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Men`s Health Medication (Proscar)

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Generic Proscar 5 mg is recommended to treat benign prostatic hypertrophy in order to prevent urological disorders (decrease of risk of acute retention of urine), decrease of necessity to do operant treatments, normalizing urine circulation, prostatic reduction of prostate gland and related disorders. Generic Finasteride does not have impact on lipemic index, cortisol value, estradiol, lactogenic hormone, thyreotrophin and thyroxin. Proscar is made as synthetic 4-azasteroid combination. It reduces DHT level in blood and in gland tissue. One daily dose of finasteride in form of 5 mg leads to fast reducing of DHTconcentration in blood to reach maximum result in 8 hours.
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Cipla - Caring for life
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Proscar (Generic Finasteride)
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  Generic Medication guide:

Generic Proscar 5 mg is preparation to treat benign prostatic hypertrophy. The active component - finasteride, oppresses the testosterone stimulating effect on prostatic adenoma progression. On long taking, Proscar causes the prostatic reduction, helping to normalize urination.

Product Form

Film-covered blue pills with PROSCAR print. 1 pill consists of finasteride 5 mg.
Additional components: lactose monohydrate, corn flour, sodium salt, iron oxide, sodium docusate, cellulose, magnesium stearate.



The maximum concentration of finesteride in blood plasma is reaches in 2 hours. The preparation absorption finishes in 6-8- hours after taking medicines. Generic Finasteride 5 mg bioavailability is about 80% from intravenous reference dose, without regard to the food taking period.


The period of finasteride excretion is about 6 hours.


The dose of finasteride is taking out of your organism in form of metabolites with urine and last 57% via faeses.

Generic Proscar is recommended to treat benign prostatic hypertrophy for the reason of:
Prevention urologic complications to rundown the necessity of operative treatment;
Reduction prostate in sizes for improvement of urethra condition;
Generic Finasteride therapy is prescribed for patients, suffering from prostate hyperplasia.


The main contraindication is drug components responsiveness.
Procsar is not recommended to use for women and children.
It must be used carefully for patients, having ureter problems. This is the case to provide careful inspection in order to avoid obstructive uropathy.

Dosage Proportions

The recommended daily dose is about 5 mg (1 pill) once a day, without regard to food. It is recommended to buy Generic Proscar 5 mg for taking it in the capacity of monotherapy or combining with doxazosin.
Patients, suffering from kidney function disorders of all complication levels, do not need to change the dosage. There are no problems of finasteride allocation for this category of patients.
Aged patients do not need changing preparation dosage. Nevertheless, it was proved that urinary recovery of Proscar in aged patients is slowing down.


The patients were taking Generic Proscar in daily dose of 400 mg and separate 80 mg dosages many-times during the day. There were no assigned any overdosing effects. Thus, there are no concrete recommendations about the specific treatment measures to remove overdosing.

Drug-to-Drug Influence

There were no explored any clinical important influence of finasteride to other drug medications. Obviously, this drug does not cause visible influence on medications pharmacokinetics. Combining Generic Finasteride 5 mg with propranolol, digoxin, glyburide, theophylline; acetaminophen, acetylsalicylic acid, alpha-adrenoblockers, beta-adrenoblockers, calcium-channel blockers, diuretics and benzodiazines, it was not defined any clinical important characteristics of drug-to-drug interference.

Pregnancy and Lactation

Pregnant women and women of children-bearing age must avoid contacting to Proscar pills of different forms and variations. It is important to avoid interfering finasteride into the pregnant organism. It makes a harmful influence on male child. The pills of this medication are specially covered to prevent dangerous after effects on the condition that pills were not crashed before.

Side Effects

The group of people in number of 1524 male patients was taking Generic Finasteride in the dosing of 5 mg per day. 4.9% of them stopped their prescribed treatment because of side-effects, assigned to Generic Proscar. The most popular of them are sexual function disorders. The rest of possible side-effects are impotence, decreased interest and ejaculation disorders.
From the point of view of genital system: testes abnormality, impotence, ejaculation disorders.
From the point of view of endocrine system: breast and tendresse augmentation.
From the point of view of allergic reaction: rash, skin irritation, urticarial fever, and angeodema.
Taking the drug for a long period of time, one cannot get more or stronger side effects. The number of sexual disorders, caused by Proscar therapy, were successfully reduced. Thus, comparing Placebo and Generic Finasteride results (about 18882 healthy male patients), 18,4% of Proscar patients were suffering from cancer; about 24,4% of Placebo patients were suffering from cancer.
From the point of view of laboratory indicators: reducing level of prostate-specific antigen.

Storage terms and Conditions

It is recommended to buy Generic Finasteride 5 mg and keep it in a dark childproof place under the temperature of no more than 30 degrees. Expiration term is 3 years.

Special Indications

Preparation’s influence on the level of cancer diagnostics.
It was not found out positive clinical effect from Generic Proscar for prostate cancer patients. Therapy has no influence on cancer detection frequency. There were no differences between Generic Proscar 5 mg and Placebo groups of patients to define general cancer incidence.

Before starting therapy and in the process of it, you should do rectal research and other kinds of clinical researches by means of different methods to define prostatic cancer. The definition of serum PSA is also used to detect prostatic cancer. In general, having PSA primary level of 10ng/ml, it is needful to provide complete medical checkup, including biopsy. Having PSA level of 4-10ng/ml, it is also recommended to do medical checkup. Actually, PSA level is almost equal in value for healthy and cancer patients. Thus, PSA indicators show that Generic Finasteride cannot help to avoid and control prostatic cancer as far as 4ng/ml is not enough to exclude cancer disease.
Of course, this medication reduces PSA level for 50% of patients. According to this, finasteride treatment cannot exclude prostatic cancer.

It was proved that Proscar patients that were taking treatment for 6 months, must have doubled PSA characteristic to be compared with healthy patients characteristics. This fact proves PSA specific in the process to define prostatic cancer for many different patients. All positive PSA characteristics, caused by finasteride therapy, need meticulous examination to face the problem of cancer by means of Proscar.
Comparing indicators of general and free PSA, they are the same. It means that finasteride has no influence on PSA level. If it was used free PSA level to diagnose cancer, there is no need to correct them according to the situation.
Preparation’s influence on the laboratory indicators.

PSA blood concentration can be changed by patient’s age and size of prostate. Checking PSA level, the factor that PSA indicators are reduced for Proscar patients must be considered. The bigger part of patients has reduced PSA level in the process of three months therapy. After that, stabilization comes. According to this, it is important to double PSA level characteristics to be compared them with Placebo.
Preparation’s influence on patients, suffering from kidney function disorder.
Patients, suffering from kidneys function disorders of different complicated levels, do not need individual dosage as far as Proscar pharmacokinetic research works could not find any changes to allocate finasteride for this category of patients.

The preparation must be carefully prescribed for patients with urinary problems.

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Apr / 09 / 2018 Scott Mahon   USA, New York
  Fast delivery and good price

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