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Asthma Medication (Albuterol)

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Albuterol, or how it is differently called, Salbutamol, is a medication that helps quickly dilating the bronchi in an acute bronchospasm and suffocation associated with asthma, COPD, chronic bronchitis, and lung emphysema. The formulation can be used both for the stopping of acute episodes and for their prevention as a maintenance therapy or before physical exercising or contact with an allergen that can cause suffocation. The inhaler use is suitable for adults and children older than four years. It can be used in younger children too but with a spacer, a special device to facilitate the synchronization of breathing with the inhaler use.
Bronchial asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Lung emphysema, Chronic bronchitis
The inhaler helps to quickly stop an acute asthma attack and prevent the following ones
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Albuterol (Generic Salbutamol)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Albuterol? How does it act?

Albuterol is both the name of the active substance and one of the trademarks under which the formulation is sold under. It is a selective stimulator of beta2-adrenoreceptors that is used for the therapy of asthma and other diseases that cause suffocation through the obstruction of bronchi. The formulation dilates the bronchi through the relaxation of the smooth muscles of the bronchi.
The formulation acts quickly especially in a form of an inhaler and can be used as an urgency aid in a suffocation episode. The effect starts to manifest in 4-5 minutes and achieves the maximum in 40 to 60 minutes and is maintained within four to six hours.
The most pronounced effect is achieved in the use of two dosages which is the maximum per time of use and can be utilized if the single dosage wasn’t sufficient. The further increase of the dosages doesn’t contribute to the improvement of symptoms but substantially raises the likelihood of adverse effects such as tremor, headache, dizziness, and others.
The medication also alleviates the sputum expectoration (spitting) in acute bronchitis and helps to prevent allergic bronchospasm as it prevents the inflammation mediators’ release.
To save on the therapy when you need to buy Albuterol, you can opt for a medication with the same active substance but with a less known name.

Drug information
Commercial names Ventolin, Proventil, Albuterol, others
Pregnancy category AU: A
US: C (Risk not ruled out)
Routes of administration by mouth (tablets), inhalational
Legal status AU: S3 / S4 [4]
CA: RX-only
US: RX-only
Pharmacokinetic data
Metabolism Hepatic
Onset of action <15 min (inhaled), <30 min (pill)
Elimination half-life 3.8-6 hours
Duration of action 2-6 hours
Excretion Renal (with urine)


Indications for Albuterol use

- Emergency treatment of an asthma attack;
- Emergency treatment in suffocation attacks in other diseases in which the obstruction of the airways occurs such as chronic bronchitis, COPD, and emphysema.
- Prevention of a bronchospasm or asthma attacks in the contact of an allergen or induced by physical exercise.
- Prophylaxis and prevention of bronchospasms in the combined therapy of asthma.
Please note that these diseases require a proper diagnosis and the treatment chosen by a specialist. You can buy generic Albuterol online without Rx but for your own safety and to ensure that you get the best results from the therapy you should first consult a medical practitioner.
Albuterol inhaler contraindications for use
The inhaler and other forms of the medicinal product are prohibited to be used in the therapy of people who are allergic to Albuterol or as it is differently called Salbutamol.
Other contraindications of the inhaler use are the age below four years and two years for the use of the inhaler with a spacer, a device that helps to synchronize breathing with the medication inhalation.
People who have even the minor heart problems, liver or kidney failure, uncontrollable arterial pressure, diabetes, an excess of thyroid hormone in the body, or pheochromocytoma must inform their doctors about it and use the formulation only if a doctor approves.

Albuterol dosage recommendations

At this webpage, you can buy Salbutamol in a form of an inhaler. Here you can find the general dosing instructions but for the instruction for inhaler use please see the package insert.
The single dosage received through one inhalation contains 100 mcg of Albuterol.
- Acute bronchospasm in adults and children is treated with the inhalation of one dosage but if the effect is insufficient, the maximum of two inhalations can be made.
- For the prevention of an allergy or physical exercise-induced asthma attack in adults and kids over 12 years, two inhalations must be made 10-15 minutes before the anticipated contact with an allergen or physical exercise. For the kids younger than 12 years one inhalation can be sufficient but if it isn’t, the maximum of two inhalations can be made.
- The maintenance therapy in both adults and children is made with 2 inhalations repeated four times a day if the doctor does not prescribe otherwise.
Please note that these are general recommendations but it is always preferable to follow the individually chosen ones.
If during the inhaler use a patient experiences the increased need for the use of beta-2 antagonists, it means that the treated condition had worsened and the therapy must be revised.

