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Asthma Medication (Alvesco)

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Alvesco is one of the names under which a glucocorticoid with an unpatented name Ciclesonide is sold. The medication is available in a form of inhaler that has an anti-inflammatory, symptoms-lowering, and lungs-function improvement action. It can be used in children, adults and even pregnant women as it is much less dangerous for the developing organisms than the oral glucocorticoids. You can find the guidelines on how to use the drug, when not to use it, and so on from the complete article below this description.
The inhaler helps improving the lung function, reduce inflammation, and diminish the symptoms of asthma
Cipla - Caring for life
Cipla - Caring for life
Alvesco (Generic Ciclesonide)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is the medication you can buy as Alvesco?

Alvesco is one of the most known names for the medicinal formulation with an unpatented name Ciclesonide. It is an inhaled glucocorticosteroid, used to treat asthma and allergic rhinitis. It is a prodrug which is activated in the lungs. The metabolite that is formed within the body has high vicinity for glucocorticosteroid receptors and is capable of creating storage of the formulation in the cell.
The medication’s peculiarities make it able to render a highly efficient anti-inflammatory activity with the minimum risk of adverse effects developed both locally and on the whole body level. Besides, the formulation can be used only once a day which makes it even more preferable for the therapy. The fact that the active agent is deposited in high amounts in the cells minimizes the risk of the incorrectly inhaled and therefore insufficient dosages which is possible in the use of other metered inhalers. Thus, Alvesco safely put an end to the inflammation in the airways, lowers the manifestations of asthma, and improves the lungs’ function.
If your respiratory therapist tells you to buy Alvesco, you can get the branded medication or opt for a generic drug, i.e. the same product but under another name and at a cheaper price. But you have to make sure that the active agent is Ciclesonide.

AU: S4 (Prescription only)
UK: POM (Prescription only)
US: RX-only
Drug description

Pregnancy category

AU: B3
US: C (Risk not ruled out)
Routes of administration Oral inhalation
Legal status
Legal status


Alvesco prohibitions for use

The use of the inhaler is contraindicated for people with high sensitivity to the medication and children younger than six years.
The use is possible but with caution and only if a doctor approves in tuberculosis, bacterial, viral or mycotic lung infections.

Alvesco use during pregnancy

There hadn’t been sufficient studies of the medication safety of use in women who expect babies. However, since it is found in the blood in the minimum amounts, it is considered that it has the minimal effect on the embryo.
As other inhalation glucocorticoids, the medication can be used during gestation and lactation at a doctor’s discretion if the anticipated benefits are higher than the potential risks. However, the newborns of mothers who used glucocorticoids during gestation must be supervised by doctors to timely identify potential hypofunction (diminished activity) of the adrenal glands.

Alvesco dosing instructions

When you buy generic Alvesco it is highly recommended to consult medical specialists and follow their instructions based on your medical record analysis. The following guidelines are provided for information only.
The inhaler is used only for inhalation by mouth. It must be utilized for a long period of time every day. The course must not be abruptly terminated unless severe adverse reactions develop.
The starting dosage is chosen personally based on the severity of the condition. Once the desired control over asthma is achieved, it must be diminished to the minimum effective dosage sufficient for the control over the disease.

Initial dosages for adults including senior patients and kids older than 12 years

- Mild asthma is treated with 160 mcg once a day.
- Moderate asthma is treated with 160-320 mcg a day.
- Severe asthma is treated with 320-640 mcg once a day or 320 mcg two times a day.
- Asthma dependent on oral glucocorticoids is treated with 320-640 mcg two times a day.
The relief of the symptoms can be noticed within 24 hours after the inhaler use.
The effective maintenance dosage for adults and teens is 80 mcg once a day.

Kids aged from 6 to 12 years

The safe daily dosage is 80-160 mcg once a day or 80 mcg two times a day. If asthma is well-controlled, at a doctor’s discretion, the dosage can be lowered to 40 mcg once a day.
The medication can be used with or without a spacer to ease the synchronization of the taking air into the lungs with the spraying of the active agent.

