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Blood Pressure Medication (Zestril)

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Zestril is a medication based on Lisinopril. It is an arterial pressure-lowering medication from the group of ACE inhibitors. It effectively lowers the blood tension and prevents the aggravation of heart diseases. The medication is also used under a doctoral supervision after a heart attack to normalize the condition. Find out about the dosages, interactions, contraindications, side effects, and other useful information from our full guide.
Essential hypertension, High blood pressure, Heart failure, Acute myocardial infarction, Heart attack, Diabetic nephropathy
The formulation effectively lowers arterial tension and prevents the aggravation of heart diseases including heart attacks
Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Hypernil, Lapril, Lisitec, Acercomp, Inhibril, Linopril, Lisipril, Noperten, Presiten, Prinivil, Prinzide, Renacor, Sinopril
Zestril (Generic Lisinopril)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Zestril?

Zestril is one of the trademarks under which the pharmaceutical agent Lisinopril is sold. It is a name owned by the British medical concern AstraZeneca. But you can find the same products if you’ll look for generic Zestril. For instance, at our online med store, we offer you to buy Zestril made by Lupin Pharmaceuticals.
The active agent of the formulation is an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor. It precludes the transformation of hormone angiotensin from one form to another which is responsible for the elevation of arterial tension and related heart diseases. The medication diminishes systemic blood pressure, afterload on the heart muscle, and tension in the pulmonary capillaries. Besides, it increases blood pumped by the heart and myocardial tolerance to stress in heart failure. The effect manifests itself after one hour, increases to the peak in six to seven hours and lasts up to a day.
Zestril and the generic versions of the medication prevent myocardial enlargement and dilatation of the left ventricle, or contribute to their reverse development (cardioprotective effect); diminishes the danger of sudden death due to the heart condition, the probability of repeated heart attack, violated coronary blood circulation and ischemia.

You can buy generic Zestril to treat:
- Essential hypertension.
- Heart failure.
- Acute heart attack.
- Diabetic nephropathy.

When is Zestril prohibited?

In some cases even if an individual has conditions for which the formulation is appointed he or she cannot use it because of:
- Sensitivity to the main or auxiliary substances of the formulation;
- History of hypersensitivity reactions to other formulations from the group;
- History of allergic swelling;
- Aortic or mitral valve stenosis;
- Cardiomyopathy;
- Primary hyperaldosteronism;
- Kidney artery stenosis (bilateral or unilateral);
- Cardiogenic shock;
- A state with unstable hemodynamics after an acute heart attack;
- Hemodialysis with high-flow membranes;
- Serum creatinine level> 220 mol / L;
- Period of gestation or when a woman plans to become pregnant.

Adverse reactions to Zestril

Usually, the adverse effects related to the use of the formulation are mildly manifested and go away within a week of the pills intake. They may include:
- Bone marrow suppression, low hemoglobin;
- Autoimmune disease, angioedema.
- Hypoglycemia.
- Lightheadedness, headache, taste changes, loss of consciousness.
- Mood fluctuations, sleep disorders, depression.
- Heartbeat; irregular heart rate, myocardial infarction as a complication of excessive arterial tension drop; orthostatic phenomena, brain circulation disorder is possible as a complication of arterial tension drop in individuals at high risk.
- Cough, inflammation of the nasal mucosa, bronchospasm, and sinusitis.
- Nausea, diarrhea, belly pain, digestive disorders, dry mouth, pancreas diseases.
- Rash, itch, allergic swelling, urticaria, sweating, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, pseudolymphoma skin (a complex of symptoms, which may include both one and several manifestations: heat sensation, pain in muscles, joints, arthritis, leukocytosis and/or a positive reaction to antinuclear antibodies, photosensitivity. With the onset of severe skin reaction, discontinue treatment with Lisinopril and immediately consult a healthcare provider.
- Kidney failure, urination disorders.
- Impotence, gynecomastia.
- Chest pain, fatigue, asthenia.
When the formulation is taken by individuals with myocardial infarction, they can suffer from block of II-III degree, drop of arterial tension and kidney function violation, in rare cases, a cardiogenic shock.

