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Blood Pressure Medication (Coversyl)

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Coversyl is based on Perindopril. It is a medication with blood pressure lowering, vessels expanding, sodium-washing out, and cardioprotective effect. It is indicated for arterial hypertension, congestive heart failure, prevention of recurrent stroke, prevention of cardiovascular complications in stable coronary heart disease. The use of the medication requires doctorís supervision and dosage adjustments based on the individual patientís features. Find out what dosages and precautions are advised when using this drug from the article below.
Arterial hypertension, High blood pressure, Congestive heart failure, Prevention of recurrent stroke, Prevention of cardiovascular complications in stable coronary heart disease
The medication effectively lowers the blood pressure and normalizes the heart function in various diseases it is indicated for including prevention of stroke
Coversly, Aceon
Coversyl (Generic Perindopril)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Coversyl and when is it used?

The brand Coversyl is owned by Servier, a private French pharmaceutical company. The product marketed under this name is based on the substance called Perindopril. Since it was developed a while ago, currently it can be manufactured and marketed not only by Servier. That means if you want to buy Coversyl, you can instead get a generic formulation based on Perindopril for a lower price.
The formulation is a hypotensive, vasodilating, natriuretic, and cardioprotective agent. The effects are achieved through the lowering of angiotensin in the blood and tissues, lowered production and release of aldosterone from the adrenal glands, inhibition of norepinephrine liberation from sympathetic nerve fiber endings and endothelial formation in the vascular wall.
Perindopril diminishes the total peripheral vascular resistance, improves diastolic relaxation of the left ventricle, and diminishes the post- and preload on the myocardium, decreases end-diastolic pressure in the ventricles of the heart, moderately decreases heart rate, and increases the cardiac output. It betters the regional blood circulation and diminishes myocardial oxygen demand in ischemic heart disease. Coversyl minimizes pressurizing, including adrenergic, effects on blood vessels, prevents sodium retention in the body, increases natriuresis and diuresis.

Due to its beneficial properties for the cardiovascular system, the medication is appointed for the treatment of:
- Arterial hypertension;
- Congestive heart failure;
- Prophylaxis of recurrent stroke in individuals with cerebrovascular diseases.
- Prevention of cardiovascular complications in patients with documented stable coronary heart disease.
The long-term use of the formulation lowers the risk of myocardial infarction.

Contraindications for Coversyl use

Even though the formulation has a number of positive effects for people with cardiovascular diseases, it still can be contraindicated for some of them:
- In intolerance of the active or auxiliary substances in the tablets or to other ACE inhibitors;
- In the history of angioedema connected to the use of ACE inhibitors;
- History of angioedema due to any reason;
- During pregnancy and planning of pregnancy;
- For individuals with diabetes or kidney failure who use with medicines that contain Aliskiren.
- For everyone aged below 18.

The use of the formulation should be carefully weighed by a doctor if a patient has:
- Severe autoimmune conditions;
- Aortic or mitral stenosis;
- Constrictive pericarditis;
- Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with hemodynamic disorders;
- Obstructive changes that impede the outflow of blood from the heart;
- Kidney artery stenosis;
- Kidney transplant;
- Atherosclerosis obliterans;
- Moderate kidney failure;
- Hyponatremia or sodium restriction in the diet;
- Dehydration;
- Leukopenia, thrombocytopenia,
- General anesthesia and surgery.

If you have any other conditions, please still consult your doctor before you buy generic Coversyl and start using it.

Coversyl dosing recommendations

It is recommended to use the formulation one time a day before breakfast. The dosage is selected individually based on the disease history and arterial pressure.
- Arterial hypertension is treated by the formulation either as a single means or as a part of complex therapy. The starting dose is regularly 4 mg. Individuals with high activity of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system may require lower dosages of 2 mg as they can experience a drastic drop of arterial pressure after the first dosage. In their cases, the therapy must be started under a doctor’s supervision. This group includes patients with kidney arterial pressure elevation, decreased salt and/or intercellular fluid, cardiac decompensation, or severe raise of arterial pressure.
In four weeks of use, if the formulation is well tolerated, the dosage can be raised to 8 mg once a day.
At the beginning of the therapy with the formulation, symptomatic hypotension can occur especially if a patient uses diuretics. Thus, it is recommended to exercise caution and if possible, stop the use of diuretics 2-3 days before you buy Perindopril and start the course.
Patients who cannot stop using diuretics should start the course with Perindopril with the dosage of 2 mg a day and get tested for the function of kidneys and potassium level in the blood.
- Symptomatic heart failure is treated with the initial dosage of 2 mg taken in the morning. If the dosage is well tolerated, it can be raised by 2 mg in two weeks. The therapy of individuals with severe heart failure and other risk factors must be initiated under a doctor’s supervision. Patients with high risk of hypotension must receive therapy to correct their condition before they start taking the medication. They also need to be controlled for arterial pressure, kidneys condition and level of potassium in the blood before and at the course of the therapy with the formulation.
- Lowering of the risk of negative effects from the heart part in ischemic heart disease patients is made with the initial dosage of 4 mg a day with the eventual elevation of the dosage to 8 mg if it is well tolerated.
- Prevention of recurrent stroke in individuals with cerebrovascular diseases is started with the initial dosage is 2 mg once a day in the morning. In two weeks of the therapy, the dosage is raised to 4 mg once a day. The therapy can be started at any time from two weeks up to several years after an initial stroke.

