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Blood Pressure Medication (Norvasc)

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Norvasc is a Pfizer’s brand for the substance Amlodipine. It is an antianginal and antihypertensive medication used for arterial hypertension and angina. It can be prescribed for adults and children older than six years. You can find out how to use the medication cautiously and effectively from our detailed guide below.
Arterial hypertension, High blood pressure, Chronic stable angina, Vasospastic angina, Prinzmetal angina
The drug normalizes arterial tension and improves heart function in angina
Aristo Pharmaceuticals
Aristo Pharmaceuticals
Amlip, Amlomed, Amlopick, Amlopress, Amlocard, Amlodis, Amvaz, Coroval, Lipinox, Lotrel
Norvasc (Generic Amlodipine)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Norvasc and when is it used?

The trademark Norvasc is owned by the U.S. Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. The name is used to market Amlodipine that is a medicinal substance with antihypertensive and antianginal effects.
We offer you to buy Norvasc cheaper than the regular drugstores offer because we offer a generic version of the medication, i.e. the same drug made by another company which in our case is Aristo Pharmaceuticals. There are numerous companies who are able to make and market the same medication so you don’t have to worry about the correspondence of the medication’s formula to the original one.

Norvasc and its analogs are prescribed for:
- Arterial hypertension;
- Stable angina;
- Prinzmetal angina.

If your doctor prescribes you another medication for any of these conditions, do not hurry to get Norvasc as in our Blood pressure medications section you can certainly find the drug that corresponds to your doctor’s instructions. We sell all medications without prescriptions but strongly advise all our customers to consult their doctors and follow their recommendations strictly.

Prohibitions for Norvasc use

Do not buy generic Norvasc if:
- You have an allergy or intolerance of dihydropyridines, the active agent or to any other component of the formulation;
- You have severe arterial hypotension;
- You suffer from shock;
- You suffer from the severe aortic stenosis;
- You suffer from unstable angina after myocardial infarction;
- You want to get the medication for kids aged less than 6.

The use is possible at a doctor’s discretion in:
- Liver failure;
- Chronic heart failure of non-ischemic nature;
- Unstable angina;
- Aortic stenosis;
- Mitral valve stenosis;
- Hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy;
- Recent myocardial infarction;
- Sick sinus syndrome;
- Low blood tension;
- Use of formulations that influence CYP3A4 enzyme.
- Pregnancy (the medication’s safety isn’t sufficiently studied).

Norvasc action principle

Amlodipine’s antianginal action is explained by the widening of arteries and arterioles.
I angina, it reduces the severity of myocardial ischemia, reduces total vascular resistance, afterload on the heart, and myocardial oxygen demand; prevents spasm of arteries (including caused by smoking).
In the stable angina, the use of medication improves the tolerance of physical exercise, diminishes the frequency of strokes and need of nitrates.
In hypertension, the formulation renders dose-dependent tension-lowering effect due to the direct vasodilating effect on smooth muscles lining the vessels. The effect is maintained for 24 hours.

Norvasc dosing

If you buy Amlodipine without instructions from your doctor, you can follow the general guidelines provided below. However, we still advise you to consult a specialist first.
- Arterial high pressure and angina are treated with the initial dosage of 5 mg once daily. Depending on the response to the therapy, the dosage can be raised to the highest dose of 10 mg a day.
Individuals with angina can use the formulation as a single drug or along with other antianginal products, in intolerance of nitrates and beta-blockers.
Individuals with hypertension can combine medication use with other tension-lowering medications, for instance, thiazide diuretics, alpha blockers, and so on. There is no need to lower the dosages when combining the medications.
- Children aged older than 6 years with high arterial tension are treated with 2.5 mg once a day. If the target of arterial tension isn’t achieved within four weeks of use, the daily dosage can be raised to 5 mg.

Dosage adjustments

- Senior patients do not require dosage adjustments but the rise of the dosage should be made cautiously.
- Individuals with kidney failure can receive standard dosages as the level of formulation in the blood is not influenced by creatinine clearance.
- The dosages for individuals with liver failure should be carefully chosen by doctors and raised only under doctor’s supervision.

Norvasc overdose

An overdose of the medication is dangerous with a sharp drop of arterial tension, excessive vasodilatation of the blood vessels and rapid heartbeat.
Within two hours after an overdose, the use of activated carbon is needed. Besides, gastric lavage and laying down of a patient should be done. Then, emergency help should be sought and symptomatic treatment and control over the vital functions performed at a hospital.

Norvasc adverse effects

The most frequent adverse effects related to the use of the formulation are sluggishness, dizziness, headache, tachycardia, hot flashes, belly pain, nausea, swelling of the legs, edema, and fatigue.

Besides, the following symptoms can develop when you buy generic Amlodipine:
- Allergic reactions;
- Hyperglycemia;
- Depression, mood swings, insomnia;
- Tremor, dysgeusia, syncope, hypoesthesia;
- Hypertonus, peripheral neuropathy;
- Visual impairment;
- Heart palpitations, myocardial infarction, and chest pain;
- Wheezing, cough, rhinitis;
- Abdominal pain, nausea, dyspepsia, disturbed intestinal motility, vomiting, dry mouth, pancreatitis, etc;
- Alopecia, purpura, discoloration of the skin, sweating, itching, rash;
- Muscle cramps, back pain;
- Violation of urination, nocturia, frequent urination.

Norvasc interactions

The medication can b safely combined with certain antihypertensive and antianginal medications. But if you use any of them or other medicinal formulations, consult your physician about the safety of their use with Norvasc before you start taking the pills.

Where can you buy Norvasc?

The best way to get the pills cheap and get the most effective therapy is to order generic Norvasc from our medical store.

Norvasc shipping

Norvasc shipping by our drugstore is made internationally including to the UK, U.S., and so on.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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Jun / 07 / 2021 Amy Glenn   USA, Captain Cook
  Good medicine for reasonable price!
Nov / 14 / 2016 greg proctor   USA, Rapid City
  From my personal experience I can tell that Norvasc is efficient med for high blood pressure. My 2 orders in August and September 2016 arrived safely. Would I recommend 4rxstore to my friends? Certainly.

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