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Gastrointestinal Medication (Dimenhydrinate)

Generic name:
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Dimenhydrin is one of the trade names for the substance Dimenhydrinate. It is a medication that is used to prevent and treat nausea in motion sickness, sea and air sickness, Meniere’s syndrome, labyrinth disorders of various origins. The medication can be used for adults and children aged over 6 years but the dosages are different. Read our guide to find out about the optimal dosages, interactions, and other useful information about the drug.
Prevention and relief of manifestations of sea and air sickness, Nausea and vomiting of various origins, Meniere’s disease
The medication quickly and effectively eliminates nausea and vomiting
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Dimenhydrinate (Generic Draminate)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is the medication sold as Draminate?

The medication sold under this trade mark and many others is based on the active substance Dimenhydrinate. If you want to buy Draminate cheap, you should opt for a generic version with a less known name which is available at our drugstore. The medicines are absolutely identical but their manufacturers differ.

Short drug info
Composition and effect Diphenhydramine - antiemetic 8-chlorotheophylline- stimulant
Trade names Draminate, Gravol, Dramamine
Pregnancy category

US: B (No risk in non-human studies)
Routes of administration Oral, rectal, intravascular, intramuscular
Legal status
AU: S2 (Pharmacy only)


Draminate is a substance that is used as means against vestibular disorders. The antiemetic (anti-nausea) effect of the medication is based on the inhibition of the functions of the vomiting center and on an additional parasympatholytic action, that is, a decrease in the tone of smooth muscles and peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, weakening of the secretion of the salivary glands and, to a lesser extent, the stomach glands.

Dimenhydrinate is an antagonist of H1 receptors. It reduces or completely eliminates the effect of endogenous histamine.

After oral administration, Dimenhydrinate is rapidly absorbed. The onset of the effect is observed approximately 30 minutes after administration and lasts for 3-6 hours. Dimenhydrinate metabolism occurs predominantly in the liver, and is completely excreted by the kidneys within 24 hours after a single dose. The half-life is approximately 3.5 hours.

Absorption Fast absorbed after oral intake with max activity occurring in 1 hour.
Volume of distribution It is widely distributed throughout the body, including the CNS. Following a 50 mg oral dose of diphenhydramine, the volume of distribution is in the range of 3.3 - 6.8 l/kg
Protein binding The protein binding of diphenhydramine as approximately 78% 16 while others have suggested the medication is about 80 to 85% 13 bound to plasma proteins.

Indications for Dimenhydrinate use

You can buy generic Draminate for:

- Prevention of motion sickness;

- Prevention and treatment of nausea and vomiting in sea and air sickness, except caused by the action of drugs used for chemotherapy;

- Meniere's syndrome;

- Treatment of nausea, dizziness in labyrinth disorders of various origins.

Contraindications for Draminate use

- Hypersensitivity to Dimenhydrinate or other antihistamines of a similar structure, or to any of the excipients that make up the drug.

- Narrow-angle glaucoma;

- Pheochromocytoma;

- Porphyria;

- Prostate hyperplasia with urinary retention;

- Epilepsy;

- Eclampsia;

- Acute asthma attack;

- Severe renal failure;

- Age under 6 years.

Use during pregnancy or lactation

The use of Dimenhydrinate during the last weeks of pregnancy or on the eve of childbirth can cause uterine stimulation and bradycardia, which is life-threatening to the fetus, therefore, the drug should not be prescribed during the last trimester of pregnancy.

The appointment of Dimenhydrinate during the I and II trimester of pregnancy is recommended only in cases where the benefits significantly outweigh the risk.

Dimenhydrinate passes into breast milk. There are still no sufficient clinical studies on the use of the medication during breastfeeding. It is prescribed with great care during breastfeeding - only in cases where the health benefits of the mother outweigh the risk to the baby. The child needs careful monitoring and when signs of drowsiness appear in the child, the use of the medication by the mother should be discontinued.

Dosage and administration

You can buy Dimenhydrinate without Rx and use it as indicated in the package insert:

For the prevention of sea and airborne illness, the recommended dose should be taken at least half an hour before boarding a vehicle (plane or ship).

