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Men`s Health Medication (Avodart)

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Generic Avodart is a drug that is used for preventing the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone in human’s body. It is a special drug for men who have a problem with an enlarged prostate, and usually they use it for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia. It contributes the improvement of urinary flow; beside this it may drastically reduce the essential need for the prostate surgery in the future, which could seem unavoidable before. It is acceptable to mix this drug with the other medication called Tamsulosin or Flomax, however you have to read the instruction very carefully to make sure there is no possible risk for your health. Nowadays everyone can order Generic Avodart online if they possess doctor’s prescription.
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Dr Reddy’s Pharmaceuticals
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Avodart (Generic Dutasteride)
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  Generic Medication guide:

General rules

Generic Avodart is designed and manufactured only for men’s using. Women and children are forbidden to use this drug, because it might cause some unexpected side effects for them. Especially it concerns pregnant women, this drug can do harm to their unborn child so it is better to stay away from it. The woman who is expecting should not touch this medication under any circumstances – it may become the reason of serious birth defects. Moreover, it is not even recommended to handle the capsules if you are pregnant, because the chemical elements of this drug have a property to be absorbed through the skin. Children are strongly not recommended to handle the drug either. If you have come into contact with the drug by accident, you have to wash the affected area of your skin with soap, and water it at once.

The drug comes in capsules, which do not have to be chewed, crushed, or opened – just swallow the whole tablet at once. The capsules contain a substance called dutasteride, which has an irritating effect on people’s lips, throat and mouth – that is why you are recommended not to break it before swallowing. You should talk to your doctor and ask him for advice before starting to take this medication – you have to tell the specialist if you ever had allergy to dutasteride or finasteride, which is a sister medicine to it. If you have experienced allergic reactions to these chemical components before, then your risk of having prostate cancer might increase. So, in order to use this medication safely and without side effects, you have to consult the doctor and undergo some medical tests which will check your current state. Using this product is strongly not recommended if you are allergic to its medical components, because the drug is strong and it can be unsafe for your health.

Another important thing is a blood-donating restriction while using this drug. You must not donate blood while you are in progress of treatment, and for another half a year after your course of treatment has finished. The medical components of the drug stay in your blood, and it can affect women and kids who receive a transfusion with your blood. Especially pregnant women – it was already mentioned about the harmful influence of this drug on their own health and the state of fetus.

The way of taking this medication

You should take Generic Avodart orally and strictly follow the doctor’s prescription. It is not recommended to take it in larger or smaller amount than usual, or keep it in your mouth for a long time. The capsule has to be taken with water – take your tablet and then drink the full glass. It depends on your own choice whether to take the medication with food or not – this is optional and individual for everyone. You have to understand that treatment usually takes a long time; this means it could take nearly half a year before the symptoms of your disease will start decreasing. For getting the quicker and better results, you are recommended to take your medication responsibly and do not miss your doses. Use the doctor’s prescription as your main guide. Stopping your treatment course without the medical specialist’s consultation is not a very good choice – you should consult your doctor on every aspect connected with the drug.

You have to run blood tests regularly to make sure this product does not have a harmful influence on your condition. Except this, your doctor has to test your PSA (prostate specific antigen). This is usually done for preventing prostate cancer. The visits to the hospital should be regular and the consultations with your doctor have to be as informative as possible.


The perfect dosing of Generic Avodart usually recommended to the patients is one capsule daily (0.5 mg). It has to be taken once a day, the larger amount of drug taken at once will be considered overdosing and is not good for your health. If you are combining your drug dose with Tamsulosin, then you have to take one capsule (0.5 mg) of Avodart and one capsule (0.4 mg) of Tamsulosin. If you have missed your daily dose for some reason, then it has to be taken as soon as you remember about it, but not when it is almost time for taking your next dose. You do not have to take extra medicine if you missed your dose, because it is not safe to overuse the drug.


The drug has to be stored at room temperature, and kept away from excessive heat and moisture. The capsules react to high temperature, so if overheating influences them, they can become soft, leaky or simply stick together. The damaged capsules are not safe to use, especially when they are leaking. Those capsules have to be disposed. In these cases you should get in touch with your pharmacist and ask to guide your further actions on disposing the leaking capsule of the drug. This drug should not be stored in the bathroom, and you have to watch carefully if children or pets potentially might have an access to it. To prevent unwanted trouble, hide it in a reliable place where they can not reach.

Side effects of the medication

Do not ever misuse or overuse the drug; in order to avoid unpleasant situations you have to stick strictly to your prescription. If you experience problems remembering if you have taken your dose, then you should make notes every day in order not to forget, because the wrong using of medicine can cause bad influence on your health. However, side effects occur at times, and not only due to overdosing. If you follow the strict schedule of taking medication, then side effects are less likely for you, anyway they can happen to everyone and require special attention of the doctor. Some of the side effects of Generic Avodart are chest pain, discomfort, irregular heartbeat rhythm and heavy breathing, swelling of the fingers, feet or face, weight gain, sudden coughing, dizziness, difficulties with swallowing, itching skin, puffiness around the eyes, lips or tongue, skin turning red, wheezing, extra weakness, nervousness or tiredness, anxiety. There can be also side effects involving sexual life, for instance decreased sexual desire, impotence, loss of sexual ability and drive, inability of erection, any kind of discomfort in breasts. However, these issues are known to decrease once your body has got used to the medication course, and they can eventually go away. Nevertheless, you should immediately call your doctor and ask for advice, if you suddenly start experiencing some of the mentioned effects or other suspicious discomfort after taking your medicine. It is always better to be safe.

How to order Generic Avodart online

Generic production has no differences from the brand name one, except the price – you can save a lot of money if you buy Generic Avodart online instead of its brand name counterpart. Generic drugs are usually manufactured in India or Mexico – these countries own thousands of internet pharmacies where customers order the drugs. You can easily order this product online, as this particular product is on sale in lots of internet pharmacies which produce generic drugs. This drug has been approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the United States), however its official status is prescription only. This means you have to possess prescription and be able to prove legally that you have been diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia. Otherwise you risk having problems with customs – the workers can suspect that your parcel is illegal and refuse to pass it on. In this case you will not be given back your money that you paid for the drug. The customs are usually strict when it comes to drug shipping, so keep this in mind. The drug can also be confiscated if the customs feel that it was bought from an illegal or unreliable source, so you must be very careful while choosing where to order your drug from. You must check the reviews about the best pharmacies, written by long-time drug users, and order from those who have gained the best reputation over the years. Except this, some experienced customers make up the lists of the most trustworthy internet sources, so those are for you to check as well.

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  my orders arrive timely
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  Order received in time. Thank you for good service.
Dec / 08 / 2016 Nick Begelman   USA, Romney
  This was my 3 order of Avodart. The drug is effective and thanks store I get it at affordable price.

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