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Migraines Medication (Depakote)

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Depakote is a brand of the medication brand on valproic acid which has the anti-epileptic and migraines-preventing effects. You can get the same medication made by Aventis Pharma from our drugstore at a lower price. The name of this generic version is Divalproex. It has the same effects and composition of pills. On this webpage, you can find all necessary information for the drug use with the aim of prevention of migraines.
Epilepsy treatment, Migraines prevention
The medication helps preventing migraines effectively when used regularly
Aventis Pharma
Aventis Pharma
Enchorate, Valprot, Convulex, Depakene, Depakine, Dipropylacetic acid, Epilim, Epival, Ergenyl, Mylproin, N-dipropylacetic acid, Propylvaleric acid
Depakote (Generic Divalproex)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Depakote and when is it used?

Depakote is a brand owned by AbbVie Inc. which is a part of the pharmaceutical giant Abbott Laboratories. The active substance of this product is valproic acid which is also produced and marketed by other companies. For instance, on this webpage, we offer you to buy Divalproex which has the same composition and effect as the branded drug but costs several times cheaper. It is possible because the formula is already widely known and is not protected by the copyright, so different pharmaceutical companies can use it for making their products.

Below you can find the information about the medication effect, metabolism in the body, excretion, and so on.

Short drug info
Trademarks Convulex, Divalproex, Depakote, Epilim, Stavzor, and others
Routes of administration By mouth, intravenous
Pregnancy category

US: X (Contraindicated) - only for epilepsy or bipolar if other options are not possible
Legal status
AU: S4 (Prescription only)

CA: Rx-only

UK: POM (Prescription only)

US: Rx-only
Bioavailability Rapid absorption
Protein binding 80–90%
Metabolism Hepatic—glucuronide conjugation 30–50%, mitochondrial beta-oxidationover 40%
Elimination half-life 9–16 hours
Washing out from the body Urine (30–50%)

Pharmacological properties

In animal pharmacological studies, Divalproex inhibited various experimentally induced convulsions (generalized and focal). Similarly, in humans, the antiepileptic effect of the formulation is also recorded in various types of epilepsy. Valproate most likely acts by enhancing GABAergic activity and suppressing the spread of electrical discharge.

It is immediately absorbed in the digestive tract. Its absorption is constant and long. Therefore, there are no maximum plasma levels, and therapeutic concentrations are better maintained over time.

The spreading of the formulation is predominantly limited by blood and extracellular fluid undergoes a rapid exchange. Valproic acid predominantly binds to plasma albumin.

The formulation penetrates through the placental barrier. When used by women who are breastfeeding, valproic acid is found in breast milk (1-10% of the all amount found in the blood serum).

Metabolism mainly occurs in the liver. The main metabolic pathways are conjugation with glucuronic acid and beta-oxidation.

Unlike most other antiepileptic medications, Divalproex does not accelerate its own degradation or the degradation of other substances such as estrogen-progestogens. This property indicates that it does not induce enzymes that are part of the metabolic system of cytochrome P450.

Pharmacokinetics in individual groups of patients

In individuals with renal failure, albumin binding is reduced. Thus, it is required to take into account the increase in the free fraction of valproic acid in blood plasma, which is a consequence of this, and accordingly, reduce the dose. In patients over sixty-five years, changes in pharmacokinetic parameters appeared, but they were insignificant.

Mutagenicity. The results of the studies did not indicate the presence of genotoxic effects of valproate either in vitro or in vivo.

Carcinogenicity. Administration to rats and mice resulted in a small statistically significant increase in tumors. Depending on the species, gender, and valproic acid salt used, various types of tumors and affected organs and tissues were noted. Since the results are not reproducible and due to the chemical structure of the medication and the lack of genotoxicity, the formulation cannot be considered carcinogenic.

When is Depakote prescribed?

You can buy Depakote or a generic version of the medication for:

- Various forms of seizures in epilepsy and other conditions.

- Prevention of migraine headaches.

Contraindications for Depakote use

- Hypersensitivity, including a family history of hypersensitivity to the medication (death of close relatives while taking valproic acid);

- Liver and pancreas diseases;

- Hemorrhagic diathesis.

- Pregnancy (including the planning of pregnancy) and breastfeeding.

Application restrictions

- Infancy;

- Bone marrow aplasia.

How is Depakote used for migraines?

Here you can find the information on the dosages for migraines prevention only. If you need to buy generic Depakote for epilepsy treatment, please consult your doctor or read the medication guide for epilepsy therapy.

The initial dosage of the medication for migraines prevention is 250 mg taken twice a day. If it is ineffective and you tolerate the medication well, i.e. do not develop any negative effects, you can gradually raise it to 750 mg a day or even 1500 mg a day.

Use the lowest effective dosage which provides the best relief of symptoms.


The clinical manifestation of an acute overdose is a coma, more or less deep, and is accompanied by muscle hypotension, respiratory depression, metabolic acidosis, myocardial depression, which leads to lowered blood tension and circulatory collapse/shock.