- Adults and children over 14 years: the recommended dose is 50-100 mg per day, the reception can be repeated if necessary every 4-6 hours. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 400 mg.

- Children 6-14 years old: the recommended dose is 50 mg per day, the reception can be repeated if necessary every 6-8 hours. The maximum daily dose in pediatric practice should not exceed 5 mg/kg, in general not more than 150 mg.

The drug can be taken regardless of the meal. The tablet can be washed down with a small amount of water.


Symptoms: the first symptoms of an overdose appear in the period from 30 minutes to 2 hours after taking a toxic dose (25 mg/kg body weight), and appear mainly in the form of headache, dizziness, fatigue and drowsiness.

After some time, additional symptoms appear such as itching, narrowing of the blood vessels of the skin, dilated pupils with a slowdown of the pupil reflex, nystagmus, decreased muscle strength, tendon reflex and urinary retention. The heart rate raises significantly, blood pressure rises or falls.

There are also symptoms of depression of the central nervous system such as illegible speech, disorientation in time and space, ataxia, coma, or excitement of the central nervous system manifested in convulsions, and psychosis with hallucinations.

Treatment: gastric lavage, intake of enterosorbents, sympathetic therapy.

Adverse reactions to Dimenhydrinate use

- General weakness, fatigue, inability to focus, headache, dizziness, anxiety, nervousness, drowsiness, insomnia, and others.

- Dry oral mucosa, low appetite, nausea, vomiting, epigastric distress;

- Dryness of the nose and throat;

- Decreased arterial tension, rapid heartbeat, and others;

- Skin rash, rarely - medical dermatitis.

- Other: development of drug dependence (with prolonged use), rarely - dysuria.

Interaction with other drugs and other types of interactions

Before you buy Dimenhydrinate and start using it, check the interactions that can be harmful to avoid them in case you take any of the mentioned medicines or other substances:

- Concomitant use of alcohol with Dimenhydrinate should be avoided, since a change and increased effect of the medication is possible.

- Dimenhydrinate can enhance the anticholinergic effect of other drugs (for example, atropine, tricyclic antidepressants) and the inhibitory effect on the central nervous system of such drugs as barbiturates, hypnotics, sedatives, tranquilizers, antidepressants.

- Concomitant use with MAO inhibitors can enhance the anticholinergic effect of Dimenhydrinate.

- The drug enhances the effect of diazepam, leads to the action of the opposite effect of amphetamines and their derivatives. Taking Dimenhydrinate reduces the effectiveness of GCS and anticoagulants for oral administration.

- The simultaneous use with bismuth preparations, painkillers and psychotropic drugs, as well as scopolamine can cause visual impairment.

- Particular care should be taken when prescribing to patients whose therapy uses drugs that lead to a prolongation of the QT interval (anti-arrhythmia class I and II drugs: some antibiotics, for example, erythromycin, anti-malaria drugs, antihistamines, antipsychotic drugs), or leading to hypokalemia (for example, some specific diuretics).

- Dimenhydrinate can hide the side effects of ototoxic drugs, for example, aminoglycosides. - Therapy with Dimenhydrinate should be discontinued at least three days before allergic tests, since its administration can lead to a false-negative result.

Appropriate safety precautions for use

With extreme caution, the drug should be prescribed to patients suffering from:

- Liver diseases,

- Hyperthyroidism,

- Bradycardia,

- Arterial hypertension,

- Bronchial asthma,

- Hypokalemia,

- Hypomagnesemia,

- Pyloric stenosis,

- Gastric ulcer,

- Intestinal obstruction,

- Congenital syndrome of prolongation of the QT interval or other clinically significant disorders of the heart (cardiovascular diseases, circulatory disorders, arrhythmias),

- Simultaneously with the use of other drugs, leading to a prolongation of the QT interval, or to hypokalemia.

Find more information using these identifiers

CAS Number 523-87-5
PubChem CID 10660
DrugBank DB00985
ChemSpider 10210
KEGG D00520
ChEMBL ChEMBL1200406
ECHA InfoCard 100.007.593


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