Zestril dosing

When you buy Lisinopril, obviously, it is better to follow your personal physician recommendations. Here you can get acquainted with the instructions on the use taken from the package insert for reference.
The prescribed dosage is taken once per day at the same hour without regard to food intakes.
- High blood tension is treated with the starting dosage of 10 mg. If a patient’ had been taking water pills or has other factors for a sharp drop of arterial tension, the starting dosage is 2.5 mg a day with the subsequent increase till the supportive dosage of 20 mg if the formulation is well tolerated. The average supportive dosage is 20 mg but if wanted control over the blood tension isn’t achieved, it can be raised little by little up to 80 mg per day.
- Heart failure. The formulation can be combined with water pills and/or digitalis-based medications. The initial daily dose is 2.5 mg. It can be step by step raised to a therapeutic dosage of 5–20 mg per day. The highest dosage is 35 mg a day. It is crucial to follow your healthcare provider instructions on the gradual rise of the dosage. The control over arterial tension, kidneys, potassium, and sodium in the serum is needed.
- Diabetic nephropathy. The daily dose for non-insulin-dependent individuals is ten mg per day. If needed, the dose can be raised to 20 mg per day to reach optimal diastolic pressure (under 90 mm mmHg).
- Acute heart attack. The starting dosage that is taken within the first 24 hours is 5 mg. In twenty-four hours an additional 5 mg is taken and in 48 hours 10 mg are taken. The supportive dosage is 10 mg a day which is taken for six weeks.  Within the three days after a heart attack, the lowest dosage is indicated, after which, if the individual’s condition permits, the therapy with a bigger dosage can be made. If persistently low tension develops, the dose is lowered to 5 mg or even 2.5 mg per day. The indication for discontinuation of formulation use is low tension when systolic pressure remains below 90 mmHg one hour after the pill intake.

Dosage alterations

Individuals with kidney dysfunction, who buy generic Lisinopril, should take lower dosages based on creatinine clearance rate:
- cc 31-70 ml per minute – 5-10 mg a day;
- cc 10-70 ml per minute - 2.5-5 mg a day;
- cc less than 10 ml per minute and on hemodialysis- 2.5 mg.
Senior patients do not require dosage adjustments unless their kidney function is impaired.

Overdose of Zestril

The symptoms related to an overdose may include a drop of arterial tension, circulatory shock, electrolytes imbalance, kidney failure, rapid heart rate, irregular heart rate, anxiety, and coughing.
The first thing you can do if you overdosed is induce vomiting. Then gastric lavage and intake of sorbents are indicated. If the negative effects already developed, seek medical assistance and get under the control of healthcare providers.

Interactions of Zestril

The use of the listed medications is prohibited with Zestril and its analogs:
- Aliskiren
- Estramustine
- Baclofen
- Glyptins
- Sympathomimetics
- Tricyclic antidepressants, antipsychotic medicines, and general anesthetics

Other significant interactions include:
- In concurrent use of the formulation with potassium medications, particularly in kidney dysfunction, there is a danger of elevation of potassium levels.
- Same time use with water pills and other formulations that lower the tension enhances the tension-normalizing effect.
- The medication inhibits the washing out of lithium salts.
- Antacids taken before the formulation lower its absorption in the stomach.
- The use of the medication can potentiate the sugar lowering effect of antidiabetic formulations up to a critical level.
- NSAIDs and estrogens diminish the effect of the formulation.
- The use of the formulation with gold salts can cause facial flushing, nausea, and others.
- Use of the formulation with SSRIs can cause hyponatremia.
- The use of the formulation with allopurinol, procainamide, cytostatic agents can lead to leukopenia.

Inform your healthcare provider about all medicinal products that you take before you order Zestril and start the therapy.

Precautions for Zestril use

- People that are most likely to suffer from the drop of arterial tension below the norm when using the medication are those who have lowered fluids level in the organism, for instance, because of diuretics or diarrhea and vomiting. The likelihood is elevated in chronic heart failure and kidney failure so these individuals must use the pills under doctoral monitoring and start from the minimal dosages.
- Individuals with coronary artery disease and/or brain blood circulation disorders should be given the medication under a doctor’s supervision as in their case an abrupt fall of blood tension is fraught with an acute heart attack or stroke.
- Temporary lowering of arterial tension below the norm is not an indication for the skipping of the next dosage of the medication. If a drop of arterial tension occurs, an individual must be lied down with legs slightly lifted. Then, if the lowered pressure is severe, medical assistance is needed for the recovery of blood volume. Then the use can be restarted.
- In abnormal narrowing of the kidney arteries, as well as inadequate circulation due to lack of sodium and /or fluid, the use of Lisinopril can lead to worsened kidney functioning up to failure, which usually turns out to be irreversible after the cancellation of the formulation use.
- The use of the formulation can induce an elevated level of potassium. The danger factors include end-stage kidney disease, kidney dysfunction, age over seventy years, diabetes mellitus, some other conditions (drying up, acute heart failure, etc., concurrent use of potassium-sparing water pills, or other formulations that elevate the level of potassium).
- The medications from the group must be cautiously used in individuals predisposed to allergic reactions especially those who undergo desensitization procedures.
- Individuals who have ever had Quincke’s edema should use the medication cautiously as they may develop the condition due to the use of Zestril.
- The risk of allergic swelling due to the formulation use is elevated in individuals with African descent.
- Individuals with diabetes who use the medication should regularly control the level of sugar in the blood.

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