Adverse reactions to the use of Albuterol

The use of the inhaler can be a reason for the development of certain adverse reactions that include:
- Peripheral swelling, skin rash, urticaria, bronchospasm, lowering of the blood pressure.
- Lowering of potassium levels;
- Agitation, shaking of the hands, headaches;
- Fast heart rate and other heart symptoms;
- Inflammation of the mouth mucosa;
- Muscle spasms;
- Sore throat, difficulty urination, sweating, high glucose or free fatty acids levels in the blood.

You must get a proper consultation of a medical practitioner before you buy generic Salbutamol on the safety of the formulation use in your case particularly if you have any allergy to any medication or suffer from any chronic illnesses.

Adverse reactions (percentage of patients) in the 3-month clinical trial
Body System / Adverse Event (Preferred Term)
PROVENTIL® HFA Inhalation Aerosol

CFC 11/12 Propelled Albuterol Inhaler

HFA-134a Placebo Inhaler
Application Site Disorders

Inhalation Site Sensation
Inhalation Taste Sensation




Body as a Whole
Allergic Reaction/Symptoms
Back Pain


Central and Peripheral Nervous System
Gastrointestinal System
Heart Rate and Rhythm Disorder
Psychiatric Disorders
Respiratory System Disorders
Respiratory Disorder (unspecified)
Upper Resp Tract Infection
Urinary System Disorder
Urinary Tract Infection


Albuterol overdose

The adverse reactions of the organism such as fast heartbeat, low blood pressure, acidosis, hypokalemia, hyperglycemia, hands shaking, headache, anxiety, seizures, and others can occur if you use more than two doses of the inhaler per use.
The formulation isn’t eliminated with hemodialysis so the therapy implemented is rather aimed at the coping with the occurred symptoms.

Drug interactions

Before you order Albuterol, check with your medical care provider that it doesn’t adversely interact with any other medications that you take.
- The formulation enhances any CNS stimulants effect and heart toxicity of the formulations that contain thyroid hormones.
- The negative effects of the formulation are enhanced with the concurrent use of Theophylline and ephedrine.
- The likelihood of severe heart adverse effects is higher when the medication use is combined with the use of prostaglandins synthesis inhibitors, corticosteroids, inhalational anesthetics, Levodopa, tricyclic antidepressants, and MAO inhibitors.
- The formulation diminishes the effectiveness of beta-blockers, medications aimed to lower the blood pressure, and nitrates.
- The probability of intoxication caused by glycosides is increased when the formulation is used with them.

Safe use recommendations

All patients who order generic Albuterol for the first time must be instructed and shown how to use the inhaler properly by a respiratory therapist and use it for the first couple of times under supervision to ensure that the inhaler will be properly used in an emergency.
It is not desirable to use high dosages in acute asthma attacks as this causes the enhancement of the severity of the following attacks.
In an emergency use of the formulation, two inhalations can be used by with an interval of 20 minutes or more.
If the formulation doesn’t render the expected effect but such adverse reactions as hands shaking, tremor, fast heartbeat, and others develop, the therapy with the formulation must be discontinued and a visit to your doctor appointed.
The probability of occurrence of adverse effects is higher in the long-term use of Albuterol or a sharp cessation of the drug use.
To ensure that you use the inhaler properly, you must shake it before every use, synchronize the breath in with the dosage release and hold your breath for 10 seconds afterward. To facilitate the synchronization especially for children it is advised to use a spacer.

Where to buy Albuterol?

Naturally, you can get the inhaler at your nearby drugstores but if you want to get it cheaper you can order Salbutamol from our pharmacy. We guarantee the highest quality and fast delivery of the medications that we sell.

Ventolin shipping

To save on the shipping too, order several inhalers or other medications that you need so that your order will be $170 or more. In that case, we will ship it for free via standard mail. The standard shipping takes from 14 to 25 days. But if you need the inhalers sooner, make sure to opt for express shipping that takes from 7 to 14 days internationally.

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Discrete packaging
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  Got your item quick thanks

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