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Blood Pressure Medication (Frumil)

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Frumil is based on Amiloride, an antihypertensive agent and mild diuretic. The medication can be sold under other names based on the manufacturer and is usually used as an addition to the main therapy with other antihypertensive medications for high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and swellings associated with water retention in the body. The medication can be used only in adults and if needed for pregnant women but only if their doctors approve. Find out more about the regular dosages, adverse effects, and other useful information from our full guide.
Hypertension, High blood pressure, Congestive heart failure, Edema
The medication mildly lowers the blood pressure and can be combined with other more potent drugs to slightly enhance their effects without causing hypotension
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Frumil (Generic Amiloride)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Frumil and when is it used?

Frumil is a brand owned by the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi. It is used for the marketing of the active agent Amiloride that is an antihypertensive substance that causes mild diuretic effect. The substance is also available under other trademarks if it is produced by other pharmaceutical companies. Usually, the less known is the name, the cheaper is the price per pill even if the compositions of the medications are the same. Thus, if you need to buy Frumil but want to get it cheaper, you should look for its cheaper generic version.
The medication has hypotensive, potassium-sparing, diuretic, and natriuretic effects. It starts rendering the diuretic (water pill) effect in two hours after a pill intake and the effect lasts for 24 hours.

The pills can be appointed for:
- Hypertension;
- Congestive heart failure;
- Swellings and retention of water in the body.

Usually, the formulation is appointed along with other diuretics as it enhances their effect and lowers the danger of hypokalemia (lowering of potassium level).
Please keep in mind that the same effects or similar ones are also rendered by formulations with other active agents. They can be different in the potency of action, tolerance and suitability for older patients or children, and so on. It is better to buy generic Frumil not when you decide that you may need this medication but when a medical specialist who knows your medical history prescribes you this drug.

Pharmacologic effect of Frumil

The formulation primarily acts on the distal part of the renal tubules located on the periphery of the kidney. It enhances the release of sodium ions and chlorine and reduces the release of potassium ions. It has a diuretic (water pill) effect, but less powerful than thiazide diuretics.
When the medication is taken orally, around a half of the taken dosage achieves the bloodstream and thus is active within the body. The intake with food insignificantly lowers bioavailability but is beneficial to lower the negative effects of the medication on the digestive system.

Prohibitions for Frumil use

The use of the formulation is prohibited in:
- Children;
- Adults with hypersensitivity to the drug’s components;
- Adults with severe kidney failure;
- Hyperkalemia or use of potassium-sparing formulations or potassium supplements.

The use of the medication is not prohibited but not encouraged during pregnancy and breastfeeding as well as in other conditions so you must inform your healthcare provider about any of the disorders you have so he or she would be able to correctly assess your condition and appoint the optimal therapy.

Frumil dosing

The medication is preferably taken with food to minimize the negative effects on the digestive tract. The daily dosage is usually 1-2 pills taken once or twice a day. The daily dosage must not be over four pills (2 pills taken twice a day).
These are the regular dosages but you must consult a specialist before you buy Amiloride for individualized instructions and also for the list of other medications for the therapy as the formulation is mostly used as an addition to the main antihypertensive therapy.

Frumil overdose

There is no information on the formulation overdose but it can be presumed that it is manifested in the intensification of the basic medication’s effects such as blood pressure lowering, enhanced diuresis, dehydration, increase of potassium level in the blood and related problems.
The required treatment is symptomatic, i.e. it is aimed at the elimination of negative symptoms.

Frumil adverse effects

The possible adverse effects that the medication can cause are headache, general weakness, depression, sleep disturbance, heart rhythm violation, indigestion, gout, ache in the joints, seizures, kidney function impairment, hyperkalemia, hyponatremia, dehydration, erectile dysfunction, skin rash and other allergic reactions.
If the adverse effects such as digestive tract disorders or lowering of the blood pressure are causing discomfort, the medication can be taken every other day instead of every day and in lower dosages.

Frumil interactions

The use of the medication at the same time with other medicinal products can cause certain adverse effects. Thus, it is important to consult a specialist before you buy generic Amiloride and begin using it with other medications.
- The risk of hyperkalemia is heightened in the use of the medication along with ACE inhibitors;
- The drop of arterial pressure can occur in the use of the medication with alcohol, barbiturates, and hypotensive medications;
- The use of NSAIDs lowers the effect of Frumil;
- The use of the medication lowers the response of the body to pressor amines;
- Frumil lowers the effect of non-polarizing muscle relaxants;
- When the medication is used along with antidiabetic medications, their dosage must be adjusted;
- The use of lithium, potassium and any medications that contribute to its elevation in the blood plasma with Amiloride is not advised.


If you use any other antihypertensive medications when you order Frumil and start using it, you can expect an increase of the arterial pressure lowering effect but you have to b cautious not to lower it blow the norm. For this, consult healthcare specialists and follow their recommendations on dosing and intake regimen.
Considering that the formulation can cause sleepiness, it is advised not to drive or operate large machinery when you start the therapy to see how well you tolerate the medication and get used to its effects.
The use of the formulation during pregnancy is possible but not encouraged. If you are pregnant and suffer from swellings or elevated blood pressure, consult your doctor to know what medication is the safest and most suitable for you.

Where can you buy Frumil?

You can get the medication at your local drugstores if you have Rx or order generic Frumil from our online pharmacy to save both on the pills, as generics are always cheaper especially at online drugstores, and on refill Rx as we sell the medication without it.
We offer you only the best quality generics that are no way inferior or less effective than the branded medications so you can get them and enjoy the treatment you need but at a fraction of price of the branded medication.

Frumil shipping

Our online pharmacy offers worldwide shipping of all our products including shipping to such countries as the United States, UK, Canada, and so on. The shipping is made within 7-25 days based on delivery method. The standard shipping can be free if you order in total for $170 or more.

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