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Blood Pressure Medication (Cardizem)

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Under the name Cardizem the active agent Diltiazem is sold. It is a channel blocker, a benzothiazepine derivative. The medication has an antianginal, antiarrhythmic, and blood-pressure-lowering effects and is prescribed for a number of cardiovascular conditions such as arterial hypertension, angina pectoris, and prophylaxis of coronary spasm during a surgery, diabetic nephropathy, paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia, and others. It is indicated for adults but is contraindicated during pregnancy. Find out more about the medication use from our full guide.
Angina pectoris, Stable angina, Vasospastic angina, Prophylaxis of coronary spasm during a surgery, Arterial hypertension, High blood pressure, Diabetic nephropathy, Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia
The formulation effectively lowers arterial blood pressure and minimizes the symptoms of cardiovascular diseases it is used for
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Cardizem (Generic Diltiazem)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Cardizem and when is it used?

The medication you may know as Cardizem is based on the active agent Diltiazem which is a calcium channel blocker, a benzothiazepine derivative, has antianginal, antiarrhythmic, and hypotensive effects.
Cardizem is the trade name which can be used by a single company who registered it but since the medication can be produced by numerous manufacturers, it can be also found under other names. It is more beneficial to buy Cardizem under a less known name to pay less money per pill. To make sure you get the right medication, check that under the trade name the name Diltiazem is indicated.

The medication can be prescribed to an individual for:

- Angina pectoris (stable, vasospastic);
- Prophylaxis of coronary spasm during coronary angiography or coronary artery bypass surgery;
- Arterial hypertension including after myocardial infarction (mostly retard forms, when beta-adrenergic blockers are contraindicated);
- Diabetic nephropathy (when ACF inhibitors are contraindicated);
- Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia.

Please keep in mind that the same conditions and diseases can be treated differently based on the accompanying factors and symptoms so only a medical professional specialized in cardiology can choose the right medication for you. Thus, even though you can buy generic Cardizem without Rx, we advise you to get a prior consultation with a specialist and undergo appointed medical tests.

How does the medication act?

The medication blocks the L-type potential-dependent calcium channels and inhibits the entry of calcium ions into the depolarization phase of cardiomyocytes and vascular smooth muscle cells. As a result of the inhibition of slow depolarizing flow of calcium into the cells of the excitable tissues, the formation of the action potential is inhibited and the process of excitation-reduction divides.
The formulation use lowers myocardial contractility, reduces heart rate and slows AV conductivity. Relaxes smooth muscles in the vessels, lowers round the total vessels resistance.
It has a dose-dependent antihypertensive effect in mild to moderate hypertension. The intensity of pressure lowering correlates with the level of hypertension (in people with normal blood pressure, there is only a minimal decrease in it). Hypotensive effect is manifested in both horizontal and vertical position. Rarely causes postural hypotension and reflex tachycardia. Does not change or slightly reduces the maximum heart rate during exercise.

Cardizem contraindications for use

The formulation is prohibited in:
- Hypersensitivity to the pills’ components;
- Low arterial pressure;
- Cardiogenic shock;
- Left ventricular systolic dysfunction;
- Acute myocardial infarction;
- Sick sinus syndrome (if no pacemaker is implanted);
- Sinoatrial and AV block of II – III degrees;
- Laun-Gangong-Levine syndrome with paroxysmal flicker or atrial flutter (except with a pacemaker);
- Pregnancy, breastfeeding.

On top of that, the formulation is not desired to be used in:
- Sinoatrial and AV block of the first degree;
- Pronounced aortic stenosis;
- Bundle branch block;
- Chronic heart failure;
- Renal and/or liver failure;
- Old and young age (older than70 and younger than 18 years).

Cardizem dosing

The instruction provides the following recommendations on the daily dosages but you have to consult your healthcare provider to be a hindered percent sure that you get the correct dosage for your disease, age, accompanying conditions, and so on.
The tablets are taken with or without food. They should be consumed entirely without crushing and washed down with sufficient liquid.
The average dosage for adults is 180-240 mg a day. The highest daily dosage is 480 mg.
Usually, the initial dosage is 60 mg taken three or four times a day. Then it can be raised to 120 mg thrice a day if the effect is insufficient.
Individuals of senior age and those who have liver function impairment are advised to start the treatment with the lower dosages that is 30 mg taken three to four times a day.


The typical symptoms of the overdose with Cardizem are the below norm dropped arterial pressure, slowed down heart rate, intracardiac blockade and heart failure.
The treatment requires gastric lavage, use of activated carbon, plasma exchange and hemoperfusion using activated carbon. The antidotes for the medication are calcium-containing medications. The symptomatic therapy must be also performed which can include administration of atropine, isoproterenol, dopamine, diuretics, fluid infusion, and so on. In severe AV-block, the performing of electrical pacing can be required.

Possible adverse effects that can be caused by the use of Cardizem

You can develop certain negative reactions to the medication use besides the positive effects such as:
- Hypotension, slow heart rate, conduction disorder of the first degree, reduction in cardiac output, palpitations, syncope, eosinophilia.
- Headache, lightheadedness, weakness, tiredness;
- Swelling of the limbs, erectile dysfunction;
- Digestion disorders such as constipation or loose stool, nausea, and so on.
- Increased sweating and skin reddening;
- Skin rash, itching, an increased transaminase activity, hyperglycemia.

The likelihood of these adverse effects greatly depends on the other conditions that you have or your predisposition to allergy, and so on. Thus, if you have any chronic or acute conditions, you should inform your doctor and consult him or her about the potential adverse effacers before you buy Diltiazem and start using the pills.

Interactions with other medications

- The medication use elevates the levels of Carbamazepine, Theophylline, cyclosporine A, Digoxin in the blood when used along with them.
- Cimetidine elevates the level of the medication in the blood.
- Digoxin enhances the effect of the medication in the tachysystolic form of atrial fibrillation.
- It can enhance the depressive effect of anesthetics on the contractility, conduction, and automatism of the heart.
- Diltiazem diminishes the toxic effect on the kidneys of cyclosporine A.
- Antiarrhythmic medications and beta-blockers promote the development of slow heartbeat, conduction disorders, and symptoms of heart failure.
- Antihypertensive medications taken with this formulation potentiate the blood-pressure-lowering effect.

Precautions when taking Diltiazem

When using the medication it is not advised to use beta-blockers intravenously.
The medication must be cautiously used for the stabilization of the heart rhythm in patients with impaired hemodynamics or with medications that lower the total peripheral vessels resistance, contractility, and myocardial conductivity.
Parenteral administration is possible with the availability of facilities and equipment (including a defibrillator) for emergency care. With prolonged intravenous infusion, continuous monitoring of ECG and blood pressure is necessary.

Where can you buy Cardizem?

The cheapest way to get the medication with the same composition but a less advertised name is to order generic Cardizem from this webpage.

Cardizem shipping

We offer worldwide Cardizem shipping within 7-25 days (express or standard shipping) including free shipping for orders over $170.

Free prescription
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