The prognosis for an overdose is usually favorable. However, several cases of overdose with a fatal outcome have been described.

Symptoms may vary; reported onset of epileptic seizures at high plasma levels. Several cases of increased intracranial pressure associated with cerebral edema have also been described.

In case of an overdose, hyponatremia is possible with the presence of sodium in the composition of the drug.

Emergency care in a hospital should include gastric lavage, which is indicated up to ten-twelve hours after taking the drug, close observation of the state of the heart and respiratory system are also required.

Depakote adverse effects

Adverse reactions of Depakote within migraine placebo-controlled trials

Adverse effect
Number of patients=202 (%)
Number of patients=81 (%)
Abdominal Pain
Increased Appetite
Weight Gain
Back Pain

- Rarely: Benign and malignant tumors.

- Often: anemia, thrombocytopenia.

- Infrequently: pancytopenia, leukopenia.

- Rarely: red bone marrow failure, including erythroblastopenia, anemia, macrocytosis. In published data, coagulation disorder was reported. In this regard, before the start of therapy, as well as before a surgery and in the event of hematoma or spontaneous bleeding, it is required to perform blood tests (general blood test with determination of platelet count, bleeding time and others).

- Rarely: a decrease in the content of coagulation factors, deviations from the norm on the part of coagulation indicators (for example, extended prothrombin time).

- Against the background of the use of the medication, the number of platelets can decrease by 10,000 - 30,000/mm3. In most cases, such a decrease is dose-dependent and transient. In this regard, it is advised to determine the number of platelets before therapy, three and six month months after its start, as well as before surgery, especially if the dose exceeds 30 mg/kg/ day.

- Rarely: deficiencies of biotin/enzymatic activity of biotinidase.

- Infrequently: syndrome of inadequate secretion of antidiuretic hormone, hyperandrogenism (acne, androgenic alopecia, elevated levels of androgen hormones, and others).

- Rarely: hypothyroidism.

- Often: increased appetite and body mass (in 5-10% of patients), including in adolescents and young women.

- Often: hyponatremia.

- Rarely: hyperammonemia, obesity.

- Very rare cases of moderate excess of ammonia in the blood have been reported without any significant changes in the results of standard tests to evaluate liver function. In the absence of clinical symptoms, discontinuation of treatment is not necessary. However, if excess of ammonia is accompanied by neurological symptoms, additional examinations are necessary.

- Disorders from the psyche - often: confusion, aggression, agitation, impaired attention, hallucinations. Rarely: pathological behavior, hyperactivity, learning problems. These effects are observed mainly in children.

- From the nervous system - very often: tremor. Often: extrapyramidal disorders (sometimes irreversible), stupor, sluggishness, convulsions, memory worsening, headache. Infrequently: coma, encephalopathy, lethargy, reversible Parkinson's syndrome, ataxia, paresthesia. Several cases of hyperactivity and irritability have been reported at the start of treatment, mainly in children.

- Very rarely, neurological effects can develop such as confusion (which, as a rule, easily disappear) were reported in individuals who also used other antiepileptic medications, mainly Phenobarbital, without the gradual introduction of the medication. Along with the use of Valproate, there have been cases of stupor or lethargy, sometimes leading to transient coma/encephalopathy. They were either isolated or associated with a relapse of the seizures that were treated and regressed after drug withdrawal or dose reduction. These conditions most often occurred during combination therapy or after a sharp increase in the dose of Depakote.

- Hearing and ear canal disorders.

- Frequency unknown: tinnitus/ringing.

- Often: bleeding. Infrequently: vasculitis.

- From the respiratory system. Infrequently: pleural effusion.

- Gastrointestinal Disorders.

- Skin rash, and others (see the full list in the package insert).

Depakote interactions

The effect is potentiated by other anticonvulsants, sedatives, and sleeping pills. Digestive disorders develop less often against the background of antispasmodics and enveloping agents. Alcohol and other medicines that negatively affect the liver raise the likelihood of liver damage.

- Anticoagulants or acetylsalicylic acid elevate the risk of bleeding.

Special recommendations

- Due to the high potential danger of developmental disorders in newborns who were exposed to the formulation when before birth, Depakote must not be used for girls, female adolescents, women of reproductive age and pregnant women, unless alternative treatment methods ineffective or intolerable. The benefits and risks of using this drug should be closely reviewed with regular evaluation of treatment, and immediately when a woman of reproductive age who is taking Depakote is planning a pregnancy or becomes pregnant.

- Women of reproductive age should use effective contraceptives during the therapy and should be informed of the risks.

- The doctor who prescribes the drug should make sure that the patient is acquainted with complete risk information in the form of appropriate materials, such as a patient information booklet, to better understand the risks of using this drug.

In particular, the doctor prescribing the drug must make sure that the patient acknowledges:

- The essence and importance of the risks associated with the influence of the drug during pregnancy, including the risks of severe developmental disorders;

- The necessity to use effective contraceptives;

- The necessity for regular assessment of the therapy;

- The necessity for immediate medical attention when planning or suspecting pregnancy.

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