Special patient groups

There is no need to adjust the dosages for elderly patients and people with kidney or liver dysfunction.
Adult and adolescents who take oral glucocorticoids on a regular basis:
Patients with severe asthma who depend on the use of oral glucocorticoids are advised to use Alvesco in the dosage of 640 mcg twice a day.
To transfer a patient from oral formulations to this inhaler, they must be in remission. The dosage of the inhaler of 640 mcg twice a day must be taken for ten days along oral glucocorticoids. After 10 days, the dosage of the oral drug must be gradually lowered every week till the minimum safe one with the decrease every week by not more than 2.5 mg.
The dosage of Alvesco must be lowered for people who need oral glucocorticoids.

The transition from other inhalation corticosteroids

Patients whose asthma symptoms are successfully controlled by the previous therapy should start the use of Alvesco from a half of the daily dosage of Beclomethasone.
Patients with poorly controlled symptoms can shift from the previous formulation to the same dosage in mcg of Alvesco.
The precise guidelines on how to properly use the inhaler are contained in the package insert.

Alvesco adverse effects

When you buy Ciclesonide, be prepared that you can start experiencing the following negative reactions:
- Headache
- Nausea, vomiting, unpleasant taste
- Dyspnea, cough, paradoxical bronchospasm
- Eczema and skin rash
- Mycotic infections of the oral cavity
- Local reaction at the site of application, dryness at the site of application
- Heartbeat, hypertension
- Abdominal pain, dyspepsia
- Angioedema

Inhaled corticosteroids can produce systemic effects, especially in high doses utilized for a long period.

Adverse reactions in patients older than 12 years of age with different Alvesco dosages in us placebo-controlled clinical trials in patients previously on bronchodilators and/or inhaled corticosteroids
Adverse reaction
(N=507) %
(N=325) %

(N=127) %

(N=172) %







Pharyngolaryngeal pain
Upper respiratory Inf.
Nasal congestion
Pain in extremity
Back pain

Overdose is fraught with the intensification of the adverse effects or their occurrence if they were absent before. The treatment is aimed at the minimization of the symptoms and control over adrenocortical function.

Inhaler interactions

The inhaler is not encouraged to be used along with inhibitors of CYP3A4 enzyme such as ketoconazole.
If you take any other medications, discuss the safety of their use at the same time as Alvesco with your doctor.

Use precautions

Before you buy generic Ciclesonide, you should know that the therapy with it requires certain precautions.
- The inhaler is not aimed for the stopping of acute asthma attacks or status asthmaticus that require the use of urgent means.
- The safety of the inhalation glucocorticoids long-term use in kids is not fully studied. Pediatricians must observe kids who are prescribed glucocorticoids and control their growth rate. In any suspicion of delayed growth, the therapy must be revised with the aim of lowering the dosages.
- Patients who were transferred from oral glucocorticoids to the inhalation ones can have lowered adrenal cortex function during a long period of time even after their use discontinuation. Thus, the adverse reactions to the oral glucocorticoids can also persist for a while after their use discontinuation. The patients must regularly undergo adrenal cortex function tests and acknowledge that the worsening can happen in a critical therapeutic or surgical procedure and other individual cases that can be caused by stress factors.
In the insufficient adrenocortical response or severe complications, the dosage of Alvesco must be raised or, if necessary, oral glucocorticoids returned in the therapy.
Paradoxical bronchospasm with the enhanced wheezing or other symptoms of bronchi narrowing that occurred right after Alvesco inhalation requires the use of fast-acting bronchodilator inhaler. If this adverse effect occurs, the attending doctor must be immediately informed so he or she would be able to examine the patient and decide whether the risks of further use are admissible or if they outweigh the possible positive effects.

Where can you buy Alvesco cheap?

As you know from your doctor or from the medication guide, the therapy with Alvesco or Ciclesonide requires the long duration use of the inhaler.
Thus, in order to save, you can order generic Alvesco cheaper at our drugstore than at the regular pharmacies.

Alvesco shipping

We ship all medications without exception all around the world including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and so on. The time that it may take to get your parcel is from 7 to 25 days (express or standard shipping).

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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