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Men`s Health Medication (Caverta)

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Sildenafil Citrate
Generic Caverta, which is also known under the name of Sildenafil or Viagra, is the drug that is commonly used for men. The main function of this medication is to deal with erectile disfunction, widely called impotence, and improve the manís sexual performance. There is one more Caverta brand which is called Revatio, and this drug usually is taken for pulmonary arterial hypertension treatment. It can be used for women as well as for men. However, if you are using Caverta, you should not take Revatio at the same time, if it is not your doctorís recommendation. Despite being known as the drug fighting impotence, it could also be used for other purposes, depending on doctorís prescription.
Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals
Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals
Sildenafil Caverta, Viprogra, Viagra, Cialis
Caverta (Generic Sildenafil Citrate)
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Important information about the product

Allergy is the main contraindication to taking this drug. If you are allergic to any medical components of the product, then you should abstain from using it in your everyday life. If you struggle with chest pains or any kind of heart problems, and you are taking a nitrate drug to get better (including isosorbide mononitrate, isosorbide dinitrate, and nitroglycerin), then you also should not use Generic Caverta. The main reason is that using this drug along with nitrate medication can become a cause of drastic decrease in your blood pressure. You should be aware that some other drugs, especially recreational ones, also can contain nitrates; nitrite or amyl nitrate relate to such, so be careful with them. If your erection is followed by pain, or if it lasts more than four hours, you have to get in touch with your doctor or call the emergency. This disorder is called priapism, or prolonged erection, and it can cause serious damage to the penis. Except this, the drug is able to decrease your blood flow to the eye optic nerve, and this means you can suddenly lose your sight. However, it is not defined whether the drug is the main reason of losing the vision or not, because usually these problems occurred among some people who continued using the drug while having problems with their heart and blood pressure. The smokers and people who are above fifty years old are in the risk group, too. In case you are experiencing vision losses or other problems with your sight, you have to drop using your medication and receive medical help as soon as possible.

In order to make sure if this drug is safe for your condition, you have to speak to your doctor and tell about your other struggles. For example, you can go under risk if you have recently experienced such problems as blood pressure, blood cell disorders and bleeding disorders, kidney or liver disease, stomach ulser, an inherited eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa, physical deformation of the penis, heart diseases or heartbeat rhythm disruptions, coronary artery disease, heart attacks, heart failure. If you have been directed not to have sexual contacts for health reasons, then you also should contact your doctor on the relevance of taking the described medication.

Using during pregnancy

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) spotted this drug in the pregnancy category B. This means that the described medication is not expected to cause some harm to the pregnant woman or her unborn baby. However, if you are already expecting a baby or still planning to get pregnant, and this coincides with your treatment, you do not have to hide this information from your doctor. The medical researches do not know an exact answer to the question if this drug could harm a baby fed with the breast milk, if the feeding mother is going through the course of treatment. This aspect should also be brought up to a doctor. Anyone who is under eighteen years old is strongly not recommended to be given this medication, if medical advice has not decided that it would be good for them.

The way of taking Generic Caverta

First of all, you have to be responsible for your own treatment and strictly follow all the recommendations that have been listed on your prescription label. Taking your medicine in different amounts or on other time than it was prescripted can cause unexpected effects. Caverta has to be taken from half an hour to hour before planned sexual activity, though it is acceptable to take this drug up to four hours before it. It should be taken only once a day, not more. Erection will not happen right after taking a pill, you need a long and strict course of treatment. Speaking of Revatio, this medication has a different dosing and timing – it is usually taken three times a day, and you should be sure that the doses are about four to six hours apart from each other.

Generic Caverta can cause some side effects at times. The most common of them are pain, dizziness, nausea, numbness, tingling in your arms, neck, jaws or chest. Some of the less occuring struggles are burning or prickling feelings in your chest or stomach, bloody or cloudy urine, pain in the process of urination or increased frequency of it, tenderness in the area of stomach. There are a lot of rare side effects, basically they include every discomfort possible. You should be very careful with your schedule of taking drugs: if you misuse or overuse it, your chance of getting unwanted side effects increases. If you are feeling some serious discomfort after taking your medicine, you have to cure it with immediate doctor’s help – make an emergency call right now.

This medication has to be stored at room temperature, besides you have to keep it away from overheating and moisture. You also have to make sure that children or pets do not have access to the drug, because there could be harmful consequences if they by any chance use it.

There is no chance of missing a dose of Caverta, because this drug should not be taken every day on a scheduled time – usually it is used when needed, commonly before sexual contact. There is a different situation with Revatio – it actually has to be taken according to a schedule, so if you have missed a dose of this drug, you should skip it and move on to your next dose. Do not make up for missing your dose by taking an extra medicine, it can be unhealthy for you.

If you overdose your drug and experience some unpleasant and uncomfortable feelings in your body, most likely you have been poisoned. In order to avoid getting worse, you have to call emergency or poison help centre as soon as possible.

While taking your course of Generic Caverta, you should know there are some restrictions which you have to follow. Mainly these are some products of food to avoid. For example, grapefruit (including grapefruit juice) is the first product that should be avoided, because it would step into an interaction with the medication and possible lead you to the unwished side effects. This is why products connected with grapefruit are your stop signal. Beside this, you have to keep yourself from alcohol, because it can also cause certain side effects. There are some other medications used to treat impotence, for instance yohimbine or alprostadil, but you should not take them together with Caverta; the combination of two similar drugs could lead to unexpected reactions. If it is unavoidable, you have to consult your doctor on timing and dosing first.

How to order Generic Caverta online

Every smart drug user claims that generic drugs and brand name ones have no differences except their price. Brand name drugs are far more expensive, however they contain the same components as generic ones. So, you will definitely save a large amount of money if you buy Generic Caverta online from the internet pharmacies that produce generic drugs. The main manufacturers of generics, known throughout the whole world, are India and Mexico, so you can search for the reliable internet pharmacies of these countries. Reliability is vitally important when you buy drugs online, because nobody wants to lose their money and get nothing, or get the fake drug. This means you have to read the reviews carefully and watch if this particular pharmacy has a large number of customers. Another important thing is possessing prescription. Some websites can tell that you do not need it, but actually in order to avoid possible risks you have to be diagnosed with impotence and able to prove the existence of doctor’s official recommendation. The customs can be strict with drugs and might confiscate it if they feel like the drug has been shipped illegally, so you risk losing your savings. This is why you are recommended to be careful with buying generic drugs online and do a lot of research before ordering them.

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Dec / 22 / 2018 Samuel Williams   USA, Colorado
  Most awesome drug! No side effects!
Feb / 27 / 2018 Justin Fredman   Australia, Perth
  Arrived quickly and as described
Jan / 20 / 2017 David Bailey   USA, Florida
  Ordering and payment process was very fast. Product arrived at my door in less than 7 days total. I am satisfied with the quality. Thank you.
Dec / 24 / 2016 Michael Moore   USA,California
  Quick delivery to the US, the drug arrived in a secure package. They also sent followup e-mail, so it was easy for me to track the order.

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