Dosage adjustments

- Senior users with stable ischemic heart disease should use the medication in the dosage of 2 mg a day for one week. Then the dosage is raised to 4 mg for one week. For the third week, the dosage can be raised to 8 mg a day based on the kidney function. The dosage can be increased only if the previous one was well tolerated.
- Patients with liver failure do not require dosage adjustments;
- Patients with kidney failure need dosage adjustments following this scheme:
- CC over 60 ml per minute: the recommended dosage is 4 mg a day;
- CC between 30 and 60 ml per minute: the recommended dosage is 2 mg a day;
- CC between 15 and 30 ml per minute: the recommended dosage is 2 mg every other day;
- Patients on hemodialysis: the recommended dosage is 2 mg a day on the day of the procedure.

Coversyl overdose

The symptoms related to the overdose of ACE inhibitors can include the drop of blood pressure, circulatory shock, electrolyte imbalance, kidney failure, hyperventilation, rapid or irregular heartbeat, slow heartbeat, lightheadedness, anxiety, and cough.
It is recommended to use symptomatic measures such as an infusion of saline solution, putting a patient in a horizontal position with low bed head.
If it is possible, angiotensin II and catecholamines can be used. The medication can be also faster washed down with hemodialysis.
In case of slow heart rate resistant to the therapy, cardiac pacing using an artificial pacemaker is indicated. Besides, the constant monitoring of the vital functions, serum electrolyte levels, and creatinine concentrations are needed.

Coversyl adverse effects

When you buy generic Perindopril and start using it you can develop the following adverse effects:
- Drop of arterial pressure, chest pain, anemia, an increase of hemoglobin level, blood composition disorders;
- General weakness, asthenia, mood fluctuations, sleep disturbance, seizures;
- Dry mouth, taste perversion, stomatitis, and dyspepsia;
- Skin rash, baldness;
- Dry cough, allergic reactions, angioedema, kidney function violation, potassium level increase, urea concentration increase, erectile dysfunction.

Interactions of Coversyl with other substances

- Hypotension is enhanced by the use of other antihypertensive medications including beta-adrenergic receptors blockers used orally and in ophthalmic formulations, diuretics, some antidepressants, neuroleptics, and alcohol.
- The effect of the formulation is lowered by the use of NSAIDs and sympathomimetic medications.
- Cyclosporine, potassium-sparing diuretics, potassium-containing drugs, potassium supplements, salt substitutes raise the danger of hyperkalemia.
- The formulation potentiates the effect of oral antidiabetic medications (their dosages in combined use must be adjusted), the hypotensive effect of certain general anesthetics and muscle relaxants.
- Coversyl diminishes diuretic-induced hypokalemia and hyperaldosteronism.
- Coversyl elevates the level of Lithium and its toxic effects.
- The use of the formulation with NSAIDs is fraught with kidney dysfunction.
- The use of the formulation with myelodepressants, interferon is fraught with neutropenia and/or agranulocytosis with a fatal outcome.
- Antacids and tetracycline antibiotics lower the absorption amount and speed of the medication.
If you use any medications at the time you plan to order Coversyl, consult your healthcare provider first.

Coversyl precautions

During the therapy with the medication, it is recommended to avoid driving or operating any massive equipment as the drug can impair the ability to focus and slows down the reaction time.
Alcohol potentiates the negative effects of the formulation and should not be consumed during the therapy.
It is prohibited to use the medication during pregnancy so women must use reliable contraception methods while taking Coversyl.
All surgical interventions including dental ones during the course of Coversyl use require caution so you have to discuss the formulations you use with your surgeon or dentist prior to the procedure.
If a dosage is missed, a doubled dosage must not be used to recoup as it can cause a severe arterial pressure drop.

Where can you buy Coversyl?

The easiest and cheapest way to get the medication that you need if your doctor appoints you the therapy with Perindopril is to order generic Coversyl from this web page without Rx.

Coversyl shipping

We will ship Coversyl to any place you order the delivery to. We ship to the UK, U.S., Canada, Australia, and all other countries where international mail service is available.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

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