blood, including various gematoblastomah (acute leukemia, chronic myeloid leukemia, lymphosarcoma, etc. ), with cytostatic and radiotherapy of tumors ( including children ), psoriasis, extensive traumatic injuries due to enzyme disorders and with massive SCS therapy.
  – Violations of purine metabolism in children.
  – Urate nephropathy with impaired renal function (renal failure).

Symptoms of arthritis may also vary depending on the form of the disease and its type, but the pain in the joints is the inevitable companion of any arthritis.
Thus, the symptoms of arthritis include:
  – Intensive and / or twitching pain in the affected joint that aggravates at night in a fixed position of the body;
  – Edema and swelling in the area of joint;
  – Redness of the skin in the area of the joint;
  – Raising temperature in the joint destruction (up to 40 ° C);
  – Violation of joint motor function, stiffness;
  – Weakness in the body and weight loss.

The main effects or complications, running towards arthritis are joint sepsis (purulent inflammation of the bursa of the joint) and arthritis (the destruction and / or deformation of the joint). Effects of a variety of arthritis may be the destruction of some internal organs, most commonly the kidneys, bladder, liver and heart.

Proper treatment of arthritis is always a complex, long-term and systematic. It should be aimed at addressing the causes of arthritis pain syndrome and inflammation.

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